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[Advice req] Building branded


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so a day or two ago i bought a bunch of starter decks - 3 of "albaz strike" b/c i want to play something both fun and competitive w/o getting too complicated, and 3 of the new crystal beast starter deck, for the ash blossoms, ghost belles, and dimension shifters (someone at locals said i should switch out some of the hand traps in my current deck and it would make a noticeable difference).

now i want to build branded fusion deck using these. the thing is, i don't know what to put in, what to keep out, and how to use what i do put in. any advice or places to look?

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  • cr47t changed the title to [Advice req] Building branded

Monsters [17]
1x Dramaturge of Despia
3x Fallen of Albaz
3x Aluber the Jester of Despia
1x Despian Tragedy
3x Edge Imp Chain
3x The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
3x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Spells [20]
3x Branded Fusion
2x Despia, Theater of the Branded
3x Branded Opening
1x Branded in Red
3x Allure of Darkness
2x Frightfur Patchwork
2x Polymerization
3x Super Polymerization
1x Called by the Grave

Traps [3]
3x Branded Banishment

Extra Deck (15)
1x Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon
1x Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon
2x Albion the Branded Dragon
1x Lubellion the Searing Dragon
1x Titaniklad the Ash Dragon
2x Masquerade the Blazing Dragon
1x Guardian Chimera
1x Despian Proskenion
1x Despian Quaeritis
1x Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon
1x Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
1x Predaplant Dragostapelia
1x Garura, Wings of Resonant Life

A decent starting point but also something to aim for and build upon. The Despia engine gets you your Branded stuff easier so you definitely want to get your hands on that stuff (Aluber, Branded Opening, Masquerade, and the Fusions). Super Poly is great for breaking boards and Branded Banishment is a slower Monster Reborn for your big Fusions but also sort of a Super Poly without the Spell Speed 4 and discard cost. You could run Predaplant Tryphyoverutum over Guardian Chimera and nix the Frightfur and Edge Imp stuff as well as Polymerization. Springans Kitt is another way for you to get your Branded stuff, Effect Veiler is still quite good as a hand trap, Ghost Belle can be good too for GY effects but yeah, you don't want too many hand traps. You can also put in some other staple stuff like Dark Ruler no More. Mudragon of the Swamp is a usable substitute over Garura since the latter isn't cheap and they more or less exist for the same purpose. Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is only really possible thanks to Light Hex so while Dragoon is replaceable, Light Hex is pretty hard to since it's also compatible with Albion, Lubellion and the Despia Fusions.

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...yeah, it's super annoying, but while the Albaz structure has the key cards to making the deck function (Branded Fusion + Albaz + Lubellion + Mirrorjade), pretty much every variation of the deck uses very few (if any) other cards from the structure.

The Despia cards are the thing that lets Branded Fusion to be consistent while Guardian Chimera + Branded in Red raises the deck's ceiling and gives it more interaction on the opponent's turn. Past that, you're pretty open to how you wanna build it. Judgement's list is definitely a fine place to aim.

If you wanna use more of the structure cards, Tri-Brigade Mercourier isn't bad if you are planning to use Allure of Darkness. If you get some Bystial stuff, then Keeper of Dragon Magic is an option. Dark Ruler No More is a solid side deck card, and Albion the Shrouded Dragon can be a cute 1-of.

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Tearlaments is running all over the place as a tier zero deck right now, and it may take more than one banlist to put it in its place. However, Tear is hit hard by opposing Dimension Shifter. If you run Allure of Darkness at 3 you can main deck all three. If you do not run Allure you may wind up side decking them. In any case no one has mentioned D-Shifter yet so I have to.

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