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A World In Peril...PG-13(my newest Digimon Fan Fic! PLZ comment) On Hiatus

.:Abarai Renji:.

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This will be kinda of a recreation of my latest Fan Fic about Digimon: Digimon Forever, that I regrettably had to delete :(


Theme Song: Skillet - Whispers In The Dark




Plot: D.E.A.T.H (Digital Eradicators And Technical Halters) plans to delete the Digital World, and destroy all of the Digimon´s in it and the Human World. Azulongmon has decided that a group of Digimon shall be his Chosen Champions, and rally the Digimon in The Digital World and the Human World into a large, final confrontation against D.E.A.T.H.


[spoiler=Prolouge: A Factory Of Horror.][align=center]Prolouge: A Factory of Horror.


In the Human Realm, life was going as usual. Exept that for several days, children have had their Digimon´s kidnapped by a strange corporation called D.E.A.T.H. No one knows where they take them, and even less of WHAT they are doing to them...


But, had they kept their eyes open, they had noticed that many of the cities´s old factories once again had smoke billowing from the pipes, and the windows were lit up at night. Inside those factories, something horrible was happening, right under the ignorant people´s noses...




"Halt! What is your buisness here?!"


"I have a delivery to Mr. Harvard! Estimated over two hundred captured Digimon´s this very day, Sir!"


"Two HUNDRED?! Hehe, damn boy! You should get a promotion! LET HIM IN!!"


It was a daily delivery for the D.E.A.T.H corporation at one of their factories. A large truck drived into it, and the doors were sealed shut. Once inside, the solider and the driver exposed their cargo. As he had said, two hundreds of Digimon, hobbled in chains were dropped off the truck, and led into the factory. The solider threw a bunch of money to the driver.


"You have served D.E.A.T.H well, my noble man!" he said, as the driver frowned at him.


"Yea, yea, just get those filthy monsters outta my sight!!" he replied, as he stepped into the truck and drived away."


"Hmhmhmmm..." the solider chuckled. "Your wish is my command...Okay, you filthy creatures! Say hello to your new home!!"


Inside the factory was almost as if it was picked right out of a Horror-Sci Fi-movie. There were giant tubes in the ceiling and on the walls, where it flowed a green fluid. Across the room were white-robed scientists working with several computers. And in the other end of the room...a horrible cage, crafted of pitch-black iron and with electric wires strapped all around it.

But the solider led them into another room. There was several machines, and more Digimon with chains around their wrists, forced to construct the machines. Several guards were in the room as well, armed with tazer guns and, if the worst would happen, sharply loaded machine guns.

But the solider kept on leading them away, into a third room. There was nothing. It was an empty room with concrete walls, and a single lamp in the ceiling, which faintly glimmed on and off. In the other corner were several Digimon huddled together in fear of the solider. He smirked at them.


"Good morning...disgusting monsters! Haha! Looks like you got some more room-mates!" he cackled, and kicked one of the Digimon, a Gabumon, into the room. He was almost powerless, and could barely even stand up, as he stared at the solider.


"Why are you doing this?!" he shouted. "We have done nothing wrong!"


"Oh, but there is a LOT of things you HAVE done, little creature!" the solider replied angrily. "Such as merely EXISTING!!"


He kicked the Gabumon in the face, as he fell on the floor with a bleeding wound on his forehead. The solider pulled a Magnum from his belt, armed it and pressed it at Gabumon´s head. Then, a loud bang was heard across the room. The Gabumon was killed in an instant, as he fell to the floor with blood flowing from a hole in his head which flowed into a drain hole.


"Whoops, hehe!" the solider smirked. "Guess my trigger finger was a bit...itchy, haha!"


He went out of the room and slammed the door shut. He began to walk up a set of stairs, and then entered an office. In it was a man, sitting on a chair. He had black, short hair, a black pair of glasses, and a black suit.


"Ah, Mr. Edwards! I´ve been expecting you..." he said, as the solider, named Edwards, entered the room.


"Yes, Mr. Harvard, Sir!" he replied. "We have captured over two hundred Digimon this very day, Sir!"


"Indeed you have..." said Harvard, as he lit a cigarette. "I just heard a gun-fire, Edwards, was there some...casualties, hm?"


"Only the usual, Sir..." Edwards replied. "Execution for Disobedience Of Direct Orders, Sir!"


"Good, good..." Harvard stood up from his chair, and walked towards a window, and looked down on the slaving Digimon´s.


"Tell me, Mr. Edwards...Do you...believe in God?"


"I, don´t understand the question, Sir?"


"Do you believe...that there´s a higher force, some kind of power Up There, that gave us life? Gave trees life, gave animals life, gave US life? I want to believe so, but no...If there truly is a God...he would not have let us create these...abominations!" he pointed at the Digimon´s. "Mere segments of code, uncapable of any TRUE feelings! They are disgusting, abominal, ferocious...MONSTERS!! Thar´s what they´re called, isn´t it? Digimon...Digital MONSTERS...yes, so it is...what started as a mere science project for some new kind of Tamagotchi creatures...suddenly erupted into all of THIS! A gigantic WORLD, filled with them!! I...would like to believe there is a God....and now...I do..."


"What do you mean, Mr. Harvard, Sir? You just said that you do not believe in God?"


"Not the God that created us, my mere subordenant..." Mr. Harvard continued. "But as the God that shall purge this world of it´s demons! A God...who´s sole purpose is to rid my peolpe from the darkness that has swallowed them!! A GOD......that shall rule supreme, as soon as these pesky little monsters are annihilated...once and for all! You may leave, Mr. Edwards..."


"Y-Yes Sir!" Edwards replied, as he went out of the office. Harvard went back to his chair, and sat down. He sighed.


"Soon..." he whispered for himself. "Our descendant´s mistakes shall be repented..."[/align]





[spoiler=Chapter 1: A Youngster´s Style!][align=center]Chapter 1: A Youngster´s Style!


"Alright! Yea, who´s the man? I´M the man! Check this out!"


In a street corner, several teenagers were gathered around someone. It was a Veemon, cheering as always, as he pulled off some crazy break-dance moves. He had a red hairband on his head, and a pair of black leather boots, which he had taken off during his performance. After the show was over, the teenagers cheered and threw him some money.


"Hey, man, you´re the ROCK, dude!" said one of the guys, as he slapped the Veemon a high five. "Awesome!"


"Hey, small fry!" said a pierced, red-haired girl, as Veemon looked her way. "You may be small, but you got style! I like that! See ya!"


She kissed him on the cheek, and left with the others. Veemon started to blush violently, as he then picked up the money and leaved.


"Alright, sweet cash!" he said while rubbing the dollar bills between his fingers. "Now I can eat for another day!"


He then opened a door in the alley, and slammed it shut behind him. Inside was an abandoned apartment, and it was painfully obvious that no one lived there, exept him. It had not been cleaned for ages seemingly, as there was old pizza and noodle packages stuffed in a corner. A stereo stood on the sofa table, and in front of it was a sofa(duh!). Veemon laid himself on the sofa, and pressed the "Play" button on the stereo. A CD started to play, as the voice of the rap artist Eminem filled the room. He was Veemon´s idol, as he began to sing along in the chorus of the song "Cleanin´ Out My Closet".


Music: Eminem: Cleanin´ Out My Closet


"I´m sorry mama! I did not mean to hurt yoouuu! I did not mean to make you cry, but tonight, I´m cleanin´ out my closet..."


A tear fell from his eye, but he quickly wiped it out. He was alone in this world, as his mom and dad were killed as they tried to escape from the evil D.E.A.T.H corporation. He was the only one of them to get to the Human World, and now he missed them more than ever. He turned off the stereo, and sat up in the sofa. He kept thinking about his mom and dad, and suddenly, the feelings just wouldn´t hold themselves in.

