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How has your politics changed since 2015

Knew i'd get at least one of these. In short, less than i'd thought, more than i realized. at length:


Around 2015's beginning, I honestly leaned extremely liberal, and had quite a few socialist traits that i thought would be good if they could be refined further. These days i still carry those liberal views, but the 2016 election made me recoil from the left a lot, and pick up more views from the right than i thought i would ever hold. and it's mostly because  kept having to defend donald trump. I would be having perfectly normal discussions at work, and the second trump got mentioned, the people around me would start acting like he was some kind of monster wearing a human skin. i got exposed to some serious dogmatic beliefs during that election, and it made me take a step back, and reevaluate the left, the right, and donald trump himself. By the end of the election, while you happened to be banned i came around to having trump instead of hillary, on the grounds of what she did to bernie sanders being absolutely inexcusable. and from day one, trump has actually done some impressive things. i though he was unfit for office at the start, but over time, he got more and more done, and yet the news covering him got more and more negative, and it affected my own views of politics, as somebody who generally tried to be the counterbalance to political extremities. so over time, i overlooked my own biases, with the help of mainstream news, alt-stream news, and the don himself, and as i did so, i started to lean closer to the right than to the left. I still try to gravitate towards the center, as that's there the sane people tend to congregate more often, but i find that sitting center right is just a bit more comfortable at this point.


That's pretty much it. Kinda messy, but it's there in a nutshell.

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Pretty much the same as me, the ending and start was different though. Voted for HRC in the primary. Listened to the don after a bit, HRC kept shifting in bed, voted for Don, he wins. Democrats take over and sheet the bed with Russia.


Now I've realized I can support some socialist policies like food stamps for low income people, and find others in the right who agreed more easily than finding people on the left who agree with my right wing views


I'd say I'm comfortably rightwing now rather than edging center right, but that's not much of a difference

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