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[Finished][Leaderboard] Winter 2015/2016 Postseason

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Welcome to the January/March 2016 Postseason Tournament.

1. All YCM, section, and Leaderboard Rules apply.
2. All rounds will be hosted in the 1v1 section (and posted by me).
3. Top 8 in regular season may enter. (If you are in the top 8, you should have received a PM notifying you in advance). If you do not respond to the PM by the deadline (either to accept or decline), it will be assumed that you do not wish to participate.
If a spot is not taken, then it is opened up for anybody (including those ranked lower for the season).
4. Deadline for entry is April 3rd, 11:59pm HST, though I have the right to close entry early if we get 8 participants.
The top ranked members (those who got the PM) have until 8 pm TONIGHT my time to confirm their intent to participate [they were given the PM on Thursday]. At the time of posting this tournament, 5 of them have committed [names are bolded])
5. This will be a double elimination tournament; meaning that you need to lose twice to be completely eliminated from contention.
Loser bracket will use the theme from the next round in the regular bracket (i.e. 1st loser bracket will use the Round 2 theme)
6. Cards for each round are due 2 days (at 11:59 pm HST) after the card requirements are posted. I will grant time extensions up to 2 days if you need to deal with academics, work or any offline matters [i.e. bad internet], but that's it. 
Please notify me ASAP if you need the extension so I can structure the matches in light of that.
Matches will use my timezone of Hawai'i Standard (GMT/UTC -10:00). I do not observe daylight savings, so please account for that when checking the time the deadlines will be in your respective timezones.
7. The winners of each round get a rep from the losers; as will any members who vote in the matches. If there is a tied match by the deadline, I will step in and break it.
8. The brackets shall be done through Challonge.
9. Seeding shall be based on regular season standings. Reference your standings in the Leaderboard thread.
10. I have the right to add rules as we go.

[spoiler=Card Requirements]
Round 1: Design a Synchro Monster that has an alternative summoning condition (in a similar vein to Nirvana High Paladin; regular listed materials, but an alternate way to summon it).
Deadline: April 5th, 2016 @ 11:59 pm HST
Round 2 / L1: Design a card based on a historical figure of choice
Deadline: April 11th, 2016 @ 11:59 pm HST
Round 3 / L2: Make a Number monster

Deadline: April 19th, 2016 @ 11:59 pm HST
Round L3/4: Make a WIND HERO monster

Deadline: April 25th, 2016 @ 11:59 pm HST (n/a)


Finals: Make new support for Mecha Phantom Beasts

Deadline: May 4th, 2016 @ 11:59 pm HST


1st: 10,00 points, 3 Reps, Award Logo (from Rai)
2nd: 7,500 points, 2 Reps
3rd: 5,000 points, 1 Rep


  • Striker
  • Naturia Cherrzles
  • UltimateIRS
  • Next Tuesday
  • Dova
  • Gadjiltron
  • Dragon Sage
  • Soulfire




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I take it you want in as well, right? Gadjiltron's spot is confirmed.


If XOXO doesn't reply to the PM within the next 17 and a half hours (or even post here if that's the case), then their spot goes to the next person who shows interest in this thread.

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You don't have to participate in Leaderboard to qualify for the Postseason, although you just need to get here quickly. Once the spots are filled, that's about it and you'll have to wait until the Preseason tournament for the following season (which I think is Spring, assuming Striker is still keeping the 3 month period).


So yeah, for those of you still interested, check back in a couple hours to see if there is indeed one more spot open or not. (XOXO hasn't logged on since March 31 though; assuming they're either busy with stuff and can't log on at this time).

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Yup, XOXO didn't reply to the PM so it'll be treated as him not showing interest. So yeah, Dragon Sage is in.

Entries are now closed. 


I'll have the Round 1 requirement up a bit later; need to deal with some stuff online (namely college stuff) and restructuring the current reward system for card contests (which I had up long before Striker's CGA).

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Alright, that helps (since I can't read Arabic or whatever language your name is in now).


But anyway, your Round 1 theme.


Design a Synchro Monster that has an alternative summoning condition (in a similar vein to Nirvana High Paladin).


Aside from this requirement, whatever you choose to do is up to you. (Either regular Synchros or Pendulum Synchros are acceptable)


You have until April 5th @ 11:59 pm HST to submit a card. If you need an extension, please let me know ahead of time; the sooner you let me know, the better.

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I updated the bracket (didn't have time to update it earlier), so XOXO should be removed and Gadjiltron, Soulfire and Sage are added. But yeah, I'll post the threads once I get your cards; don't worry about having to do it on your own.


So Round 1 is basically this. (PM your cards when you have them ready)

  • Dova vs Dragon Sage (former did say he'd be busy until Wednesday and will likely require an extension, so assume your match will be delayed until Thursday/Friday-ish)
  • Next Tuesday vs Cherz
  • Striker vs Soulfire
  • UltimateIRS vs Gadjiltron
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"Seeding shall be based on regular season standings. Reference your standings in the Leaderboard thread."


This implies those who didn't compete are seeded lower than those who did, FYI.


You're the one who wrote that. 

But anyway, seedings updated accordingly. 


(Soulfire's the only one who didn't compete, so yeah)


Does it have to have regular materials like Nirvana High Paladin, or can it be like Ultimaya Tzolk'in and just have the alternative Summon condition?


The idea was to be similar to Nirvana High Paladin, so yeah it should have its standard materials listed, but also have an alternate way of summoning it outside of the conditions. 


So when is the next competition starting, so I can join?


Well, the April CC monthly should be up eventually (probably when this tournament is halfway done). Either that, or Sakura Contest Series return. 


It's a good thing I edited the rules to permit multiple contests. 

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You'll just have to pay attention to this forum for contests that arise. 


But anyway, as already mentioned, seeds have been properly calibrated and whatever you see in the match pairings are correct. Also, the theme is to design a Synchro Monster with regular material requirements BUT with an alternate condition to summon them (like Nirvana's usage of a P-Summoned Pendulum Monster). 

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You'll have to wait until the Spring Preseason, which is the next Leaderboard tournament. 


As it stands, three people have gotten their entries in, so 1 or 2 more people and the first batch of R1 matches can go up. Also, I have the Round 2 theme ready, but I won't post it until this round finishes.

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