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Chrome Shelled Regios: The Trinity [IC/Accepting]


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[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPc03seA3JQ"]Opening Theme[/url]


[spoiler=Characters][spoiler=Mistress Aisu][spoiler=Jade Clingston][b]Age:[/b]24
[b]Class:[/b] Senior
[b]Element:[/b] Earth
[b]Fighting Style :[/b] Close Range
[b]Weapons:[/b] Sword (6') and a dagger (9"). The gauntlet she wears on her left hand can also be considered a weapon, due to the sharp tips but she most uses it for grip.
[spoiler=Special Abilities]Earth Manipulation: Jade is able to manipulate the ground around her. The bigger the amount she moves, the more of her energy is spent and longer the cool down time.

Detection: By feeling what the earth feels, Jade is able to see a rough idea of her surroundings. She mostly feels how big the contact area is, the approximate weight and distance.[/spoiler]


Jade stands at 5'3", making her shorter than most people. But don't let her height fool you, she could easily throw just about anyone around, if she desired. She has long, silver-grey hair that extends just a few inches short of the ground, making it just short of being 5' long. While in her armor, she weights about 180 lbs, without it, she's about 130 lbs. Most people would consider her weight to be a little high, but they never add in the facture of her muscles, which are usually hidden by her armor or cloths. Jade usually has a plain face, with not much emotion showing through her hazel eyes; this is because she observes more than she communicates. When she express emotion, its easily read on her face and eyes; she's known campus wide as being the person with the absolute worse poker face.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Personality]Jade sometimes get the attitude that she's all that with a side of chips, mostly when it comes to fighting. Other than that, Jade mostly keeps a plain face, either because she's bored (which she normally is) or she is observing something, which is just about everything around her. When people are first geting to know her, she mostly keeps a plain face, still figuring out how she feels about that persons, their personality, etc. This leads most people to think she's cold and end up leaving before Jade shows her true colors. For the few people, if any, that are close to Jade, Jade lights up with a big smile. When she spots someone she doesn't like, its easy to tell, she normally has one of her infamous death glares on her face.[/spoiler]

I know this isn't finished, but I can't reveal the bio.. It'll give off too much of the plot. :3 The very moment the main plot is revealed, I'll update this to fit what is going on.[/spoiler] [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Kyng (aka Dark Magician)][spoiler=Eltrio Branning][b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Class:[/b] Junior
[b]Element:[/b] Fire
[b]Job:[/b] Chef at the Cafeteria
[b]Weapons:[/b] If it could so be called a weapon, Eltrio makes use of his good ol' wooden spoon. Its fairly sturdy, having yet to experience any real damage from the intense cooking. He does use it to bonk people on he heads when he's teasing them or when they aggrivate him. And, if it still can be classified as a weapon, often he'll tak out a frying pan and attempt to belt someone in the face with it if he's really pissed off. Please note the word attempt, he has actually yet to connect the frying pan to someone's head.
[spoiler=Special Abilities]
-Sizzle Dust: Despite not being a military student, Eltrio has one single technique which he rarely even uses to call an attack. This is Sizzle Dust, whereby Eltrio, by imitating the motion of spreading dust through his fingers, makes a manipulation of the particles in the surrounding environment, causing them to vibrate at a much faster rate, consequentially heating them up, as they change from a gaseous state to a solid powdery state. Essentially, this allows him to create heat dust, which he rarely uses due to the wondeful stoves and ovens provided in the kitchen where he works, but if needs be, he'll use this as a heat source to fire up an empty stove or alternative to cook something up. It also works well as heat therapy, sprinkling it on wounds and bandaging it up makes excellent use of sealing wounds fast, as well as steralising the wound to evade possible infection. However, it should be noted that it is merely an alternative, and the proper tools should be used if possible.[/spoiler]


As portrayed in the above image, Eltrio is a darker skinned young man with dyed dirty blonde hair and large feint green eyes. He is a fairly tall individual standing at 6'1", and he weighs 260 lbs which despite his size is a decent weight, which obviously signals his fairly well kept size and he eats to a healthy diet, as well as keeping himself in tip top condition. He's not skinny at all, fairly muscular but nothing out of the norm as one would expect to see within an individual. He's often seen, apart from in uniform, in the above apparel of a white t-shirt and black trousers, and this is less often accompanied by a chef's hat or a hair net, depending on the chef who's teaching him for the day. He prefers the chef's hat. Eltrio often wears his uniform tieing the jacket around his waist so that he can be seen in his usual look of nothing more than the white short sleeved shirt he wears so often. Its his trademark look rather, but he will wear the jacket in cases of the cold or windy environment, which is a very very rare case, as being inside a Regios would mean wind is a rare occurence, and since he isn't a Military Student, it would never occur that he would need to fight a Wind user.[/spoiler]

There is one perfect word which everyone can use to identify this fairly old senior in a heartbeat: He's without question a hot head. And even he accepts it too! He often described himself as 'spirited' more often, but everyone should know he's a hotheaded guy who's quick to anger. Now then, since we've gotten that first negative punch at Eltrio's expense lets continue! He's without question a pervert, taking every opportunity to make an innuendo at anyone's expense, though he prefers it at the female student's expenses more than often. He'll often sneak into changing rooms, sneak to the girl's dorms at night, and much more with a water proof and shatter resistant camera. He's not afraid to admit he's a pervert, and he'll rarely try grope breasts or butts, usually accompanied with a vulgar compliment, and followed by some sort of physical retribution on the recipient's end of the bargain, at his own expense naturally...

Now, lets give him some credit, he's not all bad. Eltrio is very friendly and often very warm and inviting to anyone he meets, unless they say the wrong thing at the wrong time, to which point means its game over, you've got an enemy. But this friendliness goes a long way, he'll help out whoever needs him because he enjoys spending time out doing stuff, when he isn't busy cooking that is. It goes without saying he's a very outgoing guy and loves doing crazy things for the sake of fun. In fact, he'd drop what he was doing, even during lessons or work, if it involved getting to see a little bit of skin on the girls, if you catch my drift. But honestly, he's a very kind guy, and honest too! He'll rarely lie, and only if he needs to, or if it might giv him a chance at escaping a slap on the cheek.

But don't look at him as some hormonal perverted guy yet, even though he is, because he's not just that. He's a carer in nature, and doesn't like to see anyone hurt at all, whether emotionally or physically. In fact, he often writes apologetic cards, expensive ones, to the girls he often sexually assaults, or insults rather. He never does things with bad heart in mind, and loves to do practical jokes and cause mischeif whenever he can.[/spoiler]

Eltrio was born in the city of Glendan, the famous city for its military strength and especially for the Heaven's Blades, but he wasn't a military expert. His father noted this, and decided that the family were best to move away from the city in order to give Eltrio a better standard of living. He was a shy little boy and the idea of combat frightened him at the time, it was the best thing to do. As they did move to another Regios, they settled with no difficulties. This Regios was named Venus12, and though it had a formidable military, it was better known for its other practicalities. It had a fairly good education system, and an idylic place to start a family, and Eltrio flourished here, losing the infant shyness and as a result he became more out going, enthusiastic. And whenever he wasn't spending time with friends having a laugh, he was with his mother, watching her cook in secret, believing she'd not approve for him to do so. Well, this was short-live, as when she did catch him watching her cook, she asked him if he'd like to learn, and the boy sure did! He had a natural flair for cooking, and his mother was in awe at his progress. She couldn't believe how well he was doing.

Eventually, the Branning household had noted the Trinity, in which Eltrio could go to and develope his skills as a chef, and maybe strive towards his dream of opening a resturant of his own. Sure, Venus12's school was useful, but if Eltrio could have a chance at going to the Trinity, which would give him the chance of opening his own resturant due to the sheer size of the trio, he'd take it. So, it went without saying that Eltrio, when he was old enough, would be sent to Zulu91. Well, he was 5 when they decided this, so he had a lot of time in Venus12 before then.

So every day and night, he'd go to school and cook, go home and cook, and the free time between he'd have fun teasing the girls, tresspassing and much more joyful things that adolecence offered the friends Eltrio hung around with. One girl, Bianca Torres, was quite a close friend of his. Him, her, and another guy called Jesse Wane were best friends, an unseperable trio who would stick together through thick and thin. Sure, they all had some disagreements, like Eltrio's perversions on Bianca or Jesse's kleptomania slips, but hey, no-one's perfect. This was true to them, but unfortunately Jesse became involved in more...criminal activities. He came from a rough background, and it was only to supply his family, but it didn't stop after they were fine. He had became addicted to it. And to make matters worse, Bianca and Eltrio had to put a stop to it, informing the police about a heist he had told them earlier on. Eltrio felt like he had saved Jesse, Bianca like she'd betrayed him, at the trio, well, fadded.

And as Eltrio had came to age, he along with Bianca travelled to Zulu98, their new school, where they'd become students, him in cullinary and her doing...well, something else. He didn't know, they hadn't spoken since the incident. But Eltrio was determined to make his life here work out, he went straight to each lesson working as hard as he could, and he even took up a job as an apprentice for the two head chefs who, unfortunately, would bicker like cat and dog. The male forced a chef hat on his head, the female a hairnet. And, well, for five years, this was his life, aside all the sneaking around and practical jokes. How could he expect the events that would soon hit the city to come?[/spoiler]

[b]Habbits:[/b] Loves to cook and will happily serve up any dish he can make whenever anyone asks. However, he's not that good with cooking a specific ingredient, but I'll let that be revealed, if it does, through the course of the play. Eltrio also enjoys to go swimming and play golf if he can, whenever he's not cooking that is, but over all he enjoys to write things, short stories, etc. He even has a journal, which will continue to progress through the play.

