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Guess the Yugioh Card

Mr Dr Professor Spaz

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I will post the end result of card effects/flavor texts translated to Japanese and back multiple times via http://www.translationparty.com/ 

Your goal is to guess which card the text originally came from. +1 rep for each correct answer.


All of the cards will be selected at random.



5. The opponent's monster declares the Declaration and a half Monster. Destroy the Monster's attack. I took it. (TranslationParty pretty much gave up on this one at this point)


9. Photo: Monster Monster Pixies (damage step) have been uploaded. Take the card. You must resolve the effects lead. This card.


10. Modify the program if you are declaring the end of the damage step Monster defense. In the field beside this card at the end of the site controller cannot fight the Minister.


15. The fate of his mind carries the quiet foul of his evil soul.


16. As with the front, you can not attack a monster on the field or activate a card that refused the monster effect on the field on the screen. When it is destroyed, I destroy this card.


17. First to summon this card side: creatures (including summons flip summoned, special).


18. Please respect each player by choosing a card from the monster's cemetery at the top of the back deck.


19. Flip: special summon 1 down "plague can protect his or her hand. Then shuffle your deck.


20. Cost fields after each of the face-up card: Monster summoned a special cemetery can summon information from the victim. They cannot declare attacks, its effects will be disabled.


21. The Angels were expelled. I think I know you. Sometimes, he gets angry or frightened.


22. Life card is giving this armor damage defense monster to spoil.


23. 2 Throwing coins, resolution, opponent's card effect will occur twice. With this effect I decided to start a can.


24. Normally, the field outside the Dragon Sword Summoner of a monster's flame: You can only raise the attack power of the level 300 monster on this card.


25. I feel that the scope of tremors is insulted by da da Ah ri ri.


[spoiler=Hints]5. The word "half" is somewhat important

Will be updated if I feel like giving more hints.



1. Equip only monsters you control. Every turn you can see random cards in your opponent's hand. Equipped monsters can not attack to trigger this effect. (Omega Goggles) Solved by Striker.


2. A violent snake captured by Atlantis. Furiously furious, it struck the ancient light and got a new force for that fight. As its power increased, we began to break into enemy territory with new attacks. (Phantasm Spiral Dragon) Solved by Tinkerer


3. The essence of this magician rules all water. It protects you from ice walls that do not penetrate wide areas. (Neo Aqua Madoor) Solved by Tinkerer


4. Normal summoning / setting is not available. You must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by dedicating "Thunder of Thunder", "Wind God", "Water God". (Gate Guardian) Solved by Tinkerer


6. It will always spread to the final monster's expulsion cemetery. Red eye, red eye * please see. Chick Cemetery Special Summoned Monster(Red-Eyes Wyvern) Solved by Tinkerer


7. To control whether Don Zaloog is officially enabled, follow the procedure below. (Mustering of Dark Scorpions) Solved by Striker


8. You can summon a special case of the 'worm' defensive Monster face reptile rotation control. (Worm Call) Solved by Tinkerer


11. Basic elephant feathers and basic hero of the wind? Emphasize the influence of movement, feather movement, demonic sky. (Elemental HERO Avian) Solved by MetalSonic


12. Each player 1 face-up Monster 1000 damage to destroy. (Detonator Circle 'A') Solved by Darj

13. If at the end of the damage step to attack monsters: get the controller 300 LP. If all the monsters to attack. ATK: monsters front controllers are not declared all players. (Savage Colosseum) Solved by Metalsonic
14. Combat damage this card: 1 each face-up light attribute monsters card up deck receiver control of the cemetery. (Voltic Kong) Solved by Darj



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3: Aqua Madoor





2. Phantasm Spiral Dragon

3. Neo Aqua Madoor (unsure between this and regular Aqua Madoor tbh)

4. Gate Guardian

All correct


1 is Omega Goggles

3 is Aqua Madoor(?)

4 is Gate Guardian

5 is Sakuretsu Armor(?)

1 is correct

3 is wrong and already guessed

4 is correct but already guessed

5 is wrong.

Also, added 6-15

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