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Time contest


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time wizard is a monster that can change lave into moths, age dragons, and disintegrate your foes. I have made Time Sorcerers whose power grows through the passage of time. Now my fellow card makers, show me the power of time.

Grading /40

My Personal Preference /10

Matches Theme (just do something related to time) /7

Balance /7


Originality /5

Art (optional your own art is awarded extra) /3

Allusion to me [or other cool references] (optional) /3

due 9/25/2021

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"Red-Eyes Black Dragon" + monster that has "Time Wizard" or "Red-Eyes Retro" listed in its text or name

Must be either Fusion summoned using the above material or Special Summoned by the effect of "Red-Eyes Retro Dragon" or "Time Machine". If this card is Special Summoned: return a number of cards your opponent control to its owners hand up to number of times you resolved the effects of "Time Machine" and "Time Wizard" card this Duel +1. You can only use this effect of "Red-Eyes Temporal Dragon" once per turn. Once per turn, when a card or effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can reveal a "Red-Eyes" monster in your hand, and keep it revealed until the end of your next turn; the effect becomes "you can have a "Red-Eyes Temporal Dragon" or "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" your opponent control or revealed in his/her hand (your opponent choice) gain this card effects until the end of its owner next turn"


red-eyes our boi of potential. he had, fusion line, xyz line, equip line, and now...he have time...line

*ba dumm t'ssss*

*dampened voice self-reflection from the most distant and shameful corner of the house* ugh dogdamn that's a horrible joke

okay. its red-eyes that somehow have to compete in contest about time. and its actually fun premise since joey of all people has quite a lot of time related effects! not a good ones but its still a great start. so it has 2 effects to emulate time the first is the bounce on summon that gets better the more you try to play my manly man time based card and then its "negation" effect or should i say the my fav kind of "negation" that emulate time loops by having Temporal Dragon pretty much become its own version of Majestic Star Dragon that not only gain effects for itself but also for other copies of the OG Normal Boi you run. these 2 really powerful effect is balance by the fact you still need to run original and it cannot be summon other than properly fusioneed or by effect by another time-based red-eyes we already have irl being Retro Dragon!

what's that? why its fusion material list "Red-Eyes Retro" minus the dragon? ohhohohohohoho thanks to this unique idea im actually inspire to make Time based Red-Eyes archetypal support soon after contest end, stay tune for that!

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