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Caliginostic Plague: The Begining (A Horror RP) [Started, but Still graciously accepting by PM!]


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[align=center]Ring around the rosy

A pocket-full of posies

ashes, ashes,

we all fall down[/align]



[spoiler=The Plot]

A deadly virus has been spreading throughout New York City, causig massive panic over the once great city. No one knows where it came form, but it is unidentified, maybe not even from this earth. Many teens and adults are swept by the plague, and are transformed by it. There are some few survivers, and they must struggle to survive against the mutated citizens of New York. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This RP will start a few weeks before the first infection even begins.


[spoiler= The Plauge]


There are 8 stages of the sickness.


1. The infected is fine, no symptoms.

2. The infected gets minor cold symptoms (Coughing, sneezing, headaches). (A few days after infected)

3. This infected gets a green splotch on their tongues. The splotch is painless. (A week after infected)

4. The infected begins to lose their memory, little by little. (A week and a half infected)

5. The infected becomes sudenly violent, and go a little crazy. Symptoms 2 and 3 go away. (A month infected)

6. The infected's skin begins to turn a shade of green. (5 weeks infected)

7. The infected's skin begins to fall away, being eaten away. (6 weeks infected)

8. The infected loses total loss of sanity/ reckless and homicidal behavior. The infected results to canibalism(6 weeks and 3 days infected)


Each stage takes different times to progress, and each stage is stronger than the last. The plague is very contagious and can spread like wildfire. So it's important to stay away from anyone infected.




Here's a character Aplication Sheet if you wanna join.

[spoiler= Aplication Sheet]

Full Name:


Appearance (Please use a pic):

Will u be infected later on? (Yes or no):


Any other stuff:


[spoiler= My Sheet]

Full Name: Chester Merriweather Bradforth.

Age: 17

Appearance (Please use a pic):AnimeGuywithgreeneyes.jpg

Will u be infected later on? (Yes or no): No.

Bio: Chester was born and raised into NYC, so he knows his way around the great metropolis. He's a funny, easygoing guy, but when under pressure, he can surprisingly cope with it. He has no idea for what is about to be in store for his home city.




Ok, that's all you need to know. Start signing up, and we can start when we have enough players!

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cool a Horror RP! reminds me of Dead Space... but not in space or the people become rageing monsters


Full Name: Terra (no name)

Age: 28-33






Will u be infected later on? (Yes or no):... no, i want to be a soul survivor

Bio: N/A (will be reviled in RP)

Any other stuff: he has a sword that looks like a key; he calls it a Keyblade, he hand-crafted his armour

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I´ll join in!


Full Name: Stephanie Nathaly McPhilleas

Age: 17

Appearance (Please use a pic): f_anime0193m_a6dde4d.jpg

Will u be infected later on? (Yes or no): No(see Bio for the reason why)

Bio: She has since way back been Chester´s girlfriend, and always tags along with him wherever he goes. Her mother is a scientist, and at the age of 13, she received an injection from her mother, which she explained should "protect her in the future". She, like Chester, has no idea what will happen to NYC in the following weeks...

Any other stuff: She has black belt in Karate, and has a hidden dagger in a sheathe attatched to her left leg.


Hope that the Bio isn´t like God-Modding?

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Full Name: Allen Kyle Studdard

Age: 16

Appearance: He hides his appearance. His face is red from a permanent sunburn. Once it's gone later, his eyes are clear blue & hair Silver

Will he be Infected?: No.

Bio: Kyle was born in NYC a strong boy. He was swimming one day when he was 12, & decided to lay under the sun. He forgot to put sunscreen on his face, & before he remembered, fell asleep. He woke up to a Itchy, Burning Red Face. He has worn a hood ever since, & now plays in a new NYC rock band called Skydivers.

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Full Name: Dr.Joseph Braun

Age: 34


[spoiler=Hazmat Suit]pilotwip.jpg


[spoiler=Without Hazmat]

When Joseph does not have his Hazmat suit on, he has jet black hair, hazel eyes, and a pale face due to being within his suit for so long.



Will you be infected later on?: Yes, but not for a VERY, VERY, long time.