1 - Food: Spicy Pasta Dishes.
2 - Animal: Cats.
3 - Hobby: Cooking/Writing
4 - Place: The Cafeteria

[spoiler=Bianca Torres][b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Class:[/b] Junior
[b]Element:[/b] Water


Bianca Torres is a fair skinned young woman with a clear complextion, long and straight black hair to her waistline in length, and striking cobalt blue eyes; she's often found to give an intimidating glare with these striking eyes. She stands at 5'5" she doesn't really stick out, but she isn't too short either. She's often swimming, which has payed off, giving her an ideal figure weighing 137 lbs. It goes without saying she's a fairly busty lass, though its not wise to stare at her chest for too long, especially if she spots you in the act. Bianca doesn't enjoy wearing her jacket, finding it unecessarily uncomfortable, and simply carries it over her purse when she's at the Academy. However, when she isn't at the academy she'll either be wearing the outfit seen above, or if it is colder a pale blue jumper and some baggy jeans, not being one to really be bothered how she looks. As a member on the swimming team, she has a blue swimsuit, however, and very rarely, if she can muster the confidence she'll wear a white bikini, which has certainly earned many people a few slaps.

Bianca is generally a quite quiet young woman, prefering to avoid any kind of conversation. Its really because she's shy and quite slef concious, but being the very strong willed girl she is, she covers it with a frown which just begs for trouble, for the consequences would be very very deer. She often uses this when she's dealing with guys trying to ask her out, absolutely despising the idea they aren't into her personality at all. She'll gladly get aggresive with anyone who steps over the line, and her kick is deadly. Really deadly. In fact, one might think her foot was made of diamonds to best describe the agony it brings. Bianca is without question cold, but only to cover her inner insecurities. She's very shy, and extremelly self concious, and the idea of letting this weaker side of her out might make her a target makes nervous another item. So she merely blocked them with anger.

But she's not a cold hearted b*tch, I can assure you. Those lucky few who have gotten to know her have noted she's very very kind, often going out of her way in order to help someone One might see this very soft side to Bianca when she's with animals, knowing they'd not judge her and so feeling more confident. She's persuasable to those she likes, and though being a sensible young woman that she is, she loves a little bit of mischief; the idea of getting caught adding to the excite.

She's truely a wonderful person surrounding herself with an icy heart, though possible to melt it. But now she's became lonely, since a friend of hers became distant when she began to believe herself to be a traitor. Right now, she needs a close friend.

Bianca was born in Venus12, a city with academia as a priority as well as quite a nuturing environment, the big city left alone by the families who lived in the more rural part. She was the daughter of a caring mother and father who let her be the playful lass she was, and from a young age she was an excellent swimmer, without question a waterbaby. Along with her parents, she'd go to swimming classes and excel at her passion. She was doing the thing she enjoyed well, she was very very happy and it'd soon be hard to seperate her from swimming. She loved it, but then she started school of course. But there wasn't anything difficult with that, she was still her playful self and she had gotten on very well. Quickly making frends, she soon discovered she wasn't swimming as much, but still having a great time. She still swam, of course, joining the school's swimming team and bringing home gold from every competition she was faced with. Without a doubt she was a great swimmer.

Soon a young boy moved to Venus12, and they had quickly became friends. Eltrio Branning was the boy's name, and the two of them were like brother and sister, except without the...no, wait, yeah, they did fight. It never affected their friendship though. In fact, it stuck through hard, even after school and they moved up, with new friend Jesse, into high school. She had a blast there too, but the problems began when she started to develope. Guys stared at her, and putting herself on the spotlight wasn't what she wanted.

They worsened when Jesse became involved in crime. She felt so guilty, having to keep him from the law, against her will. She didn't want him to be this way, nor did Eltrio. She knew that when he decided to keep in the business even after his family were provided for, he'd never stop, and they could no longer be friends. She phoned the police, and they locked up Jesse without question. And even though Eltrio tried to comfort her, she blamed herself as a traitor, feeling dispicable and wrong in what she had done, developing her cold nature. This seperated the two of them, and neither one of them liked it one bit, but what could be done?

It was lucky she'd gotten accepted into Zulu98 with Eltrio, though she didn't know or care if he was there or not. She liked him, but she couldn't change the past, she'd unwillingly drove a wedge between the two. And that moron of a tool of Eltrio didn't even seem to remember her! The first three years they both spent there he didn't call, or speak to her. Well, that wasn't true entirely, he did say hi and all, but thats all. Bianca couldn't walk up to him and say I want to be friends again anymore, she'd never do it. But at least her education was going well, even though she was on her little isolated island by herself.

[b]Habbits:[/b] Often enjoys to look around at things and simply admire them, not being really enthusiastic about flamboyant pranks or games. Bianca loves to appreciate the more relaxed and lid back things in life, but if persuaded she'll gladly have fun and mess around causing mischeif, which as of recently is very unlikely. She can often be found reading or swimming, but if not then she's probably walking to her destination, not often being one to converse.

1 - Food: Salads.
2 - Animal: Cats.
3 - Hobby: Swimming.
4 - Place: Swimming Pool.
[/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]

[spoiler=GreyCat][spoiler=Oraine Dex][b]Age:[/b] 21
[b]Class:[/b] Junior
[b]Element:[/b] Earth
[b]Job:[/b] Tech support (mostly in product testing)
[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Short to medium range (though his accuracy is still a bit of a work in progress without the scope)

[spoiler=Weapons:] Oraine fights with a convertible blade rifle. It has two modes. Beta Mode- Gunaxe form is functional as both a medium range rifle and a close range bladed weapon somewhat like a cross of a bladed sword and an axe blade edging the body of his rifle. It is about two feet long and six inches wide. He doesn't use it as a sword/axe weapon much, only if he is pressed into it, but is more versed in the Alpha Mode- Dual Gunblades. The rifle breaks apart into a pair of near matching pistols with blades under and over the muzzle, with about 4 inches between the blades.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Special Abilities]Eco Shock- It is an adaptable shock wave of sorts that reacts differently with whatever environment it is directed into. He is still working on the scope and application of the technique, but has found he can cause tremors or upheavals in earth, powerful waves and bursts in water, and electrical bursts and shock waves in air.

Augment- It enhances his natural physical and healing capabilities, but currently only lasts for between three and five minutes at full strength and leaves him weary afterwards, and his mother claims over use can cause bodily harm if not mastered. Since he hasn't mastered it (one of the reasons for the time limit) so he uses in brief bursts of no more than ten seconds each to both stave off and limit the extent of the toll. He also focuses it on specific portions of his body to further lower risks.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Appearance]Oraine is tall, at 6'3, and has dark skin that contrasts with his golden blonde hair that he carefully tends into thick locks. He grooms it into seven rows that meet at the back of his head and then into a ponytail. He has light brown eyes and a striking smile with perfectly straight rows of pristine with teeth (brushed three times a day,) and silver studs in each ear. He has high cheek bones and a scar under his right eye he received during his freshman year when he bit of more than he could chew in a battle with a junior student. Overall, he is built like a marathon runner; long legged, long-limbed and toned, rather than buff, and has good endurance; maintained through regular exercise, sparring sessions and the frequent explosions at his work place. He normally dresses either in his school uniform, fighting wear or his work uniform.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Personality]Oraine is self confident, independent, concerned about his appearance, outgoing and sure of himself. Or, in other words; proud, stubborn, vain, pushy and arrogant. Of course, he is also very likable and has several redeeming qualities such as loyalty, bravery, fortitude and a keen intellect. Still, he is something of a narcissist, though isn't that far in his self grandeur (his fan club doesn't help.) He can be somewhat sarcastic and condescending, though he is quite the womanizer and a flirt.

While he can be determined and overbearing, he subconsciously tries to hear people out. Despite the fact that he would seem to be someone hard to get along with, his likablity and his self absorbed mentality actually makes him easy to get along with because he actively tries to relate well with other people; it's second nature to him. He also has a special kind of charisma that cause many people to gravitate towards him. Also type that will make the best of his skills or the situation, playing his advantages and other people to his advantage, though he'll never let that person know he's using them.

He doesn't see himself as a narcissist, and has an often annoying habit of disregarding and otherwise ignoring what others say, sometimes coming across as childish for brief periods. He's surprisingly playful and works well with children and enjoys his time off, though he does recognize the importance of his school work and his training.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Biography]Oraine's father Caine was a researcher who traveled between cities whenever he could, never settling too long in one place and taking records of the state of the earth, animal and plant life both within and outside the city as he did. During his travels, he met the technician Orlana, who became his love interest,and eventually gave birth to his son, Oraine. Though Orlana was the love of his life and he enjoyed the time spent with his son was worth it, he was stir crazy and took up traveling again, though he returned every year or so, sharing stories of his travels with his son.

Oraine inherited his father's love of nature and his mother's fondness of technology. He also inherited Eco Shock and Augment from his father and mother respectively as well. He grew up with the stories of how the world is dying, and like his father, he intends to help stop it, with help form the technology his he and his mother love so much. To that end, he got a part time job at his mother's research facility, even though most of his work was as a test subject. His charisma and passion for the environment (he uses tablets over paper 80% of the time to save trees) helped garner him a small fan club that has continued to grow as his looks matured.

He has since moved from his home on Romeo to register at the military academy, since military agents would have greater chances of exploring the outside world and meeting the creatures that inhabit it. Of course, his skills in battle have helped his popularity and his fan club grow (he was voted in the top ten boyfriend material of the year listings two years running). He transferred his job to an affiliated facility on Zulu, still working some afternoons after his classes. Since joining the college, Oraine has proven himself to be a skilled fighter, handling himself will in fending off groups. He has gotten himself in impossible situations, such as a fight in his freshman year that resulted in a broken arm and the scar (as attractive as it is) on his cheek.