He buried his face in his hands and cried loudly. His tears were dripping from his hands, and you could really see that he was in pain. He threw himself on the sofa and hid his face in one of the pillows.


"Mommy!" he sobbed into it. "Daddy! I miss you!!"




As he had laid there for about half an hour, he got up and dried off the tears from his face. He had to face facts here. Mom and dad was not coming back, no matter how hard he cried. He stood up and went over to the telephone. He picked it up and called the number of a nearby pizza shack. He was hungry, and this was the only way for him to get some food. Either this, or search the trash cans for food...


"This is Luigi´s Pizza, how may we help you?" said a voice in the other end.


"Hi, I would like to order, eehhhh..." Veemon looked at a menu he had snatched from the same place a few days ago. "...A large Cheese and Salami pizza, please! Just drop it off at the 3:rd Drewmoore street alley, and you will find the cash there! Bye!"


He turned the phone off and went out to the alley. He dropped off exactly 10$ at the ground, and then hid himself behind a trash can. After a while, the delivery came, and he looked surprised at the 10$ on the ground. But it was what the pizza costed, anyways! He picked them up and laid the pizza in it´s place, and walked away. Veemon sneaked up to it and grabbed it. He turned around, but was shocked of someone being there!


"AAHH!" Veemon tripped himself and accidentally dropped the pizza on himself! Then, someone lifted it out of his face. It was that red-haired girl he had met while break-dancing.


"H-Hi..." he stuttered.


"Hehe, hi!" she giggled, as she helped him up. "What are you doin´ around here? Shouldn´t you be at your child´s place?"


"Eeehhh...." he said, and bended his head down. "I-I don´t have a child..."


"What?!" the girl was shocked. "No child? Oh, poor you!"


She bended down and hugged him, and Veemon thought:


"Whoa! She´s onto me! Well, this is the closest I ever will come to a date, so I may as well ask her!"


He stepped a few steps away from her, and asked timidly:


"W-Would y-you like t-to eat dinner w-w-with m-me?" His cheeks blushed violently, and the girl was quiet for a while. Then, she laughed a bit.


"Ooohhh, aren´t you cute? Well, my mom does really not care about WHAT I eat these days, so, yeah! I´d love to! You DO dance like a god, anyways..."


"Aaww, stop it, hehehe!" said Veemon, as he took the girl´s hand and followed her in.




After a while, he and the girl, who´s name was Scarlet, sat around a table and shared the pizza with eachother.


"Soo, Scarlet?" asked Veemon. "How is it like to have parents?"


"Well, not too shabby..." she replied, as she swallowed a piece of cheese. "You get whatever you point at, get free food, and they care about you, like, 24-7!"


"Wow..." Veemon looked dreamingly at Scarlet. "Must be nice..."


"Yeah, kinda...that is, if you don´t have parents like MINE..." Scarlet sighed and bent her head down. "My mom divorced my dad for him drinkin´. But now she´s started to smoke! "It´s good to dampen the memories!", she says...Hmpf, my a**, I say! My fellas are like, a second family for me, if ya catch my meaning!"


"Oh..." Veemon felt stupid. "Must be bad, in that case."


"Anyways, dude, thanks for the dinner! I gotta go now, but maybe I´ll see ya tomorrow? Night!"


She once again kissed him on the cheek, and leaved his apartment. He just sat there, staring into the air, dreaming about him and Scarlet.


"One day..." he thought. "It will just be me...and her..."


He sighed deeply, and went from the table to his room. He made his bed, and then cuddled himself into it. He closed his eyes, and went to sleep...


To be continued...[/align]


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Here´s Chapter 2!


[spoiler=Chapter 2:The Escape...][align=center]Chapter 2: The Escape...


The sun shined brightly through the window, as Veemon turned in his bed, trying to sleep longer.


"I don´t wanna get up!" he moaned, as he took his quilt above the head. "Gimme five more minutes!"


He tried to stay in bed for at least a half an hour more, but he wasn´t in a sleepy mood. He yawned and got out of his bed.


"What am I gonna do today then..?" he thought. "...I´ll just think I take a stroll in the city..."


He put on his hairband and his boots, and walked to the door. He looked behind himself, and viewed his apartment, before he left.




Everything in the city seemed to be as usual. The adults were busy to get to the job or were already at their jobs, the teenagers either hanged out with eachother or went on a skateboard ride, and the children were either at school or with their parents at one of the many toy-shops, where they begged them to buy new toys.

Then, he saw a little girl who had bruised her knee. She was crying, but then, a Gatomon, probably her´s, patted her on the shoulder.


"Don´t worry, Maria!" she said comforting. "It´s just a bruise, the pain will go away, I promise!"


"T-Thank you, Gatomon!" the girl replied, and hugged her Digimon.


Veemon sighed, and turned away from them as he walked past them. One thing he missed even more than his parents, was a child of his own, who could take care of him, love him, as his own...


"Hey, small fry!" he then heard. He looked up. It was Scarlet and her friends!


"Oh, h-hi Scarlet!" he replied. "What´s up?"


"More like what´s down, little fella..." said Scarlet, as she bended down and looked at Veemon. "Is something wrong?"


"W-What? No, no, everything´s fine..." he started, but Scarlet shook her head and held her hand on his shoulder.


"You don´t fool me, little fella!" she said. "You´re sad. I see that. But hey, if you don´t wanna talk ´bout it, it´s Ok! Just say it!"


"I...I...don´t want t-to talk about it..."


"Ok, if you don´t want to." Scarlet said, as she stood up and introduced her friends. "This is Johhny, Michael, and Daniel!"


"H-Hi!" stuttered Veemon.


"Hi, fella!" said Johhny politely.


"Yo, what´s up!" replied Michael.


"Nice to meet you!" Daniel then said.


"Scarlet says you´re a killer dancer, never missing a move!" Michael then said. "Is it true? Just wanna know!"


"W-Well, hehe, yeah! It´s true!" replied Veemon.


"Cool!" said Daniel. "Hey, maybe you could..." he stopped himself, as he saw two black-dressed men running towards them. He pointed at them, and the other noticed them.


"What´s up with THEM?" said Johhny, as they looked at them getting closer.


"Stay behind me, little fella!" said Scarlet sharply, as Veemon hid behind her. The men stopped in front of them.


"You!" one of them said, as he pointed at Veemon. "You are hereby under the care of D.E.A.T.H, so come with us, and no one will get hurt!"


"Death?" Johhny was stunned. He had heard it before. suddenly, he realised. "You!! You are the guys who took my Crabmon!"


"It was a neccesary action!" replied the other man. "Now then, come with us, and no one will get..."


But Veemon didn´t want to follow them. He was furious as fast as he heard that they were from D.E.A.T.H, and now rushed one of them.




He bashed his head into one of the men´s shin, and he fell over. The other man was furious.


"Why You..!"




He punched the other man hard in the stomach, as he lost his breath, and fell on his knees.


"Whoa!" Scarlet was surprised. "What was THAT?!"


"Just a little thing I could since I was small!" said Veemon, and laughed.


"Well, you better get out of here!" replied Johhny. "We will hold them here for as long as we can!"


"Right!" said Veemon, as he ran away. "Thanks, Scarlet! See ya!"


He ran away, as Scarlet and the others tried to keep the men busy. But they got through, and ran after Veemon. He tried to slow them down, and ran into an alley, tripping several trash cans as he ran. But the men got through, althought it was slowing them down. Veemon continued to run, as he ran into a store, hiding in there. The men ran past him, as they lost him. Veemon sighed in relief.


"Whew! Good thing I lost them!"


Suddenly, he saw that he had run into a computer store. And suddenly, one of the computers turned on! It started to activate a weird program, and suddenly, Veemon was sucked into it! He was spinning around in a weird vortex of energy, and suddenly, a bright light erupted around him, as he fainted...