Bio: Joseph has come back from work in Africa to see his family, who just witnessed their home burn down due to a fire. Joseph always wanted to be a doctor as a kid and all throughout grade school he acceled and graduated from high schools three years early. At age 24, Joseph earned a PhD in Virology, and shortly after went on an expedition to Africa to find the cure for Lime Disease, his efforts were a success. Since then, Joseph has become a medical researcher in Africa, hoping to find the cure for many other viruses.

Any other stuff: He carries a flame thrower/gaser on his back, along with a small pistol. When outside or testing subjects his Hazmat suit is always on.

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Full Name: Axle Entrastdo Comuteza (( Sometimes called Aec (( pronounced Ace )) d to those being his initials ))

Age: 17

Appearance (Please use a pic): 1150260448132.jpg

Will u be infected later on? (Yes or no): ... Maybe (( It's between me, and Midnight ))

Bio: He's usually been called a loner, seeing how he has made no friends, and is never in a hurry to make them. It is unknown exactly what has happened to him in his life, but there a re many made up rumors. Some horrible ones suggest that he is a child murderer, though Axle never ares what people say about him. One other rumor is that Axle was an abandon orphan, and that he was driven insane in the orphanage, that he ended up killing countless people in there. He is known to have never lost a fight on the strees, and is known as the street fighting king. People tend to avoid him, afraid he'll murder them.

Any other stuff: Underneathe his coat is a variety of weapons. Many different guns, and even a few weapons you wouldn't expect. Knives are tied around his belt. He says that he's just taking extra precautions.

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Full Name: Zach (Last name not known)

Age: 18

Appearance (Please use a pic): http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime...16.jpg?o=8

Will u be infected later on? (Yes or no): No.

Bio: Zach was abandoned by his parents when there where sightings of the first infected humans, since then he still wanders the streets of his neighborhood ensuring that there would be no 'intruders' in his territory, all his friends died of the virus and now he doesn't trust anyone.

Any other stuff: Zach is strong in the mental and physical way. He doesn't like using a gun but he preffers up close and personal.

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I believe we can start now.


Chester was sitting outside on a bench. He was in Madison Square garden, looking up at the beautiful sky. He breathed a sigh of relife.

"My life is so awesome, noting could ruin this peacefull moment." He said with a smile, hearing other people's footsteps on the stone walkways of the garden.

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ooc: i re-read the plot a few time and this looks like Resident Evil: Apocolyps



Terra was in his undergroun lab working on some NanoBots "just a bi-" before Terra could finish his sentince the NanoBots Exploded in his face "aww crap, thered goes some few years of work!" his computer beeped saying he had an email "thats odd... i never gave me Email Adress to them... oh whatever, lets see what it is" he opened the Email and couldn't belive what he was reading so he re-read it over and over again "what the... this can't be real... can it?"


ooc: also does the Virus have a name(i.e. the virus from Resident Evil is called the T-virus)

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OOC: Yeah It kind of is like it. I kind of stole the idea from Quarentine/REC

The Virus hasn't even been born yet, so no It doesn't have a name.

But the name of it will be called the Heko-Virus, or H for short.


"Just staring up at the clouds," He said with a smile, looking up into the sky above. He had a smile on his face. Chester's stomach then growled.

"Heh, whoops." He said scratching his head, "Are you hungry at all stephie?"

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Chester took the bar of chocolate happily.

"You really are the best," Chester said sweetly, kissing her right there in the garden. He took a bite and felt the delicious sweet fill his body.

"I'm so lucky," he thought with a smile.


OOC: MY 4000th POST!

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Terra started to check the government funds and saw they had been increased big time "YEA!!! i can finaly get the funds for my special project!" he ran back over to his main computer and opened the file 'Project O.M.E.G.A' and sent it to the Government Funding Agentcy "i've been waiting years for this day!" Terra said as he called all the people he hired for 'Project O.M.E.G.A' and called them over to wait for it to be accepted

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Chester put his arm around her and brought her closer to him.

"It sure is. Who knew The Big Apple could have such a clear blue sky?" He siad with a contented sky. "And each of the clouds are no different from the last. It's just harmonious, you can hear the skies sing of its beauty," Chester siad, staring up at the sky too.

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"Well, in a few months, both of us will be eighteen, meaning we could have that option open," Chester said, playing with a strand of her hair.

"It would be great to make it official, but we're just not ready for that quite just yet," he said, looking at Stephanie.

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