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Hi everyone!


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(Oops, I forgot to do this when I first came here.)

Well I guess I should share Information about myself?

I'm 15 years old. 

I live in the united States of America, (Hint, I live in a place corrupted by taxes, in extreme population deficit, and surrounded by corn, you guess the state)

I am a of Yugioh GX - Zexal. (I didn't care for Arc-V, and Vrains was ok, I guess, although I really liked Zexal.) 

I have made 2 entire decks on this site, and a couple of Stand alone cards. (Both the Mightymetal and Vizor decks can be seen over at Experimental cards and designs)

Umm, I think that all? 

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Some more clues for you

Population deficit: of all the counties in my state, only 9 of them have actually increased their population over the last 10 years.

Corrupted by taxes, the difference between a tank of gas here, and across the state line is almost an entire dollar per gallon.

surrounded by corn, self-explanitory.

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I have an Earth-attribute deck that is focused on the high-speed summoning of Beast king Barbaros. I have a fiend deck that is focused on effects that trigger when destroyed, and swarming so I can summon 1 of the 3 Wicked Gods. And finally, I have a Spellcaster deck that enjoys spell counters, the silent magicians, Dark magician and its support, and its boss is my Angel 07.  Man I love that thing, my Angel  07 has been the cause of so much rage quitting. I had 2 of them but After I decimated a Yubel player with one, he tore up the card... In case you didn't know.

Angel 07:

Level: 7

Attribute: LIGHT

Type: Spellcaster


When this card is tribute summoned, it gains the following effect: The effects of Effect Monsters cannot be activated. 

ATK: 2500

DEF: 1500

Essentially, its a Jinzo, but for other Effect Monsters. 

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I'm sure you aren't that old. I live in the great state of Illinois. The difference in gas prices between here and Missouri is almost a dollar per gallon. We have 102 counties, of which 93 have seen population deficit in the last 10 years. I live in Chatham, a small suburb of Springfield in the middle of the state. To my North is Springfield, and Corn. To my East is Rochester, and Corn. To my South is Auburn, and Corn. To my West is Curran, and Corn. 

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