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The Warden

Open Discussion RE: Banlists & Theory and News

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Now, as seen in the earlier drafts of my changes, I proposed merging Banlists & Theory into the Discussion area, while making News its own thing.


People mentioned such changes being merely cosmetic, but no one really explained to me why exactly that's a bad thing. Either way, I chose to drop the idea in order to focus on rule changes instead. But now that that's done, I'd like to open up a dialogue to get actual opinions and thoughts on the matter.


Now, the reason I wanted these above changes in the first place was that I wished to streamline my area a bit more, as in create a sort of... all-in-one sort of thing. Have a place where card discussions as well as theory discussions could take place mutually, in order to amp up activity. As many can see both the Discussion section and the Banlist and Theory sections are fairly underused, which is why I hoped that merging them would increases activity a bit by bringing them together.


Banlists likewise can also be in Discussion, or the newly realized News section. I'd like this section to get a bit more focus, as it can go easily ignored by being a sub-forum. Making it a full forum would allow more attention by being on the main page, and it would balance out the loss of Banlist & Theory.


Now, these sound fairly reasonable (to me), but I'd like to know more about why people would be for or very much against this sort of change.

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If you look at the stuff that goes into Banlist and theories its mainly


Neat ideas about how to change the game a bit


OCG / TCG tournament and metagame insights





Discussion is singles or in some cases, a set of cards. I feel one is more nebulous and the other focused. Merging them together would not be cosmetic, it would be detrimental due to how they tackle different aspects of the game entirely 

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Not gonna weigh in on the actual topic at the moment, because I really can't be bothered to right now, but I will go into why being "cosmetic" was an issue.


This was near the beginning of your trial period, and in the past, mods had been promoted from junior to full mod with little to no accomplishments or reason. People were (are?) concerned about that once again, so for such a large portion of your initial proposals to be, effectively, nothing, was far from reassuring.

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Giga kinda summed it up.


There's nothing bad about cosmetics. The issue was that it was a good amount of empty sentiments and attempts to make things prettier without actual content. Ended up being very few things of actual note as you read through it.


I don't really see the point, though. Theory Discussion often goes closer to casual fun ideas as opposed to discussion of the game itself, so it's apples and oranges. It doesn't fit with news, it doesn't fit with card discussion, and it 


If anything, even banlist and format discussion doesn't go with theories. Remerging banlists with the main part of TCG makes sense, but not theory. Just have the dedicated banlists be in the main of TCG. Or remerging them with News. Either works.


The question then becomes "but where do fanmade banlists go?"... and that answer would be theory.


Discussion section:

-Card Discussion

-Dedicated archetype discussions, possibly?

-Leak Threads


News section:

-Pinned Banlist Threads + Discussions

-Actually managed topics for new sets, decks, etc.

-Possibly an upcoming promo thread?


Theory section:

-Fan Banlists

-Theory-Oh Gamestates, such as Sleepy posts


This feels like a general direction to take it in. Just repurpose what we have to make it make a little more sense.


Merging sections just to make it look like there's more activity doesn't do anything. Especially when mismatching types of threads are mixed.

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Hmm, I see. This was helpful and help put some doubts to rest at least.


And I'll take that suggestion into account Black.


@White: All things considered, nothing really. I just felt a change would be nice.

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