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YCM Waifu Wars! S2 Round 3-11

Chiri Tsukikawa


16 members have voted

  1. 1. Homura Akemi vs. Fuuko Kurasaki

    • Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica)
    • Fuuko Kurasaki (Accel World)

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Trying to understand if it is people genuinely like her, or just that she's more popular then Fuuko


I think Homucifer's pretty great, personally. Rebellion was a fantastic movie, and she did so much crazy stuff in it. I find her character progression really interesting, like how I greatly enjoyed Kirei's in F/Z.


Granted, I do have no idea who the other girl is, but I doubt that even if I did, I'd vote any differently.

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Honestly, when I posted this, I hadn't watched Rebellion yet and then I did. Now I'm not so sure about my vote, but changing it this late, for me, is kind of... I mean I said I would make my vote initially (unless I just don't want to vote in a certain match), so I don't see any reason to change it unless I remove it (to make it a tie) right before the match ends... tee hee!

But I probably shouldn't do that.

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