He is currently in his junior year in the military college, and uses whatever chances he gets to face the beasts to further his goal; documenting as much as he can of the damage to the wildlife and ecosystem he encounters, as his father does on his own travels, in order to see what counter-measures technology can provide for the damage the world has suffered.[/spoiler]

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzoRpYIeHpk"]Background music[/url] or [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgCewti5orE"]background music[/url]
[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqqRGDbZYVY&feature=related"]Theme Song[/url][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chaos Sonic][spoiler=Damian Kuso][b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]Class:[/b] Sophomore
[b]Element:[/b] Darkness
[b]Job:[/b] Detective
[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Close-range & Short-range

[spoiler=Close Range]
[u]Ebony Star:[/u]
A pitch black bladed katana, almost as dark as the night's sky. It's hilt is covered in white cloth with multiple black stripes on them and small black star on the end of a chain, which hangs from the hilt's bottom. The hilt is black with gold dragons on it. When it is brought into the daylight, everyone can faintly see small specs of white, which makes the blade look like the starry night sky.

3x Throwing / Normal Knives[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Short Range]
[u]Kingdom Keepers:[/u]
Two 9.mm pistols that Sapphire Chrome on the main body of the pistols. The pistol grips are black they have small gold crown(they look like Sora's crown necklace in KH2).[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Special Abilities]
1.) [b]Dark Shock:[/b] Damian channels black lightning through his hands, being able to shoot out lightning from his hands(Don't think of it as Sith Lord lightning, but more of Firebender's "lightning bending"). He still hasn't gotten the hang of controlling the lightning...so there will be some complications.

2.) [b]Shadow Ball: [/b]Brings his hands together, forming a sphere of dark energy. When it is formed, Damian can throw it at whatever he's aiming at. Once hit, the Shadow Ball will explode(but not the extent of blowing the target up. More so of just, knocking the target for a loop).

3.) [b]Chaos Booster: [/b]Puts his hands behind him and is able to shoot a shadow energy wave, which propels him forward at a very high speed. It works even better when he's on his skateboard.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Appearance]Damian is about a Caucasian male that is about 174 cm(5'9") tall and weighs 58 kg(131 lbs). He is slightly tanned, as well as being slightly muscular but he is still a bit skinny...but not to the point of anorexic. His eyes are steel gray and the hair on his head is a dirty blond. He wears his Military Uniform of the Darkness dorm very often, except he keeps his uniform jacket unbuttoned, to keep himself set apart from others. On his right finger is his father's old College Class Ring, which he keeps in memory of his fallen father. His sides hold his twin pistols in their holsters, as well as on his left side, is his cellphone which everyone calls to ask for help. And on his back, is Ebony Star's sheath with it inside.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Personality]Damian is an energetic young man, who always puts everything he has into what he does. Although he is from the Darkness dorm, which usually have people who stay to themselves, Damian is always ready to talk and make friends with anyone he comes in contact with. He may get angry sometimes, but only when people do either one of two things: 1.) Saying that his father was nothing and the worst detective around and 2.) Belittling him or his friends about what they do or how they act. But if people don't do either of those two things to make Damian upset, no one will get their heads bitten off(metaphorically speaking). Though most times he can have two different sides of him, one is where is he is fighting in any kind of battle. When this happens, he doesn't have a care in the world and is continuing to finish the mission or whatever needs to be done. The other side is when he is using his detective skills. If this happens, he feels like he won't be able to say the job is done until the justice is served properly. But also when he doing his detective thing, he often wants to work alone, as most detectives do anyway.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Biography]Damian was born in the city known as Shinichi Capital, in the Regios known to most people as Bravo27. The Kuso family wasn't exactly known for amazing combat specialties or impressive weapons, no this family was known for the being the best set of detectives and gumshoes in the Regios. But none of the Kuso family was as great, as Damian's father, Tyson Kuso. "The Regular Day Sherlock", they called him...and Damian was especially happy to be the son of such a famous detective. But Bravo27 didn't have anything to benefit the family, so Damian and his parents made the decision to Romeo07. But...that's when things changed.

Upon taking a new job as a detective in Romeo07, Tyson thought he had these things in the bag. But came the one case that would change the Kuso family forever. Damian was writing a few things in a journal, a few things for a mystery novel his mother was writing. But he heard his dad come in from work, but he was baffled and upset. He explained to his wife and to Damian that the case of the century, entitled "The Unknown Curse", which involved a rich man who mysteriously died two days before he was to unveil something that would help the humans in our struggle to survive. Tyson continued and mentioned how the man had an old ancient artifact which people said was cursed. He had all the evidence, but it was stolen right under his nose and he lost his rank as detective. That following morning, Tyson Kuso hung himself. Damian was upset, but he vowed he'd follow in his father's footsteps and solve the case he couldn't.

Damian finally made the desicion to go to Zulu91, to the college. He was put into the Darkness dorm, still determined to be as his father was...a detective. He began to devote everything he had to studying, even when his friends would want to party or have some fun. Though this proved useful, as Damian was given the job of detective. Now as a Sophomore, he is even more determined to succeed his father and make everyone see that his father was the best detective around.[/spoiler]

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19trMpVOvW8"]Detective Theme[/url]

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPGQXYe4e8Q"]Fighting Theme[/url]

[b][u]Favorite Activities:[/u][/b]
-Skateboarding (He always keeps his one skateboard with him at all times)
-Target Practice
-Sword Practice
-Reading Mystery Novels

[u]Battle / Fighting[/u]
1.) "Show me what you can do."
2.) "Don't hold anything back...I want you to give me everything you have!"

[u]Detective [/u]
1.) "One truth always prevails!" (yes, its Case Closed / Detective Conan reference...get off my back)
2.) "No detail goes by me unnoticed..."

[spoiler=Desperado Panda][spoiler=[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][color=#000000]Nora Narukami][/color]
[color=#000000][b]Age:[/b] 20[/color]
[color=#000000][b]Class:[/b] Sophomore[/color]
[color=#000000][b]Element:[/b] Wind[/color]
[color=#000000][b]Job :[/b] Apprentice[/color]
[color=#000000][b]Fighting Style :[/b] Short Range[/color]
[color=#000000][b]Weapons :[/b] Two lightweight yet still extremely durable gauntlets. Also wears steel toed shoes.[/color]
[color=#000000][spoiler=Special Abilities][/color]
[color=#000000]1) Run like the wind- By manipulating the air around him Nora is able to dramatically increase his already impressive movement speed tenfold. The speed boost can only be kept going for 30 seconds until he’d need to cool it down for two minute. Of course he doesn’t have to use it all in one go and can spread it out. If he spreads it out the recharge slows down and he only gains on more second of use for every five seconds that pass.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]
[color=#000000]2) Gutsy Pull/Push- Creates a powerful gust of air that is either able to pull enemies towards or away from him. This ability wouldn’t actually cause any damage unless of course somebody is thrown or pulled into a wall or Nora’s fist.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]
[color=#000000]3) Cyclone Arena- Creates a tornado that entraps him and an opponent in a circular space with a 15 yard diameter. The rushing winds seem to create a wall of what seems like knives as contact with the powerful rushing winds can cause cuts that make escaping and entering difficult. Could also be possibly used for defensive purposes.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]

[color=#000000]Although his abilities are more suited for one vs. one he is completely capable of fighting multiple opponents at once or just using his abilities to control who he fights at one time.[/color]
[color=#000000][/spoiler] [/color]
[color=#000000]As the picture depicts Nora has dyed red hair (naturally brown)and green eyes. Nora stands at exactly 6 feet tall which may not seem like all that much but he thinks of it as advantageous to not tower over opponents and give them more area to hit that’d also be more difficult to block. He usually has a sort of pissed off, annoyed, or mixture of the two expression on his face. He normally wears his school uniform but when he gets into combat he’ll take off his jacket and tie and just throw it to the side. Unless Izamu is around then he may carefully set them down somewhere to avoid some sort of punishment she might set up.[/color]
[color=#000000][/spoiler] [/color]
[color=#000000]If there is one thing that Nora is known for it’s his immense love for violence and unbelievably short temper. It’s only after that, that people are reminded he’s an apprentice. Despite being an apprentice he isn’t some sort of intellectual. He may actually be a bit below average when it comes to his intelligence or it just has to do with his unwillingness to learn things while he’d rather be fighting things. As said he has a love of violence and has the tendency to pick fights with just about anybody who does the littlest thing to piss him off. He always makes sure to follow a few rules or morals that limit or completely restrict him.[/color]

[color=#000000]1) Don’t outnumber somebody or something. It’s fine to be outnumbered though.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]
[color=#000000]2) Don’t fight somebody or something that can’t properly fight back.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]
[color=#000000]3) Don’t kill until you’ve been attacked with the intent to kill.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]
[color=#000000]4) Challenge before you start attacking unless of course you were attacked first. An opponent should be as willing as you.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]

[color=#000000]In combat he may actually show a cleverer and more resourceful side to him that he gained through his years of street fighting. Some say he has enormous potential and actual combat skill and think that’s why he’s so fit to be an apprentice to Izamu but most just want to read his name in the obituaries. Teachers want him to read a damn book.[/color]
[color=#000000][/spoiler] [/color]
[color=#000000][spoiler=Biography](Minimum of 6 lines.)[/color]
[color=#000000]Nora wasn’t born into some sad sack family that should get everybody’s sympathy. It was just a perfectly normal family in Alpha12. But to Nora this life was dull even at a young age. Things were just too routine. Even as a kindergartner he’d pick fights with second graders if it meant just doing something different. Of course he’d get his ass handed to him by the second graders. But by third grade he was able to take on 6[sup]th[/sup] graders and actually win.[/color][color=#000000] [/color]

[color=#000000]It was only a matter of time until he moved on to fighting in other places. He eventually ended up in underground fights and gang wars altogether even though he wasn’t even part of any gang. They just pissed him off one way or another and he wanted to fight. Nora eventually became known as the strongest delinquent and gained gauntlets to prove it.[/color]

