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Which card is better!


My first few cards!  

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  1. 1. Witch is better, click link to see cards!

    • card a
    • card b
    • card c

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Just so you know, links do not work in poll options.
But that being said, Card Contests is not where this goes (though none of Custom Cards is suitable for this in its current setup.) Casual Multiples is better for it.
(Also again, please learn to post images properly from the guide).

But that being said, I really cannot say any of them are good.


Card A has excessive ATK/DEF for its Level and apparent summon conditions. Are you trying to make a Fusion?


Card B lacks its Link Arrows and summoning conditions. Other than that, the rest of the effect is alright (for now).


Card C has the same issue as A.


(So if you really want me to pick, B)

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okay these cards are horribly designed and I hope you know that

but anyways, in terms of what's most powerful it's either "Toxic blood wolf" for it's Raigeki + draw power and it's stupid summoning conditions - you literally need any beast and Polymerisation. Don't know how a monster can fuse with itself but whatever. they have so many flaws no need to dwell on this one.

or "dreadnought of death" for it's heavy storm. although Toxic blood wolf is probably better as it's second effect actually makes sense unlike dreadnought.

the link monster is bad because it can't gain ATK due to its own effect as it cannot point to anything (not to mention you didnt make requirements, so it can't be summoned at all)

anyways I really can't believe I actually evaluated these

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I'd like to remind all of you that Casual had its quality restriction removed [and members don't need to know card design that well], so members can generally post whatever they want, even if they're busted as hell.


Critique/criticism is still acceptable, but don't be a jackass when doing so. (Not implying that the above poster is doing as such)


Can you define "better"?

Do you mean which is most powerful, or which is best designed?


It's up to your interpretation, but if you want to grade these like Advanced, the latter. Though to be quite fair, they all have a ton of problems.

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