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Boon of the Meklord Emperors

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Go away, super-nerfed card!

The anime was "draw 1 per Meklord". There are a dozen different ways they could have produced this and limited its abuse. Like "draw 1 per Meklord with a different name" or "You cannot draw more than 2 cards by this effect", or so on.

Instead, the ONLY monsters that can be faceup on the field have to be exactly 2 Meklords. Sure, there can be facedown monsters, but this is still a ridiculous condition. Oh, and you can't attack this turn. Lovely.

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You control 2 Meklords -> Opponent controls a monster -> Lol can't use.
You control 3 monsters, 1 of them isn't a Meklord -> Lol can't use.
Opponent chains Call of the Haunted -> Lol can't use(I assume it works that way).
The only real plus to this, is that you can stack multiple copies.

Other then that, why the hell did they bother printing this?

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[quote name='Shard' timestamp='1321382701' post='5644167']
da fuq konami

^That sums up the card nicely.
Card is way too situational.
When you get around the "situational", then it has a bad drawback.
If you happen to get around to accept the drawback, by the time you used it, the "situational" might make the big equation no longer be a +

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