[color=#000000]His legacy wouldn’t last forever though. One day when he was 18 he did the stupidest thing that one could even think of. He didn’t do it realizing what he was getting into. A girl only a few years older than him came across his territory. Just the act of doing that was enough to piss him off and he challenged her. The girl accepted his challenge and even with Nora giving it all he got he stood no chance. His incredible win streak had been shattered. Even while lying on the ground clearly beaten the girl gave him an offer. That girl was of course Izamu.[/color]

[color=#000000]The offer brought him to Zulu91’s military academy when he was 19. Now Nora is a 20 year old sophomore. That’s not the only thing he is though. He’s also what Izamu’s offer to him was. He’s her apprentice.[/color]
[color=#000000][/spoiler] [/color]
[color=#000000]-He challenges Izamu to a fight at least once per week. Sometimes he’ll challenge her every day for a week.[/color]
[color=#000000]-When he loses he’s forced to do her chores.[/color]
[color=#000000]-Likes spicy food.[/color]
[color=#000000][/spoiler][/color] [/spoiler] [/font][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Hotaru987][spoiler=Izamu Konashi]Age: 22
Class: Senior
Element: Darkness - For detective
Fighting Style: Close-range

Power Gloves: The power gloves are black, fingerless gloves with a blue, glowing gem about 2 cm in diameter on the center back of the gloves. Branching out from the blue gem are copper colored wires spreading along the entire surface of the gloves. The gem and copper colored wires work together, in that the gem discharges an electric charge which is sent through the wires, and then “super charges” the cells and muscles in her arms for more dangerous attacks.

Izamu’s sword, which is named “Kaito” after her brother, is a large sword which can only be carried on her back. The blade is a stainless steel, 7 inch blade (in width), and about 5 feet long, not including the hilt. Speaking of, the hilt is black, and red stripped grip holder. The hilt guard is fairly average, the only variation would be that it curves downwards connecting where the butt of the hilt is. This design, along with the grip support, provides a better handle with the weapon. Most people can’t pick up the sword claiming it is too heavy for them, even though Izamu handles it as though it was a feather. With the sword alone her speed and power is impressive, but whenshe combines that with her gloves she shows her true strength.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Special Abilities]
Black Crow: (With Sword) A black energy swirls around Izamu before becoming internalized by the sword. When the sword is swung a black, energy shaped crow is formed to attack the enemy.

Black Maiden: (With gloves) A dark energy gathers around Izamu and this time when the energy is internalized it is absorbed by Izamu herself, giving her body an outline of a faint black glow. The internalized darkness power gives her pure destructive power, allowing her to shoot a mass of darkness energy with her punches. She can fire up to 3 darkness blast every time she uses this attack.

Final shot: Uroborus – She holds out her sword to her side and her raises her free hand up on her side as well. Darkness energy is then pooled to both her sword and her hand. From the tip of the sword a black energy shaped snake head shoots out, forming a wide circle, with the enemy inside the circle, then coming back to connect with Izamu’s hand. As the snake like head continues to make its revolution around the circle it looks as though it is continuously devouring itself hence the name. Everything within the circumference of the circle explodes, forming a massive column of darkness energy that shoots into the sky, severely injuring – if not killing – the enemy. Because Izamu is also in the blast area she is also hurt. This is usually only used when she doesn’t have any other options.[/spoiler]


Izamu reaches to about 5’4, and weighs an even 140 pounds. Her body isn’t exceedingly muscular, however she does have some muscle definition which gives her a lean, and still feminine appearance. Around her neck is a black string threaded through a plain coin that has a hole in the center of it, and it is always with her. She is rarely seen with her hair down, as it is always up in a; ponytail, large braid or a bun. Most people don’t know but she has a large ‘X’ shaped scar that she received during one of her battles. Lastly, while she doesn’t normally wear them due to having contacts, she owns a pair of glasses which she keeps on her person just in case.
Her weapons are usually always with her. Her power gloves are always in her pocket, and she is never without them. Her sword, however, is a different story. While she is on the academy she normally has it with her. However, if she isn’t on the academy campus, or if she doesn’t feel like carrying it around with her she will mostly likely leave it in her room.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Bio:] Izamu was born in Romeo07 to two parents whom she would barely remember in the future. The reason being, they died long before her 6[sup]th[/sup] birthday. Though she didn’t have her parents she did have her brother, Kaito, who was her senior by 7 years. They were both put in an orphanage, which would become their home for the next 5 years. Which Izamu could have stayed in the orphanage much longer, her brother couldn’t since he had reached the age of 18. Not only was it because of her brother reaching the age cap in the orphanage, but he also got a scholarship to the military school. Apparently he had some natural born talent for the military, and he was readily accepted. So he and Izamu moved to Zulu91 for their brand new start. Kaito also applied for a part time job in order to pay for a place for Izamu to live in since she couldn’t stay in the rooms with him. Izamu was 11 at this current time. While life was difficult, they survived, and Izamu never remembered being as happy as she was then.

Izamu had a fairly simply routine; Wake up, shower, clean, make lunches, go to the academy to eat with Kaito, then go back home. And she enjoyed every bit of it. Due to not having much money her birthdays were never celebrated, but it didn’t bother her. So she was surprised when her brother brought her a present for her 13[sup]th[/sup] birthday. It was a simple decorative coin with a hole in the center, and a black string to thread through it. It soon became her most precious possession. That was until the following year. Her brother was now a senior and now went of even more assignments to protect the Trinity. She rarely saw him but knew that he always made time for her whenever he could. Even if he would sometimes fall asleep. Just knowing he was safe was good enough for her. Once day her brother didn’t return from the recent mission in the outer region, and it was when Kait’s closest friend, Michiko, came over and told her the news. He had died protecting his comrades and the Trinity. His sword was all that she had left of him.

Now 19 herself, she managed to enter the Military Academy through sheer force of will. Though she had some kill it was hardly the natural talent that Kaito had possessed. Still she managed to make it in. During her sophomore year, while doing her monthly shopping, she came across a boy who for no reason at all challenged her to a fight. Initially she tried to talk him out of it but he was persistent, so she made a deal. She would fight him only on one condition; that he do her shopping for her when he loses. So they fought, and just as she thought she was the victor. This would be the beginning of their strange relationship. Izamu saw the raw power and talent in him, one that she herself never had. To be honest she was a bit jealous and angered that he had that kind of power and wasted it on delinquency. It was because of that, that she offered him a place in the Military Academy as her apprentice. Well, she didn’t guarantee him a spot but she knew that with his talent he would be accepted. She would even put in a good word for him. After that day it seemed as though she couldn’t go a day without him challenging her – which she didn’t mind – and losing, often ending with him having to do some favor she was too lazy to do herself. The moment she became a senior she took Nora up as an apprentice.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Personality:] One painfully obvious trait of Izamu’s is that she – while not to the extreme of being lazy – she is often found lounging about and not doing work; which is strange since she chose to study to be a detective. Though she is often found that way, she is usually willing to offer help if asked and/or needed. Izamu also has a strangely calm and in control type personality, seemingly blowing a lot of things off and joking around. In conjunction with that she is also categorized as being rough and aggressive, as she rather enjoys rough housing with her apprentice. She isn’t particularly keen on playing by the book, and would rather do something to mix it up and be unpredictable. It’s because of that, that she likes close combat and probably why she chose to be a detective. You never know what will happen or pop up. Surprisingly very well read, but normally only reads in her room so she can wear her glasses. Speaking of which, Izamu is actually embarrassed about having to wear her glasses, thinking they make her look like a nerd. Because of that, many people have not seen – or even know she wears glasses –her wearing them. She is also particularly fond of chocolate, known to have a large stash of it in her room, and always having some type of chocolate on her.

When it comes to her apprentice, Nora, she can come off as being exceedingly rough on him, often calling him ‘stupid’ when he acts accordingly. She rather looks forward to their “fights” – he never stands a chance – because that means that her room will be getting cleaned, or shopping will be getting done. Though they appear to always be sparing, she does harbor feelings of concern for him when he gets hurt or if he puts himself in danger. There are also times when she will behave almost sisterly towards him, only to cover it up right afterwards with her rough behavior; often with an overly rough pat on the back, or punch in the arm. [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Admiral_Stalfos19] [spoiler=Melissa "Sexy B." Blade][b]Age:[/b] 21
[b]Class:[/b] Senior
[b]Element:[/b] Fire
[b]Job:[/b] Weapons Constructor
[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Medium-Long Range
[spoiler=Weapons:][b]M14:[/b] Has an Infra-Red Scope, Extended Magazines, a Stabilizer Grip and a Flame Thrower in case the enemy gets too close for Melissa's liking. This is the main weapon she'll use, although she has a different one up her sleeve, in case things get a little dicey.

[b]M72 LAW:[/b] A rocket launcher. When she's not actually using it, Melissa will sling this weapon over her back. This will often save her from any stabs in the back that she doesn't see coming. Of course, the recoil of this weapon will cause it to bolt her in the head, which is why she doesn't like to use it unless absolutely necessary.[/spoiler][spoiler=Special Abilities][b]Flame Absorption:[/b] Melissa will absorb any flames that her body comes in contact with. She likes to abuse these powers quite a bit, especially when she's actually hurt, in which case she'll light a cigarette lighter and put it right up to wherever it hurts. That often eases the pain, surprisingly. It also happens to turn her on... somehow.

