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Happy Halloween, suckers!

Bill Cipher

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Hey there again, losers. I bet you had thought you saw the last of me when I was sealed away three years ago, but I think it's preeeeetty clear just how right you all were about that one.




I'm glad to see you all are still doing this dumb little costume contest, especially as interest dwindles every year, but you know what? Good on ya. Nice job sticking to an obviously failed system!




Believe it or not, I was actually called back here almost a week ago to spice things up, but really it's on you for expecting a 12-dimensional being to bother with pesky things like deadlines.




Now then, let's see the cast this year...




Where are all of them? I know the event tends to dwindle in the last few days, but this is just unheard of!




Okay, you know what? I'm feeling generous today, so I'm going to give a reward to each monster who shows up on this last day. Give you all a bit of motivation to drag yourselves up off those lazy butts and really get this party in gear!




Now get to it!

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Denique diatem efficacem inveni!


AT LAST!!! He has finally revealed himself! The Great Mysterio is overjoyed with finally meeting the source. Mysterio, master of the arcane arts, finally meeting the fabled Bill Cipher. Fate has truly blessed Mysterio with this opportunity! After the countless research Mysterio has been through, the moment is at hand!


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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! THE OOOOOOOOZE IS BACK!!! Big shock, eh? Well, seems our little triangle friend here was able to contact me before I ran into those Power Chumps. And what's more! He even let me keep my Ectomorphicon, of which I'm controlling now, isn't he such a grand pal?

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