To be continued...[/align]


Next Chapter:

Chapter 3: Meeting with Babamon!

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Chapter 3 everyone!


[spoiler=Chapter 3: Meeting With Babamon.][align=center]Chapter 3: Meeting With Babamon.


Veemon didn´t know where he was. As he opened his eyes, he laid in a bed, inside a house. He sat up and looked around. It looked like a quite nice, little house. Kinda maked him feel like he finally was home, somehow...


"What is this place?" he whispered for himself.


"Well, it is my house, of course!" replied a voice in front of him. There stood someone that would resemble a short, elderly woman with a broom in her hand. Veemon was starled.


"Ah! W-Who are you?" he asked. The old woman laughed.


"Hehe! Don´t you young digimon today recognize some of your own kin?" she chuckled, and started to sweep the floor with her broom. "You know, since the beginning of this world, youngsters like you used to have a lot more respect for us elders..."


"What?!" Veemon jumped out of the bed. "You´re a digimon??"


"Hmhmhmmm, that´s right, young man!" she replied. "And a very old one too! They call me Baba!"


"Baba..." Veemon started to think. It was something that his mother used to tell him, when he was younger. "Wait, I know! You´re said to be as old as The Digital World itself! Many digimon, even the most powerful of them, admire your wisdom and knowledge!"


"You seem to know quite alot about me, don´t you? Heheheee!" Baba replied, as she put the broom on a hanger close to the door, and went over to a large cauldron on a fire. "You dropped by just in time for dinner too! Are you not a lucky one!"


"Well, I am kinda hungry!" Veemon licked his mouth, as he smelled the delishious aroma from the cauldron.


"Oh, then you must be extra lucky to have come here today!" said Baba, as she took a bowl and filled it. "It´s soup today! My special one, too!"




After about eight bowls of soup, Veemon could not even get down another drop. He and Baba sat there, and as it seemed that she was nice, he asked:


"So, if you´re a digimon, I must be in..."


"The Digital World, yes of course!" Baba replied before Veemon had finished the sentence. "And you´re lucky that you ran into that computer store the other day, or else those heartless D.E.A.T.H-soliders had caught you!"


"How do you know about them?" Veemon said curiously.


"Because they have attacked me once, that´s why!" she began to tell:


"It was a calm summer day, and me and my husband Jiji was out in the garden. When suddenly, a group of black-suited humans jumped out from nowhere and attacked us! Jiji protected me, and told me to run away. I had no other choice, as they mostly concentrated on Jiji. When I had gotten away from there, I decided to tell the Great Guardian Spirit, Azulongmon, about the assailants. But he had already noticed them, and imformed me that they were part of a human organisation called D.E.A.T.H! They are working on a secret project to delete the Digital World, and all of us digimon inside!! Can you believe it! Deleting the greatest joy of the world´s children, even some adults...The very nerve they have to do it!!"


"They must be crazy!" replied Veemon, as he bashed his fist into the table. "Oh, sorry, Baba. It´s just that...I´m so mad at them! They killed my....my mom and dad!! And...And now they...they want to...t-to kill us all! Why do they want that?!"


"Many humans, you know, sees Digimon as cute, irresistable creatures, maybe even pets! Those humans are those who respects us for who we are and who they made us to be! But...there are those humans...that sees Digimon as monsters, running amok in their world and in cyberspace. They believe that we are planning to assault the Real World someday, and take over both this and the Real World! Those sort of humans rejects Digimon. But...the one who started this...I pity him, really..." Baba replied, not catching her breath once.


"Why would you pity a man that tries to destroy the Digital World?!"


"Because...he has not even once felt the TRUE feeling of having a Digimon as a friend. Not even once. He hates Digimon because he is afraid of the unknown. He tries to destroy them, as he believes it´s the only way of protecting himself. And that, is why I pity him..."


"Oh..." Veemon once again felt stupid. "Well, if he never had a Digimon, then I would pity him too."


"You see! Don´t judge a book by it´s cover, young friend! Now then, would you like to spend the night here? I got an extra room for guests!"


"I´d love to!" replied Veemon, as he yawned. "I´m kinda sleepy."


He left the table along with Baba, and she showed him his room. It was kinda big for being in a small house, but it had a bed and a wardrobe, at least!


"Sleep well!" Baba said, as Veemon closed the door. He jumped up in the bed, and cuddled himself down under the quilt. It was even more comfortable than his OWN bed! He sleeped instantly...




Next day, he was waked up by the delightful smell of food. He stepped out to the other room, as Baba stood at the fireplace with a frying pan above it.


"Well, look who´s up!" she chuckled. "Seems like you woke up just in time as well! It´s going to be egg and bacon for breakfast! But before that, could you go out and see if there´s any wood for the fire, will ya?"


"Ok!" Veemon replied, and went to the door. But as he opened it and walked out, he bumped into someone.




"OOF! Hey, watch it!"


When he got up, he saw that he had bumped into another digimon. A Guilmon, by the looks of it. He had a red bandana on his head, like Veemon, and he had been carrying fire-wood, that now were scattered everywhere.


"Oh, I´m s-so sorry!" Veemon said, as he quickly stood up and started to pick up the wood pieces.


"It´s Ok!" replied the Guilmon, as he stood up and picked up the rest.


"Oh, good gracious!" said Baba, as he rushed to the door. "I heard a noise, is everyone Ok?"


"We´re fine, Baba!" replied Guilmon. "By the way, who is your new guest?"


"Oh, he´s a youngster that was dropped off outside my house yesterday night!" Baba introduced them for eachother. "Veemon, this is Guilmon, another unfortunate fellow who had been chased by D.E.A.T.H´s subordenants."


"Nice to meet you!" said Guilmon, as he and Veemon shook hands. "So, Baba, is it breakfast soon? I can smell the nice smell of bacon!"


"Well, come inside then, hehehee!" she said laughing, and showed them in.




"Aahhh...this is good!" said Veemon, as he was full of egg and bacon. "I´m stuffed!"


"So am I" replied Guilmon, as he clapped himself on the stomach. "Splendid as always, Baba!"


"Thank you, my friends!" she said, as he was taking their plates and put them in the sink. "Now then, how about a little walk, for exercise?"


"I´d love to!" said Guilmon. "You´re coming too, Veemon?"


"Yeah, sure!" he answered, and jumped off the chair. Baba then took her broom, and they followed after her.


To be continued...[/align]



Next chapter:


Chapter 4: New Friends...And Enemies!

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Chapter 4, here it is!


[spoiler=Chapter 4: New Friends...And Enemies!][align=center]Chapter 4: New Friends...And Enemies!


As Veemon, Baba and Guilmon walked through the forest, Guilmon kept asking Veemon about the Human World, as did Veemon about the Digital World. Baba smiled.


"They are going to be good friends! I can sense it." she thought, as she listened to them.


"Wow! Is this world really sooo big?" asked Veemon.


"Yup! Some even says that it stretches to infinity!" replied Guilmon.


"Wooooww...I would change life in the Human World to live here any day!!"


"Well, why don´t you do it? Baba will surely not have anything against you staying!"


"Well...." he hesitated, but then continued. "I...kinda want...to go back there...because...one of my friends still live there."


"What kinda friend?"


"Well...she´s a human....but she´s not my girlfriend!! She´s just...nice to be with..."


He was blushing a bit, but he hided it.


"You also said...you...break...dance??" asked Guilmon. "What´s that, anyways?"


"Hehe, It´s a dance!" Veemon replied. "It´s something I taught myself from the humans! You want me to show you when we get back?"


"Sure!" said Guilmon. Suddenly, Baba stopped, as did the two of them.


"Something is wrong here..." she said. "I can´t figure out what it is, but it is something..."