[b]Slow Immolation:[/b] This is a slow and steady process, which is often seen as a tool to judge how angry Melissa is. When she's fuming inside, pure smoke will emit from her entire body and fill the room, just like a real fire. This will happen even if Melissa doesn't show any physical sign of anger... well, other than the smoke of course. It's only when Melissa's at her most filled with rage that her body will finally combust spontaneously into flames.[/spoiler][spoiler=Appearance][img]http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/264/d/4/d437b47e5e3295e7ae7cb2ea02692f1d-d4ai48x.png[/img]
Melissa stands at about 6' 4" and, although she only has a medium build rather than a large, weighs about 190lbs. The added weight is likely due to those gargantuan breasts she has, which on their own weigh approximately 7lbs a piece. That big gash in Melissa's cheek is still yet to heal properly, and used to locate three long needles, but all three were ripped out by a drill sergeant: obviously one who didn't approve of piercings. Speaking of which, she also has her breasts and belly button pierced, and her eyes are lined with small metal spikes that were arranged to appear as eyelashes. Melissa wears the male military uniform, which is similar to the one in the pic, but is maroon coloured instead, for obvious reasons.[/spoiler][spoiler=Personality]Total tomboy, pure and simple. Melissa just doesn't plain like wearing feminine clothing, no matter what anyone has to say about it. She even prefers to wear men's undergarments over the lingerie that women usually opt for instead. She also likes doing the things that men do... go to the gym, work out, play some football. She even likes to go chick hunting. All in all, Melissa's still a guy in heart, but deeply worries about what other people think of her, especially if she reveals her little secret down there, accidentally or otherwise. She also tries not to let her falsetto slip, although she can't avoid the occasional low notes. Another weapon that can be used against her façade is her natural lust. Melissa can't help but get sexually excited whenever she's around at least one other beautiful woman, and she can't even look in the mirror without suffering the same fate. However, the façade means everything to her right now, and she has to hold out strong if she wants to remain dignified.[/spoiler][spoiler=Biography]Before a decade ago, there [i]was[/i] no such thing as a Melissa "Sexy B" Blade. Instead, there was a Melvin Blade, with no nickname to boot... well, he [i]was[/i] called Mel for short, but only so one could tease him better for looking like a girl. At junior high, things were bound get even worse, as when Melvin hit puberty, he realized that his balls hadn't dropped. He had to do something to stop the harassment from commencing onto junior high school as well. He did something drastic in going for a sex change. However, he went through the cosmetic changes to the female body, and when the guys doing the sex change were about to change the genitalia, Melvin chicken out at the last second, fearing he might lose his dignity when... and if he decided to change back. From then on, there was no Melvin Blade. He since changed his name to Melissa Blade, and he... was a she. For the most part.

It wasn't until she had a close call with a sudden erection that Melissa started to regret having gone ahead with the sex change. At that time, she made an excuse to go to the rest room, just so she could look in the mirror and take a good hard look at herself. She immediately ran into an epiphany... apart from the fact that she couldn't resist her own naked body any more. If it weren't for that sex change, Melissa... or Melvin, rather, would only turn to be a pathetic loser, whereas Melissa was the most popular student in the entire campus and was even asked out to a date on occasions, and this even went on through to senior high, and university. Well, Melissa did have [i]some[/i] competition in the final year with a newer student, but since she decided to pierce herself that year, she won out in the end due to sheer coolness. Unfortunately, the needles in her cheek were ripped out during the first year of being sent to military school by a drill sergeant. Those three needles were the only casualties, as the remaining piercings were hidden in her military uniform... or well disguised in the case of the small metal spikes.[/spoiler][spoiler=Misc.][b]Theme Song:[/b] [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysSxxIqKNN0"]New Divide, by Linkin Park[/url]

[b]Some Notes By Myself:[/b] Apparently the pic is actually supposed to be that of a guy. Even the actual artist can be seen referring to... um, orange, as such, [url="http://chikyourisenka.deviantart.com/art/Milizia-Break-259506177?q=gallery%3Achikyourisenka%20randomize%3A1&qo=0"]as can be seen here in the notes section[/url]. But when I saw the face of this pic, it definitely screamed chick to me. So instead I've made her into a hermy, like I did before in Maigo Keishi: Lost Heir and its sequel in A New Era. Yeah, I went there before... and I'm definitely not afraid to go there again. So... once this app gets accepted, I shall declare the Chrome Shelled Regios: The Trinity Drama Sequence... OPEN!!

[b]Distinguishing Between Voices:[/b] To help make her a little more even-handed, I'm giving Melissa a male voice and a female voice. The male voice is her normal voice (see the bio for reasoning + details) whereas the female voice is a falsetto, so to speak, which will probably be used most of the time (except for thoughts, they'll [i]always[/i] be in the male voice). Anyway, the dialogue of the normal voice will be in [color=#000080]this color [/color]and the dialogue for the falsetto will be in [color=#800080]this color[/color]. Pure and simple.[/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Who's Who][url="http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh133/calliekayoutcast654/anime%20girls/anime-45.jpg"]Headmaster[/url]: Lillian Tamier (NPC)

[b][i]Team 1[/i][/b] (Part of Squad 9)
Senior: Izamu Konashi

Apprentice: Nora Narukami

[b][i]Team 2[/i][/b]
Currently in Alpha12

[b][i]Team 3[/i][/b]
Currently in Romeo07

[b][i]Military Students[/i][/b] (Part of Squad 9)
Jade Clingston
Oraine Dex
Damian Kuso
Melissa "Sexy B." Blade

[b][i]Regular Students[/i][/b] (Part of Squad 9)
Eltrio Branning
Bianca Torres

[spoiler=Introduction]Inside Zulu91 houses the college (that doubles as a military college) for the infamous Trinity. The Trinity was infamous not because 3 Regios' (aka the domes) traveled together, but because of how long they stuck together, which has been over 40 years. Within this college, its been about a month since the new semester began in the fall season and just the other day, Squad placements had been announced. Most of the regular students we're assigned, due to their study, but a select few were. The ones that were placed are either technicians, medical, nutrition providers, etc. Not all military students were placed either. Only the best of the best are placed within the 12 squads, everyone else is placed withing platoons that are under the command of the squads. It's within one of these squads that our story focuses on. This just isn't any other squad either, within this squad is one of the elite teams that consist one of the top three graduating military students and their apprentices. This squad will also become the one that determines whether The Trinity lives on through its darkest moment of its history...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Monster Encyclopedia (listed as they appear)][spoiler=Bringjers]Bringjers are the evolved versions of wolves: fast, furious and always hungry. Each pack of bringjers can vary in size, weight and markings, but there are two physical traits that apply to them all. 1) They always have 3 tail, where most of the element based attacks are charged and launched from, if they aren't mouth based. 2) The markings they have always glow with the color that represents the element they use. And yes, they do glow, its subtle, however.


The above is the look of a fire bringjer. Other types of bringjers follow the same look, but can vary in fur color, markings and the color of the morkings.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Attack List]Each bringjer can have its own unique attack but the following is a list that most bringjers use.

(For all bringjers) Blast: A blast of element shoots out of their mouth. Close to mid range.

(For earth and ice bringjers only) Shard: Shards of the said element 'crystalize' in their tails. Then, with a swip of their tails, the shards break off towards desired direction. Range is dependent on their strength and flight arch

(For fire, wind, water and lightening bringjers only) Claw: Said elements engulf their claws, making then more deadly.

(For all bringjers) Howl: A wave of said element is sent out in a wide range. Can be aplified by having more than one bringjer perform the howl, which adds to the range[/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Phoenix]Phoenix's were once thought to be mystical creatures, living only in fairly tales and legends. But little did people know, they existed in few numbers. As the world came to an end, they were free to florish and multiply their numbers. Phoenix's come in all color and control all sorts of elements, not just fire. The color of a phoenix indicates the element of its control, with one exception: the Rainbow Phoenix. Thought of a the phoenix's version of being albino, the Rainbow Phoenix is a very rare occurence, not only because of the color, but because of it's control over all the elements. Despite controlling all the elements, most Rainbow Phoenix's specialize in one or two elements while only having a basic control over the others.


Though a picture of a Rainbow Phoenix, it is the general look of a phoenix with the coloring changing from phoenix to phoenix.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Attack List]Despite their growing numbers, phoenix's have been rarely studied via their attack. But the one's that have been studied, scientists have come to a conclusion that a phoenix's fighting style varies from each element and each individual pheonix, making it hard to generalize their attacks.[/spoiler][/spoiler]

Jade, letting out a sigh as she rode on a westward train, couldn't help but stare out into the scenery rushing by. She was currently on her way to Squad 9's barricade. The 12 barricades, you see, are placed at the very edge of this 50 miles wide Regios at each hour interval, if you will. Anyways, Jade rode westward on a train, heading towards Squad 9's first ever meeting of the year. She didn't understand why they changed everyone up each year, it meant that every squad member had to start anew with people they most likely never seen before. She did see a few advantages of doing this, however; it helped to prevent intense rivalries from getting overboard, it allowed everyone to pretty much get to know one another which helps in the battlefield and many other things. Jade was snapped out of her thinking when the train came to a stop. [i]"We have reached exit 18,"[/i] the conducter's voice chimed out. [color=#008000]"Figures.. Just as I'm getting comfy, its time to get off.."[/color] the woman mumbled to herself as she disembarked, [color=#008000]"At least I can see the barricade from here.."[/color] With that comment and a yawn, Jade walked towards it, her armor making suprisingly little sound. What little sound did come from her was mostly her sword grinding against her back plate as she walked to the barricade. Upon reaching the barricades, she opened the door and flipped the switches. [color=#008000]"Looks like I'm the first one here.. Well, the meeting doesn't really start untill 4, anyways, and I am 15 minutes early.."[/color] Jade thought aloud as she took a seat, waiting for the other 7 members to arrive.

