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Yu-gi-oh Summoners RP (Interest Check)

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"Reality cannot itself be one's only existence. Just as dreams must be tempered by reality, so too must reality be made resolute through one's dreams, aspirations, and imagination."

- Veris M. Ilitude

And what a way to engage in one's own creativity than a little role play?


Yu-Gi-Oh Summoners will be a short length adventure role play where your character (a human) is selected in a revolutionary new experiment to go into a parallel world inhabited by duel monsters.

On top of certain natural abilities (will be discussed in more detail). You have been given a device that grants you the ability of a "Summoner" where you can call duel monster spirits to aid you in various tasks. Think of it less as you participating in Duels and more akin to a certain "catch 'em all" series.


The world shall have its own history and lore, provided by yours truly, but for now I merely wish to gauge interest. I will be more than willing to add further details if even two others show any interest.

Ta-ta, little dreamers.

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@PioRTek Skiba @TinkererWanna run it ourselves? I can play "Game Master" If you still want to RP (of course with your input to the world). Each person would have some way of aiding your monsters. Spells and traps are equipment. and you have a teleporter to any city you visit that can be used above ground. The areas would have type appropriate monsters, events, and villains. 

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2 hours ago, HQCardmaker said:

I wouldn't mind playing. Sure. But if there is a way out, can it be soon? I don't want to stay longer than I have to.

What do you mean a way out? There would be no commitment on your end I was just going to set up a vague world and some more concrete rules. You come in RP and leave.

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