"What do you mean?" asked Guilmon. But suddenly, a shuriken struck onto the ground, close to Veemon´s foot!


"AAHH!!! What was that?!!"


Suddenly, shadows began to flimmer in the trees, as several Ninjamon appeared out of nowhere!


"This is OUR territory!" said one of them. "Leave at once!"


"Hey, what´s the matter with you!" shouted Guilmon. "Shouldn´t you be in your village or something?"


"Our sacred Dojo Village was destroyed by a heartless group of humans from the D.E.A.T.H corporation, as we were forced to live here!" replied another Ninjamon. "And now, you trespass out new home! Therefore, you must die!!"


He threw a shuriken at Guilmon, but he jumped away and dodged it.


"Pyro Sphere!"


A small fireball blasted from his mouth, as it hit the tree. But the Ninjamon´s were quick, and dodged it quickly. All of them threw multiple shurikens, as Baba and Veemon had to take cover behind a tree stump.

Guilmon was able to deflect some of them with his claws, as the others missed. The Ninjamon´s surrounded him, as he looked around himself at each of them.


"Now, my brothers!" shouted one of them, as the others drawed their katanas and charged Guilmon. Guilmon jumped into the air, and charged downwards.


"Rock Breaker!"


His right hand claws were engulfed in fire, as he slammed them into the ground and caused a shockwave that sended the Ninjamon´s flying backwards. As they were about to hit the trees, they regained control and landed on them safely.


"Seems like you are a notch or two above us!" said the leader Ninjamon. "Maybe the Boss would like to have a round with you! BOSS!!"


The Ninjamon jumped away, as a smoke cloud erupted in his place. As the smoke lifted, a Musyamon was revealed.





"Well, well!" he smirked, as he pulled out his sword. "Looks like we have a filthy intruder here! And it seems that even not my Elite Ninjamon can deal with him! Looks like I will have to finish you! Ninja Blade!


He swinged his sword at Guilmon, but he dodged it and counter-attacked.


"Rock Breaker!"


Both of his clawed hands bursted into flames, as he slashed at Musyamon. But as he fell to the ground, he turned into smoke!


"You are not aware of your place, little fool!" said a voice behind him. It was the REAL Musyamon!


"Shogun Sword!"


His sword was engulfed in purple flames, as he slashed Guilmon across the back.




A thin, red line was teared into his back, as blood began to drip from it. He tried to attack Musyamon, but he was too quick, and jumped away from his attack.


"Take these!" he shouted, and threw a shuriken at him. Suddenly, the single shuriken erupted into twenty-nine more!

They charged at Guilmon, who seemed to have been paralysed by the Shogun Sword attack. He closed his eyes, as he thought he was going to die. But then, a familiar voice was heard:


"Diamond Storm!!"


Out of nowhere, several, small crystal shards rained down on the shurikens and deflected them.


"What?!" Musyamon was furious, as he looked around and tried to figure out where the crystals had come from. "What is the meaning of...AAHHH!!"


He felt a sharp pain in his back, and then, he fell over...lifeless.


"MUSYAMON!!!" shouted the Leader Ninjamon, as he soon felt a stab in the back, and died instantly.


One after another, the Ninjamon´s were stabbed and killed swiftly. Guilmon knew who it was. That was a tactic that one of his friends had developed, through seemingly years of training.


"Blue! Are you there?!" he shouted, as suddenly, a Renamon appeared in front of him. "I knew it was you! Why are you here?"


"To look after my team partner, of course!" she replied, and sticked a kunai in a small sheath on her shoulder. "Seems like you´re out of shape! Back in the old days, you could dodge surprise attacks like that easily!"


"Yeah, I guess so!" said Guilmon, as the Shogun Sword effects began to wear off.


"How have you been, Red?" she asked.


"Red?" Veemon appeared from his and Baba´s hiding spot. "Who is Red?"


"Well, look here!" said Renamon, as she walked up to Veemon and rubbed him on the head. "Who´s this little friend of yours?"


"I met him just yesterday!" Guilmon replied. "He is nice, and pretty cool too! He says he lives in the Human World..."


"Hmpf!" Renamon didn´t seem to like to hear about the Human World, as she turned her back on Guilmon. "The Human World...Nothing but polluted air and power-hungry viligants! And ever since D.E.A.T.H formed, is has been a Living Hell for those digimon foolish enough to stay there!"


"Well, YOU haven´t changed your style, I see..." said Guilmon sadly. "...Anyway, is Green here too?"


"You betcha!!"


From above, a Terriermon descended, using his ears as parachutes. He landed in Guilmon´s arms, and hugged him.


"Red! I missed you soo much!" he said, while Guilmon hugged him back.


"I´ve missed you too!" he replied.


"Well..." Baba said, as she walked up to them. "Looks like I have to get back to the house and prepare the other rooms! Veemon, will you help me?"


"Of course!" Veemon replied, as he followed Baba back to the house, and left Guilmon, Renamon and Terriermon to talk with eachother.




"So, you met him yesterday, you say?" asked Renamon, as they sat and chatted. They had not seen eachother for a very long time.


"Yea...he IS nice, you know." Guilmon replied. "It´s nothing wrong with living in the Human World, you know!"


"I know...but still, I don´t like it!" Renamon sneered angrily.


"But, Red! You have not told us about how it´s going!" Terriermon interrupted. "Is it going to happen?"


"Yea, I´m pretty sure about it. Baba had predicted it, so, it´s really not to argue with..." he replied. "And when it happens, I will finally be released from this...cursed mark!"


He pointed at his chest. On it was a mark, which was a Digital Hazard symbol. The Digital Hazard symbol is given to Digimon who runs the risk of corrupting large amounts of data.


"Ever since our last visit to the Human World, some...thing has stirred inside of me..." he continued. "I...I don´t know what it is but...i fear that...as long as this mark remains...it will keep getting stronger! One time, not even you may be able to hold it back!"


"We must keep trying!" replied Renamon, as she put her hand on his chest, hiding the mark. "We are your friends, you know! And friends stick together, no matter what!!"


"I know, but..." Guilmon removed Renamon´s hand. "...This...thing is able to break the X-Antibodies! And not only that, but it seems to decrease it´s potency as well! I...I..."


Guilmon suddenly stood up, and stared into the air.


"Red? Red!" said Terriermon, as he was worried of his partner.


"I...feel...something...coming..." he replied. "It´s...stronger now..."


"Red, keep it together!" said Renamon, as she stood up and shaked him. "Don´t give in!"


"It´s too la.....AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!"


Suddenly, the Digital Hazard mark began to glow black, as did the black strings on his body. And as they glowed, Guilmon screamed in pain, as if the lines and the mark was burning his skin.




"RED! Don´t give up! We´re here for you!!" said Renamon terrified.


But then, Guilmon was surrounded by a black fire-looking aura, and his eyes turned brighter. He smirked at Renamon.


"Too late!" he said sarcastically, and slapped Renamon in the face. She fell away from him, but quickly stood up.


"Oh, not again!" said Terriermon, as he flied up. "I´m sorry, Red! Bunny Blaster!!"


He launched a large, green energy blast from his mouth, straight at Guilmon. It exploded, as a pile of dust was created. But from it emerged Guilmon, unharmed.


"Hahaha! Is THAT called an attack?" he cackled. "Here´s an attack for you! Pyro Sphere!!"


He spitted out a fireball from his mouth, but this one was made out of dark flames. It hitted Terriermon in one of his ears, and he lost the ability to stay afloat. He fell down on the ground, and caressed his charred ear.


"Stop it, Red!" said Renamon furiously. "Can´t you see what you are doing?!"


"What? All I see is a little cry-baby who doesn´t know when to keep his mouth shut......and a murderer..." he replied, as he looked at Renamon with an evil glimse in his eyes.