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Izamu yawned, stretching her arms over head, then placing them behind her head as she continued to walk having only recently exited a train. A bored and uninterested look was on her face. In her mouth was a partially eaten chocolate bar, the wrapper still covering half the bar. Somehow it managed to stay in her mouth even after her rather large yawn. On her back was a large sword - almost as tall as she was - that would give a barely audiable 'clink' when the very tip of the blade hit the floor. It didn't have a sheath so it was proudly being displaied. "Damn, I hate these contacts." She complained rubbing her right eye. Her grey skirt and tie indicated that she was of the Darkness part of the school, but even so she didn't fall into the sterotypical "darkness type" student. A lot of people believed she would be more suited for fire or wind. Speaking of wind, "Where on earth is that boy? I told him to be here before me." Izamu said now standing in front of the doors to their team's barricade. She then smirked and cracked her knuckles, "Hn, thats ok. It just means when we fight I'll have to kick his butt even harder, then I'll make him to my laundry!" A sadistic almost evil laugh excaped from her mouth, but she quickly stopped covering her mouth with her closed fist, and finally clearing her throat. "Well then, I should probably head inside." She opened the door and saw that only one other person was in the room; the earth element senior, Jade Clingston. Izamu grinned - her chocolate bar still remaining in her mouth - and raised her hand in greeting, "What's up?" Izamu removed her sword and leaned it against the wall. She walked over and plopped herself onto the chair, not caring if it was unladylike, and crossed her legs. "Glad to see that I'm not the last one to arrive. That usually tends to happen." She said grinning, her chocolate still hanging from her mouth.

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[i][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBuaEOGjqYI]Chrome Shelled Regios - Brave Your Truth (Piano)[/url][/i]

The morning had arrived, same as it always had. Damian awoke, just the same as well. [color=#4B0082][i]Another morning... [/i][/color]he said as he slid out of bed, putting his uniform on. Damian reached for his Kingdom Keeper pistols, placing them into the holsters on his sides. [color=#4B0082][i]Just, hope today will bring some clue about your last case, dad... [/i][/color]Damian thought, as he put his Ebony Star blade on his back and glanced over at his table, looking at a set of files which said: "Tyson Kuso's Death" and "The Unknown Curse". [color=#4B0082]"I can only hope that clues will come to light." [/color]he said, grabbing his skateboard, before hopping outside and began to ride on his skateboard towards Squad 9's barricade.

=5 Minutes Later=

[i][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf1BavMheR0]Case Closed OST: Conan's Theme[/url][/i]

[color=#4B0082]"CRAP!!!!" [/color]Damian yelled, as he began to skate through the streets like a maniac. [color=#4B0082]"I knew I shouldn't have slacked off like that and just shoot the breeze with everyone...now I'm probably gonna be late!" [/color]He had his hands back behind him, using a dark energy which was propelling him forward, this was called: "Chaos Booster". Finally, he mad it to the barricade, hopping off his skateboard and walked into the room. [color=#4B0082]"Sophomore, Damian Kuso, Darkness dorm Detective...has arrived!" [/color]Damian said, smiling at Jade. Then he smelt chocolate in the air and his eyes drifted to another Darkness student: Izamu Konashi, another detective AND a rival. [color=#4B0082]"Izamu..."[/color]

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The young man slept heavily, snoring away from the long night of his sandwich course-based subject of cullinary arts. Working part-time which contributed to his final results meant he had to work harder than most at his job. Fortunately he only worked on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in part of his course, other times he worked voluntarily. Needless to say he earned a fair wage, but was it worth it? So much effort...ah, well, it wasn't so bad. Besides, on his days off, the girl's sports teams would participate. This included his favourites: tennis, volleyball, swimming, wrestling, and gymnastics. Why, you may ask? Well, its simple. This young man was Eltrio Branning, the chef of Squad 9 as well as the Squad's pervert. And it just so happened these sports had girls in tight outfits and/or loose skirts, giving him a wonderful access to...well, as he would put it, 'appreciate' their feminine forms.

Waking up dozily, he looked over at his alarm: It was about time for him to meet up with Squad 9. He was grateful to join the squadron, they had him as their chef, and he cooked them their favourites when he could. He's a nice guy, but it just so happened he had some lady friends on said Squadron, especially Mellisa Blade, his favourite to give a little groping to, of course. So, he got himself dressed and headed out to the nearest train...


Bianca Torres, in the meantime, was on the train that would arrive at the Squad 9 barricade in three stops. The well kept girl had herself the first aid kit ready in her left hand, her briefcase in her right containing both medical equipment and her schoolwork for the day. She dealt with them early, hating to procrastinate. In fact, she had a bit of it out now. The train only had her and another boy, who simply sat there staring at her. Needless to say, she felt those eyes, and hated it. And, giving him her trademark leer, she said "Why are you staring at me?". The boy, eyes surprised she caught him, apologized as he arrived at his stop, another passenger boarding on the train. Bianca was relieved, she could focus on her work. And the stranger sat next to her, which soon resulted...

-Bianca & Eltrio (in these posts, Bianca's dialogue will be in italics, to match her serene nature, whilst Eltrio gets no special treatment of the sort.-

...with her breasts being squeezed by familiar hands. And, which usually followed, that perverse voice saying "Well well well, someone's wearing fancy lace today." Bianca's eyes, enraged, darted to the boy, her teeth grinding, her palm swiping across his face, leaving a big red palm on his face.[i] "Eltrio, what do you think you're doing!?"[/i] Bianca barked at her squadmate, to get the response "Isn't it obvious? I'm ensuring you're keeping an eyes on your assets!" The dark skinned boy with a red palm on his check then winked at Bianca, saying "Someone's drank their milk, I can see you develope quite well!", which resulted in a second slap on the other check.

The entire remainder of the train trip was quiet, they had yet to resolve the dispute between eachother, but Eltrio's constant pervertedness, though disgusting, somewhat broke the ice a little. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to melt it all. And, as the pair made it to the room, Eltrio decided to burst into the door, darting past Damian and straight behind Izamu, eyes white and a sinister grin on his cheek, his hands prepared for a feel, before swiftly being swiped again by Bianca, who simply said [i]"Pervert." [/i]as she walked over him. Unfortunately Eltrio was on his back, and he managed to spot her underwear. "Oh ho ho! Wearing white lacey underwear down there too I see?" before being kicked, from the head, into a wall, Bianca's glare still furious with his constant attempts. Of course, Eltrio didn't see any harm done as of yet, so gazing over at the two girls, Izamu and Jade, and of course Damian, he said "Hey, you guys! You hungry, 'cause I'm starved and ready to go!", flipping out, as if from nowhere, a frying pan and a large grin.

Bianca didn't share the enthusiasm, and merely, like usual, sat down on a bench, opening her briefcase and continuing on with her work. Eltrio rubbed his head, a little concerned about her, but didn't think too much of it, he felt she'd just grown up. Little did he know how wrong he was, but anyways, Eltrio swiped Izamu's bar of chocolate from her mouth and, like magic, whisked something up, behind everyone's sight, and turned around with a miraculous chocolate sundae. Handing it over to her, he said with a grin "There you go, something so much sweeter! Now it matches that sweet figure you've got there! Before going to go for a grope again, being pelted by a book from Bianca's direction, and smashing into a wall.

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Jade, having just closed her eyes to take a small cat nap as she waited for the others to join, jumped up to a startle as Izamu entered the room. Letting out a big yawn, she nodded to Izamu. She was about to respond to Izamu when Damien walked in and took notice of Izamu. She raised her left eye brow, interested in seeing how this was going to play out between the two. Then, as the two non-military students joined in, things became.. rather hectic for a quick moment as Eltrio was constantly getting beat on by Bianca. Seeing the busy interaction between the two and the energetic actions of Eltrio made Jade have a .____. face for a few moments before Eltrio suddenly.. Wait, what? How the h*ll was he able to make a chocolate sundae!? Where did the ice cream come from?!? How the hell did he melt the chocolate?! The lack of logic was causing Jade to push her eye brows together as a mixture of confusion and deep thinking came over her face. Then, before she could figure it out, Eltrio was once again hit from Bianca via a book. [color=#008000]"Well.. That's one way to beat knowledge into someone.."[/color] Jade commented as her left eye brow lifted up again as she looked at Eltrio.

(OOC: Btw people.. We're doing an Eltrio Owned Count. If Eltrio gets owned by you, please post an update count at the end of your post, like I'm doing.)

Eltrio Owned Count: 5

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[color=#000000]The train was waiting for the last few people to board... chief among which was Melissa Blade, one of the few military women among Squad 9. She was just about to board when all of a sudden...[/color]

[color=#ee82ee]"WAIT!!"[/color][color=#000000] Her teenage sister had come running up to her and hugged her affectionately, [/color][color=#ee82ee]"When will you be coming back?"[/color]

[color=#000080]"Soon, sissy, soon,"[/color][color=#000000] Melissa whispered in her normal voice, before she hugged her back, and gave her a small kiss, [/color][color=#000080]"Take good care of yourself... oh, and um... don't blame me if you get lost on the way back, you hear me?"[/color]

[color=#ee82ee]"Okie dokie big br..."[/color][color=#000000] Melissa glared at her little sister, [/color][color=#ee82ee]"sis...ter? I'll... see you soon I guess."[/color]

[color=#000000]She then walked away awkwardly, with Melissa shaking her head in response. She had to love her little sister for having the balls to try to call a woman her brother, even though she should've known that Melissa had that sex change nothing short of a decade ago. The problem now was that change was incomplete, and even just the little things could give her away.[/color]

[color=#000000]Heading out of the train again and into the barricades, Melissa found a book on the ground, and that coveted pervert in Eltrio up against the wall. It didn't take long for her to piece together what happened, and by the looks of things, Eltrio probably deserved it. Melissa tossed the book back into its owner's hands, before leaning on the opposite wall and swinging one leg over the other.[/color]

[color=#800080]"Nice head-shot,"[/color][color=#000000] she complimented, [/color][color=#800080]"Couldn't have done much better myself,"[/color]

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Nora was huffing and puffing as he slowly dragged himself along the ground to the barricades. It seems amazing that he could even move after such a long journey brought upon by a series of events that only an idiot would get himself stuck into...

