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Deck Build Pack: Ancient Guardians First Look

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No names, unfortunately.


“A giant boss monster for a theme that specializes in using the Graveyard!”


“A Pendulum Monster capable of controlling the musical scales!”


“The ace Synchro Monster!”

Releases on March 6th, 150 yen per pack, 15 packs per box.

Source: https://ygorganization.com/literallyonesentenceeach/


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4 hours ago, Mr Melon said:

I'll be honest, the third one's appearance bores me. Second one isn't much better, but it is a pendulum archetype, so it sounds interesting.

The first one looks really cool though.

Can we please have an new Reptile archetype konami? Dont you dare to pull Magistus Shenanigans this time

Snake Rain deserve to go brrrrrrrrrrr at least for a format 

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Hot take: Imagine if Konami decided to unban Electrumite next list to help push the Pendulum archetype. I will say from the description, I imagine there’d be some kind of scale manipulation.

If the first theme isn’t Reptile, I’ll legit be shocked.

The their guy, whilst a bit more vague in its description interests me as it’s a Synchro, though I’d have liked it more if it looked cooler though.

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so theme wise.

The first one could be Reptile for snake rain but also with the background to that monster it also could be Sea Serpent. The Second looks like something that would tie into Melodius in some form based on what looks like a classical music theme with Pendulums and lastly the third looks like a something based of Transformer Beast Wars where the mech itself also looks like it has a very Neos-esc head.

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I recognized a little bit of the Egyptian mythos of the first monster, but I had to look it up for more info.  It turned out to be a pretty interesting read, if short.

In short: the monster is based on the Egyptian goddess Wadjet (or, more specifically the combined form of Wadjet + Nekhbet).  It is meant to symbolize the ruler of all of Egypt - Wadjet's cobra body being the lower half (representing lower Egypt) and Nekhbet's being the upper half (representing upper Egypt).

The fact that it is a GY theme is on-point since Wadjet was supposedly the caretaker of Horus, son of the death-god Osiris.


...I'm not really expecting a reptile theme, but since the lore is so relatively sparse, they could potentially do, well, anything.  But if they freaking make it a Spellcaster archetype that ties with the old card "A Man with Wdjat", I might throw something.

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Info comes from Konami UK

Ancient Guardians unearths powerful new monsters in Spring 2021! This 60-card booster set introduces 3 brand-new strategies along with older cards that enhance them. As in Toon Chaos and Genesis Impact, 15 cards from the set will also be available as Collector’s Rares, and these will include a mix of new cards and older favorites.

A new Graveyard-based strategy rises to the occasion! Ancient Guardians will also include hard-to-find older cards to help make your Graveyard rain with monsters so you can pit them against your opponent.

Pendulum Summon and compose a brand-new harmony! Pay close attention to the Pendulum Scales of your monsters and maximize your Pendulum Summons. Ancient Guardians will also include classic cards for Pendulum strategies like Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer.

Finally, a new theme with a spin on Synchro Summoning so cool it’ll send a chill down your opponent’s spine! Look for more information on exactly how it’ll work in 2021.


Set Contents:

The complete Ancient Guardians booster set contains 60 cards:
10 Ultra Rare Cards, 15 Super Rare Cards, 35 Rare Cards
15 cards in the set are also available as “Collector‘s Rares”

Tentative Release Date: April 29th, 2021

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53 minutes ago, Mr Melon said:

Well well well. That's implying a lot with very few words. The secondary market price for Snake Rain should be amusing to watch.

It has been amusing to watch (since this time it's justified), but Konami's specific choice of words pretty much implies that Snake Rain is going to get a reprint anyway so the buyout will likely turn out to be a bad one in the long term.

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