"S-Shut your mouth!!" she stuttered, as she seemed terrified. "You don´t know what you´re talking about, Red! Snap out of it!!"


"Oh, but I know..." he then said. "You are an assassin...you said it to me the first time we met! But you know ONE thing i didn´t believe? That you said you tried to "make up for your past mistakes". HAH! Once a killer...always a killer...W-What?! I...can...feel...he´s taking over again!!"


He stared at Renamon.


"I will enjoy our next chat, my fair lady! I don´t know why...but I have a feeling of that it´s going to be...quite enjoyable..."


Then, he fainted, as his black aura disappeared, and the mark and strings stopped glowing. Renamon rushed over to him, as he woke up.


"B-Blue..." he said. "What...happened?"


"Nothing, Red..." she replied. "Nothing..."


To be continued...[/align]


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[spoiler=Chapter 5: A Journey Begins!][align=center]Chapter 5: A Journey Begins!


After a sweet night´s sleep, everyone seemed to be getting along with eachother, especially Terriermon and Veemon! They stayed at Baba´s house for about eight days, and on the ninth day, Renamon, Guilmon and Terriermon started packing.


"Where are you guys going?" asked Veemon, as he watched the others pack.


"We´re going to travel the Digital World, looking for anyone that might need help!" Renamon replied.


"Do you want to follow us?" asked Guilmon. "I´m sure it will be a lot more fun if you come along!"


"Well..." Veemon was quiet for awhile, as his thoughts returned to Scarlet. He wondered if she missed him. But then, he was pretty sure they would meet again sometime! "Yeah, I´d love to follow with you!"


"Great! I can already tell that this is going to be a great adventure!"


"I just have to pack! Wait for me!"


Veemon rushed into his room and packed his stuff. His hairband, his iron gauntlets, and a photo of him, his mom, and his dad. The others stood at the door, and as soon as he was done, they left.


"Be careful, now!" said Baba, as she stood by the door and waved goodbye to them. "We will meet again soon..."




As they had walked for about two hours, they decided to make a camp in the forest. They put up their tents and stored their packing in them.


"Hehe, this is almost like camping!" Veemon said, as he and Guilmon was searching for some wood for a fireplace.


"Almost, hehe!" he replied. "You know...I´ve always wanted to ask you something."




"Were your parents...nice?"


"Well, I don´t know so much about them. They died when I was about seven years old, so I didn´t memorize so much about them. But they were nice, as far as I remember. They always cared about me, and said that I was the sweetest thing to ever exist..."


"They really cared about you, huh?"


"Yeah, you could say that again! But, how about you?"


"What? I didn´t have any parents...I was born in Primer Village, and had to take care of myself. But then, i met Blue and Green, and we became best friends! Since then, we have been together for as long as I can remember!"


Suddenly, Veemon tripped on a stick, and fell on his nose. Guilmon could not keep himself from laughing


"Ha,ha, very funny!" said Veemon, as he stood up and rubbed his nose. "That hurts, you know!"


"Well, it looked so funny!" Guilmon chuckled, as he tried to stop laughing. "Hey, let´s take that stick for the fire!"


"Right! Then it won´t cause any more harm!" Veemon replied, and took up the stick. He then looked at an old tree. "Hey, that tree looks like it´s seen better days! I don´t think anyone will miss it."


"What do you mean?"


"This! Vee-Knockout!"


Veemon bashed the tree, as it turned into small, carryable pieces.


"Wow!! That was powerful!" replied Guilmon, as he and Veemon picked up the wood pieces.


"Well, I am quite powerful, since I spended most of my time training!" Veemon said, as they went back to the camp.




When they arrived, they made up a fire and sat around it. The flames danced around in the fireplace, as Veemon looked at them dreamingly. It was almost as if he could see two figures in the flames, that held eachother and danced together. He sighed deeply.


"Is something wrong, Veemon?" asked Terriermon. "You look like you´re sad."


"It´s...nothing." he replied. "I just...miss my friend, that´s all..."


"Well..." Renamon said. "When I was sad, my mother used to sing a song for me...that she says have passed down from many generations...I think I still know it..."


She concentrated, tried to remember, and then she began to sing:


Renamon´s Song

(Original Name: Voices, from Otogi 2)



Shi Na Tsu Yu, Hikari Ta No Mi Te, Mikino

Sasa Ge Pa, Kami No Tsu Nu Gi, Hanano, Mu Chi


Akane Chi, Suo Mu Kuo Hukami, Tada, Tada

Bo Chi Su Ki, Kuo Tu De Na Chi, Su Koe


Chi Ru, Ni Su Nokoe Ni, Ni No Sha Kusure, Nak Shi Te

Chi Ru, Ka Ne Nokoe Ni, Hitojo, Tatsu


Tsu Ro I, Itsi So Hu Susure, Koto Ari

Aru Keba, Hama Ni Satori, Iso Ya, Kani


Kata Chi Hua, Goniro Hyuu La, Anano, Karu

Ono Mi Wua, Hukari Hikume, Shisu Le, Joji


Jami, Ao Kiko Shiho, Ski No Hikari Nak, Shime, Aka

Suki, Tamaki Wai Te, Isuko, Sari Yu Tu




Mai Chi Ru, Ni Su Nokoe Ni, Ni No Sha Kusure, Nak Shi Te

Chi Ru, Ka Ne Nokoe Ni, Hitojo, Date Ni


Aki Ni, Bomo Imo Yoru, Chi Noa Kunure, Gora Ru Te

Kiri, Yukeva Soko Ri, Sush Te Materi




Everything was silent, even the wind and the fire seemed to be quiet, while Renamon sung. Veemon felt like there were no worries in the world at all, as long as he would hear her singing. When she stopped, she opened her eyes and looked at the others.


"Well, that´s how it goes, I think..." she said.


"You sing like a goddess..." Veemon sighed. "If only I could sing like that..."


"Well, not to brag, but, I do sing pretty well! My mother was the one who taught me. And she said it was my grandmother who taught her, and so on."


As they looked around, it had started to darken. It was almost night. And everyone was a little or very tired, as they went to their respective tents, and looked forward to a good night´s sleep...




The next morning, everyone was up early and enjoyed the nice weather. It was a sunny autumn day, and the leaves in the forest had began to fall. All of them were coloured in either yellow, orange or red, and it looked like a rain of colours as many of them fell at the same time.

Terriermon and Veemon was jumping around in the leaf heaps, laughing and cheering. Guilmon and Renamon was sitting next to eachother at the extinguished fireplace, and held around eachother.


"This...kinda reminds you of the old days...remember?" asked Guilmon.


"Yes, Red. It truly does..." Renamon replied. "When it was just you...and me...alone...with eachother."


"Yeah...I wish we could do it again...sometime...it felt kinda nice...doing what we did back then..."


"Indeed...and I´m not going to regret a bit of it!"


Then, Guilmon and Renamon stood up, and started to put down their tents. Veemon and Terriermon had already done it, as they would have a lot more time having fun by doing so.


"Veemon! Green! Time to leave!" Renamon said loudly. Both of them came in an instant, and they leaved.


After a while, they had reached the path up to a mountain road.


"Why don´t we take a shortcut over the mountains?" Guilmon implied. "It will be a lot faster if we take that way..." he sneaked up to Renamon. "...plus a little surprise for you..."


"Ooh, really?" she replied. "Well, I don´t have anything against a mountain stroll!"


"Neither do I." Veemon said. "A little exercise is always good!"


And so, they went up the mountain path. It was a long way, but none of them were tired. After about twenty minutes of walking, they stopped and sat down, looking into the distant horizon.


"It´s beautiful..." said Veemon. "So...beautiful...I can´t believe that those D.E.A.T.H-soliders are trying to delete it all!"