-The Previous Day-

There was a large bump on his head and in his arms were a bunch of shopping bags. It was amazing he could even carry all that. This was a definite sign that he had once again stupidly fought Izamu and once again got his ass handed to him. The punishment this time was to once again do all her shopping. Even at his own expense it always beat cleaning up her dorm room's bathroom. Just the thought had a shiver run down even his spine.

-A Few Hours Later-

After bringing the clothes and other various items (which was mostly chocolate and definitely not the cheap kind) he had arrived at the train station. "Ha! That b*tch told me to get the barracks before her and already told me the train she was taking. That was genius of me to get that so I could get on the train before her. That novel I read last night has already increased my brain power. Oh what a sad and happy book about the true power of friendship." The 'novel' he was referring to was a children's book about a dog who had lost its owner but in the end found him.

Walking up to the ticket booth he instantly demanded the ticket be given to him. The ticket clerk although slightly terrified had still requested that Nora pay. After an angry look the clerk corrected himself by saying, "A-at half price! I had not yet finished my sentence." The ticket clerk laughed lightly and scratched the back of his head as Nora took out his wallet. Opening his wallet money didn't come out but only dust. "Leave now."

-Today (A Few Hours Before)-

Nora had not given up yet. He was going to get on that train no matter what. And it was all thanks to his new genius plan. "I'm going to become a stow-a-way!" Okay...maybe it isn't that genius...but at least he's trying to use his noggin, right? Oh, what am I kidding? Let's just see how this plays out. He looked at his watch and then at the train in front of him. "That's it..." Air began to circulate around his feet. After looking around quickly to make sure no one was looking he dashed for it. As he ran past a few girls their skirt were blown upwards revealing their underwear but not like Nora had noticed. He had also knocked into three other guys but that was slightly on purpose. He quickly jumped up into the air and landed on the train as it began to go. "That was easy."

-Sometime later-

There wasn't much he could do to pass the time so he decided to take a page out of his senior's book and just sleep it out. There was a reason Nora didn't take a high bunk. He slowly began to roll off the roof of the train. It was only a few seconds until he actually he did and hit the ground. And if you knew anything about falling off a moving train is that it hurts...a lot...It's obvious to say that he was woken up by this. Looking at the train go by he knew he couldn't hesitate. Nora quickly picked himself off of the ground and once again used his Run Like The Wind Ability to try and catch up to the train. It was amazing that he could even do it after falling off a train. He just wasn't quick enough and he ran out of time before he could grab onto the railing of the last cart.

Looking at the train leaving his sights he let out a sigh. "F*ck. I'm walking the rest of the wa-" As he said that another train came rushing by. "That train...OH SH*T! I don't want to do that b*tch's laundry!" He once again began to book it. Even without his abilitie charged yet he was still giving it his all.


His guantlets at least helped him drag himself along because of their grip but everything seemed to be lost in him. "I think this is it...I didn't think this would be how it ended. I guess if this is how it's going to end I should at least see the sky one last ti-eh?" Looking up he saw doors in front of him. "Isn't this...?" He quickly picked himself up. "Wooh, I finally made it. And I don't see Izamu anywhere. I must have beaten her here." He walked in looking as if the series of misfortunaqte events that have eflicted him only moments ago was gone. Entering he collapsed ground but not because of his injuries or exhaustion but because he saw Izamu. "F*ck..."

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As usual, Oraine was having a good, no, excellent day. His breakfast was spectacular. His classes were enjoyable. The interview with the [i]Zulu Spotlight[/i] was perfect, and his stock of love letters increased by another five. Again, an excellent day. He didn't have any work today, and the gap in his schedule between his last class and his squad meeting was taken up by the interview, so he quickly made his way there. Just a pleasant train ride from the school building. With pleasant company too; three blushing girls who seemed awestruck that he was actually in the car with them. Excellent day.

He was forced to say goodbye when the train reached his stop, and they parted in good graces, with his pocket being two contacts heavier. He lugged his pack to his shoulder, and started off at a brisk military pace. He hummed his favorite song to himself as he jogged from station the barricade, his equipment and supplies jangling a beat to accompany his tune. A smile split his face as he pushed open the door, not long after Melissa's entry. "Good evening, everyone!" he called out cheerfully.

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Izamu never did get her greeting answered completely by Jade because another boy - who also happened to be in the Darkness spart of the school - entered the room. Apparently he was also a detective, and also came from a family of detectives. She almost wanted to cry, rivalries in her senior year were things she rather not get into, especially with some sophmore boy who was still probably wet behind the ears.Izamu noticed the way he said her name and she sighed, "Hey there kid. Look don't go and get your tweed knickers in a bunch so early in the year I hav-" Before she could get finished the one and only Eltrio and Bianca entered the room, the former trying to cop a feel at Izamu's breast only to be stopped by Bianca. Instead of being mad or embarressed about when he just tried to do, she only laughed good heartedly, "Man! It's always such a blast to have you two around! It's never boring."

"If you want to touch them so badly all you have to do is ask." Izamu laughed taking another bite of her chocolate-Wait a minute....Wasn't there still a half eaten chocolate bar in her mouth? Her cofusion was answered when Eltrio was handing her a melted chocolate, ice cream sunday. Izamu's eyes sparkled at the chocolaty sweat, "O-oh! This looks delicious!" Izamu was quick to scarf down the rest of the sweet treat. During her very fine dessert, Melissa had entered the room leaving them to be waiting for 2 more people, one of them being her apprentice. Speaking of which, she heard a very familiar 'Thud' sound, and voice follow it say, "f*ck."

Izamu walked over to where he fell top the floor and squated down. "Hey...Guess what. You lost..." In the next second Izamy had his arm between her legs, and in an arm bar pulling on it undoubtedly causing him pain, "What did I tell you about not following directions!? You couldn't even do this simple task and I even told you the train I was getting on!! You could have been here HOURS before me! You are such a dumb idiot!" She pulled his arm harder smirking, "Hey come on! Don't tell me you're gonna let some girl whos about half your size take you down! Just for that-" She pulled on his arm some more, her feet pushing against his face, "I'm going to make you do my laundry, and I mean all of them! Even my De-li-cates." She ended pronouncing each sylable slowly. "And I want them folded by both color and size!" Izamu said some how switching from her arm bar to having him in a head lock, "You got it Nora!?"

It was during this time that Oraine walked in and gave a cheerful 'Good Morning'. Izamu paused in her "Lesson" to look up at him and grin, "Top of the morning to ya." Her grip on Tora was also slack due to her not payign attention.

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[color=#008000]"But this isn't morning.."[/color] Jade simply stated, which was true because is around 4 o'clock, to Izamu after watching another few hectic moments unfold in front of her. This time, it was between Izamu and Nora. Without waiting for a response from Izamu, she lifted up her right hand, pointing at each person as she counted aloud. [color=#008000]"One.. Two, three. Four, five, six... Aaaand. . . . Where's that perverted blonde at? Anyways.. It seems that everyone has arrived.. What now?"[/color] She tilted her head to the side as she looked up in thought, crossing her arms across her chest. [color=#008000]"Well.. We could always do introductions and then decide who's leader?"[/color] She paused for a moment, considering this, before she spoke up. [color=#008000]"I'm Jade Clingston.. I'm twenty-e.. four years and I'm a Senior Earth.."[/color] Jade simply said out to everyone. Even though she almost messed up on saying what her age was, she said it in a way that sounded like she elongated the pronunciation of twenty as she paused to think of what her age was as her facial expressions stayed the same. On the inside, however, she cringed, [i][color=#008000]'Why do I always do that?'[/color][/i]

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She merely sat there, on that bench, even though Melissa had complimented her on a nice head-shot, pressumably with the book rather than her fierce glares at the poor pervert. She didn't acknowledge her, just as she did with the boy who cursed as he seemed to be late, in comparison to Izamu, of course. She didn't even look up at Oraine as he said hello either, nor notice Izamu's optimistic nature about them, simply sitting on that bench working on her medicine assignment, her case study.

Jade's introduction was heard, the way she said they'd decide who was their leader already made Bianca note that clearly it'd be her, one way or another. But she wasn't interested in introductions, she was assigned to this team for medicinal purposes only, not to make friends. So, rather than that, she simply looked at Jade and nodded, deciding to note her name for the sake of it. After all, they'd speak soon, if any of them was injured or something, so why waste their breath now?


With stars circling his head, Eltrio climbed up gently and smiled, letting out a laugh...mixed with pain. "Ahahaha...ouch...my nose! Bianca! What was that fo-!!!" Suddenly, his face darted over to Izamu, ears increasing to at least double their original size, when she said he could touch them if he asked. Eyes turned to hearts, he said "AH! Yes! Thats a plan! But...its much less fun doing it asking..." and suddenly, vanishing before appearing behind Izamu again, hands readied, he swopped under her arms and gave her breasts a good ol' groping. "Oh, I see you're wearing nice and plain whites, for the innocent naive lad-AHH!" and, of course, another book was sent in his direction...

-Eltrio and Bianca-

It was obvious who threw the book, but it didn't bother Eltrio too much. He was used to his face getting swiped, smashed, and even crushed, though he prefered being crushed underneath a girl, of course! Now, as he stood up again, he managed to overhear Izamu's punishment for the little curser, but ideally he wanted to deal with her "De-li-cates". His eyes flooding with tears, he darted to her, on his knees, beggin "PLEASE PLEASE PL- Oh!" Suddenly, the sneaky perve decided to gander under her skirt, and gandered at her underwear. "A-ha! I knew you like plain!"

Now, whether Izamu had booted him in the head or not, eventually the boy stood up and saluted the squad. "Eltrio Branning, chef apprentice reporting for duty ma'am!" Then, he leaned over to Damian, whispering "If I'm leader, I know a few policies I'd install!" winking at the young detective as he continued his dramatic intro. Oddly, he had a spotlight on his as he dramatically stuck his fist overhead, eyes confidently wide as he said "I'll make you guys the best ever meals you'll ever have tasted! And, if you need a little reinforcement..." and suddenly, as the spotlight faded, he drew out his massive frying pan from...wait, where? Urgh...well, holding out the huge piece (no pun intended) "I'll smash anyone to bits with this!" taking a bow as he placed his frying pan in his magic invisible pouch of illogical nonsense, before pushing Damian forward saying "You're next kid!"

