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[Written] Assault Warrior


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Assault Warrior

lv 4 EARTH


When this card is Normal Summoned: add 1 card that list "/Assault Mode" or "Assault Mode Activate" in its text from your Deck to your hand. If this card is used as Synchro Material for a Synchro Summon: you can activate "Assault Mode Activate" during the turn it was set.

ATK/1700 DEF/0


So Assault Warrior is a Level 4 Warrior Tuner that helps to invoke /Assault Mode a little easier as it can search for any Assault card from your deck, in addition if it was used as Synchro Material to Synchro Summon it also lets you play Assault Mode Activate during the same turn it was set so you can quickly go into Assault mode right on the spot with this card.


Ideally with this card you can play this with Blue Mountain Butterspy to go into any Level 8 Synchro like Stardust, Red Dragon and Colossal Fighter while first adding the necessary card from your deck in order to go into Assault mode.

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IMO it should be Beast-Warrior to be more on theme with Assault Beats & Mercenary. Not to mention that it would benefit from Tenki, currently unlimited unlike ROTA. On the other hand, as Warrior it gets Isolde support, and that leads me to a 2nd suggestion: IMO it can get away with triggering the search effect on both Normal and Special Summons. /Assaults do need the support, after all.

Finally, a PSCT issue I see is the (that list "/Assault Mode") part. Strictly speaking, there is no card named "/Assault Mode" to be listed, so it should read as something like (that includes "/Assault Mode" in its name).

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