"Well...all they want to do is to delete US..." said Guilmon, as he sighed sadly. "...But they also believe that if this world remains, we will keep coming back, as if there were no end to us!"


"But it truly is an end..." Renamon replied, and bended her head down. "For because of parts of these world are deleted every day, Digimon who are reborn at Primer Village remember less and less about their past! Many families have been splittered because of this, as have friends been torned apart and lovebonds been broken."


"I wish they would stop..." said Terriermon sadly. "They don´t have right to do this! It´s not fair!"


"Well, there´s nothing WE can do..." said Veemon, but Guilmon interrupted him.


"Of course there´s a way! We can surely help in someway! Never give up! That´s what I always say! Just because we´re small and insignificant to others doesn´t mean we´re useless!"


"Oh, but you´re wrong!!! You ARE useless...compared to ME!!"


Suddenly, a part of the mountain wall was torned apart, as a creature stepped out of it!


"What?! What´s that?!" Veemon had never seen such a digimon before.


"It´s a Golemon!" Guilmon replied, as he, Renamon and Terriermon prepared for battle.


"HAHAHAAAA!! You really think you will have a chance against ME? AHAHAHAHAAA!" the Golemon laughed, as he bended over, and revealed several, thin pipes sticking out from his back.


"Take this! Crimson Curse!!"


To be continued...[/align]




And should you find something wrong with the song lyrics, PLEASE don´t neg comment it, since I wrote them while listening to the song, because I looked everywhere and didn´t find the lyrics :( :(

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Here´s Chapter 6! And for those who have read Digimon Forever: You may remember one of the characters that are revealed here!



[spoiler=Chapter 6: Rock-Solid! A Human Warrior Is Revealed!][align=center]Chapter 6: Rock-Solid! A Human Warrior Is Revealed!


"Crimson Curse!!"


The Golemon launched a smoke cloud of purple gas from his pipes onto Guilmon and the others. The gas was unbearable, as it almost choked them. They couln´t see, either, and suddenly, a huge fist pummeled into Renamon´s chest and sended her flying into the mountain side.


"Blue!" Guilmon shouted, as he regained his sight and charged the Golemon. "Rock Breaker!"


His claws were coated with fire, as he smashed the Golemon hard on the head. No effect, as he grabbed hold of Guilmon´s arm.


"HAHAHAA! Was that an attack? Rock Punch!" Golemon punched Guilmon hard in the face, as blood began to drip from his nostrils. Golemon showed no mercy, as he once again punched him in the chest. He felt a sharp pain in it, as Golemon then held him up and then smashed him into the ground. Guilmon didn´t move, he was in too much pain to do so. Golemon lifted his foot over him, as he was about to crush him. But then, Veemon intervened.


"Don´t you dare hurt him!! VEE-HEADBUTT!!"


He bashed his head into Golemon´s solid body, which only resulted in him almost getting a concussion.


"Ow, ow, ow, ow ,ow!!!!" he jumped around and held his head. "That hurts!"


Golemon then turned to Terriermon, as he was scared of Golemon.


"Aahh!! D-Don´t come any closer!! I-I warn you!"


"Oooh, you´re warning me, are ya? HAHA!" the Golemon replied. "You really think I´ll be scared by your little lie..."




A fireball hit Golemon in the face as it exploded on impact. Golemon was furious.




He turned around. There was Guilmon, but he was different. He was sleeker, and he had a sneaky look in his eyes. His Digital Hazard-Mark had disappeared, and he smirked at Golemon.


"You will pay for threatening my friends..." he said calmly, as he suddenly jumped up in the air. "Spiral Blow!!"


He spitted several, small fireballs at Golemon, and they hitted him all over him. Golemon responded by picking up a rock.


"Rock Toss!!" he shouted, and hurled the rock at Guilmon. However, as it was about to hit, Guilmon smashed it to gravel with just one hand.


"W-WHAT?!!" Golemon was shocked, as he had never seen anyone so powerful. "I guess i´ll finish off the little bunny first!! Heheh.....WHAT?!"


Terriermon started to glow white, as he altered shape and grew bigger.


"Terriermon Digivolves To......Gargomon!!"


He had digivolved into Gargomon, as he stood in front of Golemon.


"Hehe, wasn´t expecting that, was ya?" he said, a little bit cocky, as he aimed one of his machine gun-arms at his face. "Gargo Laser!!"


His gun-arm started to rotate, and then slug-fired rounds of laser shots into Golemon´s face! He was starled, and fell on his back, unconscious. Guilmon landed beside Gargomon, as they slapped eachother a high five, although it was a little hard with Gargomon´s gun-arms.


"Ha! We sure showed him, didn´t we, Red!" he chuckled.


"Yea! He´ll think twice before attacking US!" Guilmon replied. Suddenly, his childish look in his eyes returned, as did the Digital Hazard Mark. "Let´s go chec on how Blue is doing!"


"Yeah, she took a nasty hit! Hope she´s alright!"


As they got closer to her, she was moaning and holding her head.


"Oow! This is gonna leave a bump!" she said sarcastically. She was alright. But as they were looking away, they didn´t notice that Golemon was moving. Suddenly, he stood up and charged them!




Suddenly, he stopped, right in front of them, as he looked like if something had struck him. His chest cracked, and suddenly, a fist erupted from it! It pulled itself out of the hole, and Golemon fell down dead. Everyone looked behind him, as they saw a shaded figure. It looked like a human, and Gargomon was furious.


"What did you do that for?!" he shouted at the unknown figure.


"Because if I hadn´t intervened..." it replied. "...You could have been killed."


"I am fully capable of taking care of myself!" muttered Gargomon, as he crossed his gun-arms.


"Indeed you are..." said the voice sarcastically.


"What?! Oh, you are going on my nerves!! Gargo Pellets!"


He opened fire with both of his guns. But the stranger was quick, as he took up his hand, catched some of the bullets, and dodged the others! He opened his fingers slowly, and revealed the bullets before they dropped to the ground.


"W-Wha-Wha-Whaaaat??!!" Gargomon was stunned. No one he ever knew or met had been able to dodge, even lesser CATCH, his Gargo Pellets! The figure stepped out of the shadows.

It was just a regular teenager, with a black leather jacket, a green T-shirt, black jeans and a pair of brown shoes. In his black hair, he had a red bandana, but most of it was hanging backwards.


"Who are you?" asked Renamon, who had forgotten the pain in her head, and walked up to the boy, as if she had met him earlier. "I...think I remember you...but..."


The boy put his fingers over her lips, as he sang a bit:


"Chi Ru, Ni Su Nokoe Ni, Ni No Sha Kusure, Nak Shi Te..."


He then slowly removed his fingers from Renamon´s lips, as she filled in:


"Chi Ru, Ka Ne Nokoe Ni, Hitojo, Tatsu..." she suddenly remembered. "B-But...i-it can´t be..."


"It´s good to meet you, Renamon..." he replied. "Five years since we separated, remember? You´ve gotten...taller since last time?"


Everyone wondered what was going on, as they stared at Renamon and the teenage boy. Suddenly, Renamon started to cry a bit, but she cried because she was happy, and hugged the boy.


"Tracy!" she then said. "After all these years! You finally came back!!"


"As I promised, my love..." Tracy replied, and hugged her back. "I always come back for you...you know that..."


They both looked into eachothers eyes, and then, they closed them, and kissed eachother!


"Whaaa....." Guilmon and Gargomon was speechless, as they stared with gaping mouths at what Renamon did. After they were finished, Renamon opened her eyes and looked at them.


"O-Oh! I-I forgot that..." Renamon´s cheeks turned violently red, and she giggled timidly. "...Ooohh! I must have looked sooo stupid! Hehe!"


"Why would there be anything stupid about kissing the love of your life?" asked Tracy. "And mostly, in front of one´s friends?"


