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Happy Birthday!


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Even though it might not be your birthday, I took the liberty of making you a cake made of orphan meat. I couldn't find any candles, though, so I tore off the kid's hair beforehand, soaked it in gasoline, placed chunks of it on top, and lit it on fire. Make a wish!

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i wish for you to tell me your real identity



I've had an impostor for several years now, but I assure you I'm the real Carl. Keep an eye out, though. He seemed to have followed me here and hacked into someone's account acting as my alter ego. How he's able to type on a keyboard, I don't know, because clues have led me to believe he's a phantom.

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Oh my god, this was one of my thoughts.

I'm glad I know what this character is, though.


Seems my work has gotten me famous. Shame that Paul never appreciated it, but everyone's a critic. I will not apologize for art.


Too bad you didn't wait until 15 days after Halloween.


But welcome anyways.


Halloween is my favorite holiday. All the kids walking from house to house in costumes... it's like collecting stuffed animals. All the candy I get is good, too.


Have fun and don't cause too much trouble.


Ah, you're no fun.

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I thought you took one hell of a dive in the ocean after that nuke.


How's life in that post-apocalyptic wasteland?


The nuke came way before the dive, but I see it as my best achievement since it genuinely pleased Paul the most. Everything after that went downhill, but good memories are always good to have.


This world's pretty awesome, now that I look at it from a different perspective. After nearly drowning, I managed to get over my depression and started to appreciate my work without Paul's approval. I see each work of art as milestones in my profession, and I also looked back on old works for nostalgic reasons. It's pretty awesome.

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