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5ds good or bad?

Is Yugioh 5Ds gonna be good or bad  

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  1. 1. Is Yugioh 5Ds gonna be good or bad

    • Good.DUH!
    • Dont watch the show.
    • Its going to ruin the whole franchise.

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for your question, yes you can still use regular spells. you just take 2000 points of damage.


i have watched all 9 episodes so far on youtube, 8 of them dubbed, and i have to say that it is a great show in japan....


but in America, they will RUIN it!!!


especially if 4kids dubs it.....


but it is awesome in japan, ive been trying to get others to watch it...


it is a much needed break from GX dubbed by 4kids..... :lol:

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I just wanted to see if you think Yugioh 5 Dragons (Yugioh 5DS)

Is good or bad.Also could someone tell me if we can still use the original cards because you need speed counters(you get 1 speed counter per standby phase) to play spell cards.

By the effect of Speed World,if you play a non-Speed Spell Spell Card,you take 2000 damage.

To activate Speed Spells,you need an amount of Speed Counters first.The amount depends on the Speed Spell itself.

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ive only watched the first episode

and although thats not much

its enough of an insight for me to see that 4Kids can annhiliate it

however Yusei is awesome


*steals Yuseis hair*

then watch the subbed version instead.

You can get them at YouTube.com

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I also realised that most trump cards of duelists in 5ds are dragon monsters & there has been a strong emphasis in star levels.


The 5 Signers-The 5 Dragon Synchros

Yusei-Stardust Dragon

Jack-Red Demon's Dragon

Ushio-Montage Dragon

Takasu-Chain Dragon

Aki/Rua/Ruka-Black Rose Dragon

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Oh, look! It's a badass dude who can keep his head in a crisis... playing children's card games on motorcycles!


Honestly, what were they thinking?!

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