"The "love of your life"?" Veemon appeared in front of Tracy, and he looked down on him and smiled.


"Indeed, little Veemon!" he replied. "You see, Renamon and I used to love eachother very much. Well, we still do, but I must say, our love was as strongest back then, if you recall, Renamon?"


"Oohh, how can I forget?" she replied timidly. "All those...crazy things we did...together..."


Both of them giggled a bit, as Tracy was caressing her shoulders.


"Eh, could you please introduce yourself a bit more before you start touching her like that?" asked Gargomon, as he was reverting back to Terriermon.


"Well, of course!" he said. "We´ll make camp here and I tell you tonight!"


To be continued...[/align]


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[spoiler=Chapter 7: Heartless Control And Mysterious Pasts...][align=center]Chapter 7: Heartless Control And Mysterious Pasts...


Meanwhile, at yet another D.E.A.T.H factory...


"N-No!! Please...have mercy on us! Anywhere but there!"


It was several digimon who pleaded and begged as they were pushed into a pitch-black coloured cage with electrical wires around it. As all of them were in, the soliders gave a start sign to the researchers. They began to run several programs, as they were initializing a main program called: Operation: C.O.N.T.R.O.L (Control Over Network Tissue and Reanimation Of Lawlessness).

Suddenly, the wires began to glow and crackle with purple electricity, as it looked like the cage was glowing purple. The head researcher then pushed down a button, and the electricity erupted from all sides of the cage and electrocuted the digimon´s. They screamed in pain, as they grabbed their heads and tried to close their eyes.

After a while, the electricity stopped, and the digimon stopped screaming. They stood up, and as they opened their eyes, they were glowing red. The solider smirked, and he stepped out of the room, into an office.


"Mr. Reynolds, Sir!" he said, as he entered the room. "Operation: C.O.N.T.R.O.L is going perfect and on schedule, Sir!"


A man stepped out of a dark corner. He was dressed in a white suit with a red tie, and he had brown, polished shoes.


"Exellent!" he replied. "How much more time before they are prepared for battle?"


"Not long, Sir! These little buggers seems to have no sign of mind control protection, since they´re young. We should be able to manipulate the Digi-Volution trigger in no time, Sir!"


"Great, great! Then our soliders will have the fullest support of our...little mindslaves. Also, how is the progress schedule on the Nega-Cannon going?"


"Sir! The Nega-Cannon is nearly 78% fully operational, as it will take a large amount of Nega Energy to utilize it to it´s full potential! But we should be able to have it fully operational due to the end of the week, Sir!"


"Good, good... You are dismissed, solider!"


"Yes Sir!"


The solider went out of the office, as Mr. Reynolds turned around.


"You may enter." he said to a dark corner behind him. From it stepped a Duskmon. He grinned impatiently.


"I hope that this "little conversation" isn´t going to waste my precious time!" he said angrily.


"Of course not, Sir Duskmon!" replied Reynolds. "You will soon be able to wreak as much havoc in the Digital World as possible!"


"And...our deal?"


"Will be concluded, of course...We will spare a half of the Digital World for you...and you may start your plans of your evil empire...as long as you keep out of the Human World!"


"Of course..."


"Good. Then we move on with the plan..."




"So, it´s true?" asked Renamon. "They really are so cruel?"


"Indeed..." Tracy replied, as he sticked a marshmallow on a stick and put it in the fireplace. "D.E.A.T.H seems to stop at nothing to fulfill their plans. If you ask me, they are evil to the core!"


"One more thing..." Veemon interrupted. "How do you know Renamon?"


"Well..." Tracy smiled, and he rubbed Veemon on the head. "Renamon was my Digitama! We had a lot of fun together, but then, I heard that something bad had happened in the Human World, and I had to leave her here. But now, I´m back! And I must say that things can´t be worse than it is now..."


"I was so worried..." said Renamon, as she cuddled closer to Tracy. "...That you would never come back! Every day I just sat there, at the waterfall, and hoped that you would return...one day..."


"And now...I´m back...for you." he replied, and stroke Renamon gently on the head.


"Well, guess that explains a lot of things." said Guilmon. "You really liked Tracy, right Renamon?"


"Not only liked him!" she said. "I love him!"


"Eehhhh..." Guilmon was shocked. A digimon who is in love with a human! He had never heard of any such thing before!


"What...did you say...Blue?" stuttered Terriermon.


"I love him! Is it so hard to figure out?" Renamon replied, as she held around Tracy. "And he loves me, right?"


"Of course, silly!" Tracy said, and hugged her. "I´ll always love you, no matter what!"


"Alright, we get it!" said Guilmon, as he then yawned. "I´m sleepy. Good night!"


He went to his tent, as did the others. They were tired, and it was almost night...




The next day, they were up early and packed their gear. As they went further up the mountain, it was getting colder and colder.


"A-A-Ar-r-r-e w-w-we-e a-a-acr-ro-s-s y-y-et?" stuttered Veemon, as he was holding around himself not to freeze.


"Not yet." Tracy replied. "And this temperature doesn´t seem to get any better...or worse, which is lucky for us!"


After having walked across the snowy plains on the mountain for a long time, they suddenly noticed shaded figures in front of them. It looked like they were fighting!


"Let us through!!" shouted one of them. "What makes you think that you´re, like, king of the hill, huh?!"


"The Mountains is a sacred path, that my ancestors have protected for an many generations!" another replied. "And I won´t let trespassers like you defile it!!"


"Graahh! I´ve had it! Mega Dash!!"


One of them charged the other head-on, but he grabbed him and tossed him aside, right towards Veemon and the others!!


"Get down!" Tracy shouted, and the others ducked. Tracy then stretched out his arms, and catched the creature that was headed towards them. It was very heavy, as the impact made Tracy slide several meters back, even if both his feet were heavily buried in the ground! When he dropped the creature, he saw that it was a Triceramon.


"Hey! Next time you take a flight like that..." Tracy said. "...You might wanna warn others in the surroundings!"


The Triceramon looked around.


"A human?! What are you doing here?!" he said angrily.


"Well, by the looks of it, saving you from falling down the mountain!" Tracy replied.


"Hmpf! I don´t need any help! ESPECIALLY not from a HUMAN!" Triceramon said, and crossed his arms.


"WHAT?! I should pummel you black and green right now!!!" Tracy pulled up his sleeves and made a fist, as he threatened Triceramon with it.


"Stop it!" a voice suddenly said. Suddenly, a Rinkmon appeared beside the Triceramon. "I´m sorry if Crash insulted you, but he´s quite the "rock-head", if ya catch my meaning!"


"WHAT?! S-Shut up, Speedy!" Triceramon shouted.


"Well, no problem." replied Tracy. "But, I hear you have a problem?"


"You betcha!" said the Rinkmon. "HE is our problem!"


In front of them an Iceleomon appeared.


"More intruders?! Get off this mountain at once!"


"I wouldn´t think so!" said Tracy. "What gives you the right to decide who gets through here or not?!"


"This mountain is sacred to my ancestors, and should only be passed by those who are worthy of the Leomon Tribes!" replied Iceleomon. "Now, I will warn you one last time! Leave or face the penalties of your actions!!"


To be continued...[/align]


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Thanks for the tip! Here´s also Chapter 8!



[spoiler=Chapter 8: Ice, Fire, And Darkness! Evil And Good As One!][align=center]Chapter 8: Ice, Fire and Darkness! Evil And Good As One!


"Now, leave!" the Iceleomon shouted, as he took up his Ice Staff and tried to slam Tracy. But he jumped aside, as did Rinkmon and Triceramon.


"Tri-Horn Attack!"


"Spinning Cutter!"


