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[SAST] End of World Legacy

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I don't even get the context and it makes me sad.


Basically, the original 3 (Chosen, Beckoned, Crowned [Avram, Ningirsu and Ib]) were once on the same team as World Chalice, along with Guardragon/Imduk.


Crowned/Ib (Eve) got taken by the Knightmares when Lees turned evil and became Iblee. She then kills self to get rid of Lees' influence in Struggle, and Sorrow reflects the shock of what just happened.


Avram/Imduk are on their own and form Crusadia as Maximus/Draco, but Ningirsu goes on own path and becomes Longirsu with Orphegels/Orcust. Not shown here, but the team broke up. (Ib is presumably reincarnated as Galatea)


And from Guardragon stuff, Draco apparently died protecting Avram/Maximus and supposedly corrupted into Andrake.


So now Avram's alone.



Hopefully I got the lore right and all, but that's the general storyline, I guess.

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