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Numbers Complete File – Piece of Memories

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Numbers Complete File – Piece of Memories

Release Date: End of April 2021

Contains 147 Ultra Rare cards including;
* Winning Formula, Creator of Hope & Creator of Miracles.
* 107 Numbers, 25 Chaos Numbers & 9 other Number cards. (Over Hundred Numbers in Red Rarity and Future Numbers in Blue Rarity.)
* Number C1000: Numeronius, Number Ci1000: Numeronius Numeronia & Numeron Chaos Ritual


Special binder that holds 180 cards in total


Emperor Key that can be used as Pendant


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1 hour ago, Thomas★Zero said:

I just noticed something with this and that's the fact were getting our first official RANK 13 Monster because Ci1000 is being made.

New Order cards with Amon when?






inb4 those are just image take from the anime and the finalize artwork along with level become 12 again

oh well

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So Numeron Network will (hopefully) get another playable Spell card it can send.

Beyond that I really like the fact that we will finally get a Chaos imaginary number (now its time to wait for Number Ci 39).

Edit: They will propably release Numeronius Numeronia with a "always treated as rank 12" clause, which, in this case, actually adds flavor. Given that it is thus a rank 12+i, given that only the real part is a direct observable, while the actual level beyond that is larger than 12 (which should be 144^0.5>12.04, rounded up 13).  One could also say this monster is level 12+5i, leading to an exact absolute length of 13 in the complex plane. Furthermore this would show that Numeronius Numeronia is a projection of Numeronius into the complex plane, which makes sense based on its summoning conditions (in the anime) and the fact that imaginary numbers can (based on the theory) still lead to real degrees of freedom.

Edit2: Hilariously enough, with all other monsters with different printed ranks/levels, due to their original level/rank being 0, we never got a monster which could be seen as having a complex number level as Numeronius Numeronia, given that this would be the first monster with different printed level/rank from the treated one, with both of them being non-zero.

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