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Anime Songs that made you feel like you were part of the viewing experience.


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I want to know what anime songs (whether its in an intro or cut scene) that you love listing to whether its out of enjoyment for the actual song or for the goosebumps and pure nostalgia of the anime! I Personally listen to glassy sky from tokyo ghoul at least once a week (musically I listen to trance and most things EDM so this inst a normal thing) however I understand the pure beauty of the voice, instruments and the metaphorical sense of the song from the scene it was first played in (the song absoloutely matched what was going on and still gives me goose bumps whenever i watch it!) 


I have many more but I am also using this as a chance to know how emotive songs / openings in anime have an effect on you and that could inspire me to watch said anime you are talking about! I dont know about you but anime for me is the total escape from reality that I crave whenever I am down and having a bad day.



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This plays for the first time during my favorite scene in all of yugioh. That pretty much sums it up.





I used to watch the part of the ep where this one first played before it came out on cd. I can practically recite the first few of lines dialog from that scene as result:


[spoiler=dialog from Yuma VS III]


Yuma: "Bring it on III!"


III: "My power isn't just Machumac"


III: "My turn..."


III "I release calbera's catapult to advance summon the OOParts monster, sol monolith. When sol monolith is advance summoned I can change another monster's level to 6. Mud Golem shakoki level's up!"


III: "I overlay my level 6 Mud Golem and sol monolith. Using these 2 monsters I construct the overley network"


III: "Behold, this is the new power I recieved from Tron!"




I may have missed a few lines, feel free to check


This dialog represents my favorite scene for this music:

[spoiler=Yum vs number 96]


Yuma: "Go Hope Ray, start by attacking Heart Earth Chaos Dragon!"


Number 96: "Too naive! Activate Trap, Chaos Alliance. This changes the ATK off all my Chaos Numbers to the monster on my field with the highest ATK. Now all my monsters have 2500 ATK."


Yuma: "Hope Sword Asura Divider!"


Number 96: *Screams in pain*


Yuma: "Continue by attacking Chaos of Arms!"


Number 96: *Screams in pain again*


Yuma: "Now all I have to do is destroy Black Storm, then its over"


Number 96: "Did you forget? When black storm is destroyed the damage resulting from that battle is inflicted to both players" (Note: Some subtitles mistranslate this line as "When black storm is destroyed it deals its ATK as damage to both players")


Yuma: "Hope Ray attack Black Storm! At this moment I activate slepnir mail's effect. My monster's ATK becomes the same as yours."


Number 96: "What?"


Shark: "It can't be, he's aiming for a double KO?" (Note: some subtitlers translate the word used to refer to 2 monsters with the same ATK destroying each other by battle, "aiuchi" as a "a draw".)



Number 96: "How foolish, you've lost the Number on your side of the field, thus when the turn ends due to the effect of Number Karma you'll take 500 damage. You've made a grave miscalculation"


Yuma: "My turn's not over yet"


Yuma and Astral (speaking together): "Slepnir mail's effect activates, when the equipped monster is destroyed I special summon Hope, King of Wishes from my Graveyard"


Yuma: "Come forth, Hope, King of Wishes!"


Number 96: "For me, a GOD, to lose?"


Yuma: "I told you before, he'll always give us hope and guide us to victory. Hope sword ragna kaiser slash!"




This was from memory so I probably forgot a few lines, feel free to check it

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In short: A lot of them.


But to give some idea, here's some examples:




A very somber song. Very fitting for this series. And sung in Russian for what it's worth.

People love Never Meant to Belong, but I personally prefer the instrumentals on this one. Plus, along with the title, this song sounds more hopeful.

Beautiful. Serene, and applicable to events joyous, sad, serious, ect. 




Practically the whole original soundtrack to this anime. It was kick-funking-ass. It was a mixture of jazz, rock, classical, and a bit of techno. Classy, funky, cool, and overall just awesome. Hell, this is my favorite intro song of all.






The one from Hellsing Ultimate is neat. Not the same jazzy cool charm as the previous show. This song in particular plays during the rise and fall of Vlad the Impaler. It's a very grandiose song.


The one beneath is the best outro song I've ever heard. A lot of outro songs are softer, but this one is some nice hard metal. Along with images of the women of the show.






This one may be cheating as most of these songs appeared in the game prior to the anime. Another one where I like practically the whole soundtrack. Very snazzy, jazzy, rocking, ect. I included the game intro as well. One of my favorite animes and turnbased RPGs ever.


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