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[center]Lv. ?[/center]
[center][b]If this card battles, negate the effects of the opponent's monster it battles with until the end of the Damage Step[/b][/center]

[center]Eff Unconfirmed[/center]

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[quote name='Armadilloz' timestamp='1321623663' post='5650470']
Love how we have another DARK/Pyro(though it was obvious this was going to be that)
And [email protected] being Flamvell Baby.

what? Was that verz virus dumb? Of all the Flamvells it could have got, Flamvell Uruquizas, Flamvell Diety etc: It infects Flamvell baby?

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[quote name='Welche' timestamp='1321656106' post='5651307']
Obviously Flamvell Guard



People are so Blind that can't recognize it is


-50 ATK

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