Triceramon fired three energy beams from his horns, and Rinkmon started to spin, as he fired several blue energy beams from himself towards Iceleomon. But he used his staff as a shield and blocked the attacks. Then, he lunged his fist towards them.


"Fist of Ice!!"


From his fist erupted something that resembled a blue, aura-like lion head, as it flew towards Triceramon. He was hit on his right arm, and it turned to ice in an instant.


"Renamon!" Tracy shouted. "Let´s go!"


"R-Right!" she replied, and told the others to get up. They charged at Iceleomon.


"Pyro Sphere!"


"Power Paw!"


"Terrier Tornado!"


Guilmon spat out a fireball, Renamon´s feet and hands bursted out blue flames as she kicked Iceleomon in the stomach, and Terriermon started to spin around, shooting multiple green energy balls at him. The energy balls and the fireball exploded on impact, and Renamon jumped backwards. However, Iceleomon was unharmed, if not a little charred.


"You are pathetic!" he said. "Icy Breath!"


He breathed a large cone of frost towards them, but they dodged it. In the meantime, Veemon was lying on the side, as he didn´t know what to do.


"They need help! But I´ll probably just be in the way!" he thought "Oh, what an I supposed to DO?! I can´t Digivolve, their attacks were useless against him, and I may not be powerful enough to beat him! I´m useless..."


A tear fell down on the ground, as it froze into ice. Suddenly, something started to glow in one of the snow heaps. Veemon was curious, as he started to dig it up. It turned out to be a Digi-Egg, which was painted in a fiery style and with a spike sticking out of it. On it was a crest of a sun carved into it.


"What...is this?" he said, as he touched the egg. Suddenly, it glowed even brighter, and Veemon was engulfed in a white light. He started to grow, and soon looked like an adult version of himself.


"Veemon, Armor Digivolve to......Flamedramon, The Fire of Courage!"


As the light disappeared, Veemon looked down on himself. He was no longer himself. He had Digivolved to Flamedramon!


"What the?! Is this...me?" he said confused, while he examined himself. He had gauntlets and foot protectors with claws pointing out of them, and a helmet with a horn sticking out of it.


"Hey! This is kinda cool! I´m bigger, stronger, and....." he examined himself a last time, and smirked. "Heeeyyyy.....I´m sexy!! Heheheee, quite a chick magnet!!"


"Could you please stop looking at yourself and help us here?!!" shouted Renamon, as Iceleomon had encased her in an ice cube, with her head above it.


"R-Right!" Flamedramon woke up from the look of his attractive body, and charged at Iceleomon. "Flame Shot!"


His body was engulfed in flames, and he flied towards Iceleomon, tackling him with a fiery blast. Iceleomon was knocked backwards, and Flamedramon landed in front of Renamon.


"Don´t worry, I´ll get you out of here!" he said, as he aimed at the ice covering Renamon. "Fire Rocket!"


A fireball charged from Flamedramon´s gauntlet towards the ice, and in a fiery explosion, the ice melted and Renamon was free.


"Thanks! Now, I´m gonna...hey, hey..." she stared dreamingly at Flamedramon, as she thought:


"Wow...now that´s a body I´d never wanna miss! Sooo.....hoooot! W-Wait, what am I thinking?! Tracy would be furious! And besides, he´s just the same, little Veemon inside!"


She and Flamedramon then charged at Iceleomon.


"Power Paw!"


"Flame Shot!"


Both attack hit and sended Iceleomon flying down the mountain side.


"Well, guess that´s it!" said Renamon, as she sneaked closer to Flamedramon. "And where did YOU come from, hot shot?"


"Eh, well, ehehehehe..." Flamedramon didn´t know what to say. "I...kinda walked by and saw you in trouble so...I decided to help you!"


"Ooh, are you not a gentleman!" Renamon replied, as she stood in front of him and caressed his chest muscles. "You are too kind."


"Hey, that´s who I am!" he said confidently. "Ladies always comes first in my book!"


"Oh, really..." Renamon said, as she got closer to him, and held around him.


"Hehehee, this is going great!!" Flamedramon thought. "Guess who´s gonna get laid toni..."


Suddenly, he felt a sharp blow under his..."belt", as he grabbed himself and got down on his knees, crying a bit of the pain.


"Didn´t you think I knew it was you, Veemon?!" Renamon said angrily. "Men! You´re all the same!"


"s-Sorry..." yelped Flamedramon, as he reverted to Veemon.


"Ouch!" Tracy walked over to Veemon. "A little advice: Never think you can get a woman´s heart that way, or you´ll deserve what´s coming for you!"


"Well, what will happen now?" asked Guilmon. Triceramon was quick to answer.


"Well, we are going to get across this mountain, at last! We´re heading for a small village on the other side, were we are going to meet one of our friends!"


"He´s kind of a shy guy, not showing himself before night!" Rinkmon filled in. "But he knows that we´re coming, so, I guess he will be happy to see us! You wanna join us?"


"Yea, sure!" replied Renamon. "Wouldn´t it be sweet, Tracy? Tracy..?"


But Tracy did not respond. He stood there, and watched into the air. He seemed to be expecting something.


"What´s wrong Tracy?" asked Terriermon, but then, Tracy pushed him away.


"Watch out!!"


"Thousand Arrow!!!"


Suddenly, large, golden needles struck the ground where they had stood. And then a Matadormon landed in front of them.


"What do you think you´re doing?!" Tracy shouted.


"Killing you, you filthy D.E.A.T.H scum!" he replied in a slightly french dialect. "Lord Myotis, Ladia! Kill them!"


Suddenly, a Myotismon and a LadyDevimon appeared above them.


"Should I or you go first, sweetheart?" asked the LadyDevimon to Myotismon.


"Why don´t you do the honors..." he replied. Ladydevimon cackled in a creepy tone.


"As you wish! Darkness Wave!"


A wave of energy bats formed and headed towards them. They dodged the attack, but them, Myotismon made a quick move.


"Grisly Wing!!"


Several bats flied towards them and grabbed them, while pulling them up in the air. Matadormon, Myotismon and LadyDevimon stood below.


"Nice shot, Ladia." said Myotismon, as LadyDevimon blushed a bit.


"Aaw, stop it! Just doing my job!" she replied, as Matadormon stepped closer to Tracy and the others.


"Now tell me..." he said. "What is D.E.A.T.H´s plans?! Tell me this now, or I´ll feast on your data and blood!"


"We´re not from D.E.A.T.H!!" shouted Tracy. "We´re trying to beat them!"


"Lies!" said LadyDevimon furiously. "You just try to escape with your lives intact! It was because of YOU that our castle was destroyed and our father died!!"


"What are you talking about?! We don´t know anything!" Guilmon replied.


"From what I can tell, they DO speak the truth..." Matadormon said hesitatingly. "Maybe we should let them go?"


"Hmpf! Fine, they´re no use for us anyway!" muttered LadyDevimon.


"And if I recall right, the ones that destroyed our castle was older and had no digimon!" said Myotismon, as he stretched out his hand. "Release them!"


The bats flied away, and Tracy and the others fell to the ground. Tracy then stood up and looked at them.


"Forgive our "suspicion", we are not usually this rough handed with strangers. I´m Matadormon, and these are my fellow companions; Ladia and Lord Myotis. We are a group of digimon who, like many before us, have had our lives devastated by D.E.A.T.H and their malicious schemes. We now wander this world in search of a new home, but has not yet found one. Maybe we could join you in your quest of bringing D.E.A.T.H to their knees?"


"Well, I´m for it!" said Tracy. "The more the merrier, I say!"


"Well...Ok!" said Renamon.


"Right!" said Terriermon and Veemon at once.


"Good! This will indeed be extraordinary!" Matadormon replied, as he, Ladia and Lord Myotis, and the others wandered down the mountain pass, towards the forests...


To be continued...[/align]


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