Bianca merely shook her head, this team was bound to be a disaster...well, it had Eltrio in it, it was already a disaster, but from what she had gathered as of yet, it might seem that she'd have to put up with a lot of annoying people. She just prayed her old friend's influence wouldn't affect the other two boys. She decided to give her introduction before Eltrio forced Damian into his. [i]"I'm Bianca Torres, medicine student, and your doctor."[/i] before sitting down again. She simply said it how it was, but coldly, her frown still on her face. But, at least she had finished her work. Putting it all into her briefcase, she simply sat there and watched the events that would take place to unfold.

Eltrio Owned Count: 6

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Damian looked at Izamu and smirked a bit. [color=#4B0082]"Please...I don't have them in a bunch, Izamu. Besides, I have other matters than just to worry about our rivalries between us..." [/color]he said, thinking about his father's death and last case. That's about the time where the others walked in and Eltrio got owned by the ladies in the squad...again. [color=#4B0082][i]And it starts once again...Eltrio getting owned more times than people can count. [/i][/color]he thought, chuckling a little. Then he looked at Jade, as she introduced herself to everyone, then felt Eltrio push him some.

Before anyone knew what happened, Damian pulled out one his Kingdom Keeper pistols and pulled the trigger. The bullet that was shot only cut off some of Eltrio's hair as the bullet was lodged into the wall. [color=#4B0082]"Sorry...but being pushed like that isn't something I like. So a word of advice...don't do it again." [/color]Damian said, twirling his gun in his hand, before placing it in the holster.

[color=#000000][b]ELTRIO OWNED COUNT: 7![/b][/color]

[color=#4B0082]"Now..." [/color]Damian said, fixing his uniform jacket a bit. [color=#4B0082]"My name is Damian Kuso. A Sophomore student in the Darkness dorm. I'm a detective, so I'll solve any cases you have. Cause I don't stop searching for the answer until one truth shines over all others."[/color]

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[i][color="#000080"]"Bianca, huh,"[/color][color="#000000"] [/color][/i][color=#000000]Melissa thought to herself, [/color][color=#000080][i]"That's... kind of a cute name for such a hot chick. Probably should've thought about renaming to that. Nah, Bianca Blade doesn't really sound right, anyway. But still..."[/i][/color]

[color="#000000"]She took some time to admire Bianca's beauty, and perhaps even fantasize about the both of them skinny dipping together and making out, right in the middle of the squadron. Eltrio would probably go in on the act as well, for a spot of realism, but that would only make things oh so much better for some reason. Yes it was outlandish, but it was a fantasy nonetheless.[/color]

[color="#000000"]A snap back to reality only revealed Bianca to be her usual frowning self that didn't really want to engage into much of anything. All that daydreaming for nothing... no, something definitely happened. Melissa felt a prodding sensation in her calf muscle. But how could such a thing happen? Her back was to the wall, and yet she felt like she was constantly jabbed by a rock or a steel pipe rather than some badly throbbing sliver of meat in her... wait, meat? So that's what was causing it.[/color]

[color=#000080]"Should really cut down on the Viagra..."[/color][color=#000000] Melissa admitted silently to herself, before she grew the nerves to speak, [/color][color=#800080]"Um, hi... my name's Melissa Blade, and uh... I make weapons for a living. Y'know, my friends used to call me "Sexy B." in high school, but that was a long time, and I personally found it... unprofessional, so to speak, and I trust you guys would too,"[/color]

[color=#000000]Melissa blushed heavily, partly because this was the first time she ever bothered with such a formal introduction as this, but mostly because she couldn't get Bianca out of her head, no matter how hard she tried.[/color]

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It's enough to say that she was far too quick for him. The pain was great and only got greater as Izamu pulled more and more (ignore my innuendos). Due to the pain and his position he was completely oblivous to theactions of the people around him. Even the introductions he hadn't caught so he'd probably go on not knowing anybody's name until way later in the series. Oops, spoiler alert. Nah, he's pretty dumb to remember even if he heard anyway. All he was able to catch was the pain and what Izamu was saying to him. "I don't want to wash your sh*t and cum stained underwear again!" It sadly wasn't the first time he was forced to do it and for some reason unlike most guys would he didn't tae pleasure in having to was a woman's clothes and underwear after getting his ass kicked by her. A bt demeaning but hey, I'm a possible masochist. Who am I to say otherwise? Lucky bastard...

Moving on now! Nora noticed Izamu's grip was was heavily loose on him. It didn't take a genius to realize this was his chance to escape and luckily he wasn't one. He pulled out of the headlock and fell to the ground butt first. "Ow, that smarts." Although I do control him I have no idea why he'd do that. Looked kinky to me. Anyway, Nora looked around at his team and looked severely disappointed. "They look like a bunch of pu**y ass b*tches who all enjoy taking it up the ass. This year will probably suck worse than them." I don't know whether or not he realized he just said that aloud. Well it wasn't that loud and the chances of somebody hearing him weren't that high. But maybe he just wanted to piss somebody off...Eh, I'll just go with the former and assume he's an idiot.

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Jade let out a small growl as she glared at Nora. She stood up slowly before she took a rather quick step forward. She moved so fast because if someone was to look at here her foot just was, they'd she a small pillar sticking out of the ground. This pushed her, making her move faster. Anyways, she she approached Nora, she raised her left forearm to Nora's neck. Pressing Nora against the wall, if her rather fast maneuver worked, she glared him deep in the eyes. [color=#008000]"I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself.. Of else you'll be taking my 6' sword up your ass.."[/color] Rather her arm was against his neck or not, she took a step back, turned around and walked back to her seat, sitting down. Her face had a slight frown to it, but other than that, the rest of her facial expressions returned to normal.

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Damian watched this happen and was impressed. He hadn't seen anyone move that fast, well, besides himself when he's using the "Chaos Booster"...but that was beside the point. He smirked a little, as he turned towards Nora after Jade sat back down. [color=#4B0082][i]Damn...the guy got served.[/i][/color] Damian thought, running his hand through his hair. [color=#4B0082][i]Though I wonder...why isn't there any files on this Jade chick? I couldn't even read up on her when I joined this squad. [/i][/color]He was right though. Jade's files, if they existed, weren't in any database or school file cabinet. It was almost like she was hiding something from the world. [color=#4B0082][i]Great, seems like I'll be handling ANOTHER mystery... [/i][/color]Damian thought, shaking his head.

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Well, being shot at wasn't the best way to make friends was certainly the note Eltrio made as he witness a small speck of hair fall out of the rest of it, causing him to stare it it, eyes bugged out as if he was about to crap his spants, a sweatdrop rolling down his cheek. 'Holy crap! That guy just tried to shoot me! THATS IT!' The hot head thought as he drew out his frying pan and slowly walked up to Damian, readying his swing...when another book was sent into his face, flinging him into the door. Eyes like stars, Eltrio couldn't believe how many book marks he had on his face; it was getting on to the borderline between comical and intense pain.

But he deserves credit for bouncing back up each time, deciding to grab up all the books Bianca had lobbed at his face, nose, jaw, etc, and stock them up. He was fairly tidy, and did a decent job. He had to be, he needed ingredients in the right spots, as well as his trusty wooden spoon. And, of course, he's a pervert and his album needed to be tidy. Speaking of his wooden spoon, after pilling up the books, he bonked Damian on the head with it saying "DON'T EVER SHOOT ME AGAIN! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, YOU CRAZY BRA-oh my lord!"

And the pervert had actually spotted Mellisa and her quote "gargantuan breasts she has, which on their own weigh approximately 7lbs a piece" end quote. And, being the very touchy-feely pervert he was, in a flash he had squeezed her large orbs on her chest, saying "Oh, a very modest choice of brassier! These are the biggest pair I've seen in real life! So big and perky!"


Bianca's eyes strayed from blank space to Melissa, she knew those eyes staring at her, those leering eyes that she'd became accustomed to. And she decided to meet those eyes with her own glare, the cobalt blue standing out and daggering before returning to simply watching the disasters. What could possibly top being stared at? Of course, profanity! Bianca didn't even want to look at Nora, let alone glare at him, due to his potty mouth, and was beginning to feel the same way about Jade too with her response. Surely there was a more civil manner of resolving this issue?

It was really getting on her nerves now, and as Eltrio decided to grope Melissa, she stood up and swiped him in the face, inviting Melissa to kick the boy on the ground before standing in the center of the group, clearing her hroat as she said "Can we please just stop this ridiculous behaviour?" though the way she phrased it, accompanied by that pissed off face, dictated that it wasn't a question that could be answered no to. "I believe Melissa had finished introducing herself until we side-lined, so lets just stay on the ball and get this over with."

-Eltrio & Bianca-

And with that, and yanking Eltrio back to his feet (which wouldn't class as an Own) she sat back down on her bench, looking over at either Nora or Izamu to introduce themselves, considering they were the last ones left. [i]'I sware I really regret joining a military group, even if its for experience. I can tell with this lot I'll deal with nothing more than a bunch of ridiculous escapades.'[/i] she thought to herself, brushing a loose hair over her ear as she tidied herself up.

Eltrio, on the other hand, was rubbing his ear in agony; the thing was beating red, just as the cheeks on the boy's face. "Ouch...totally worth it though!" He said, winking to Melissa before resting his head in his hands, leaning on the wall that had gotten so familiar with his face. "Alright then! Whitey or Foul mouth, you're up!" He said in a happy tone, whitey reffering to his perverted ability to 'feel' the colour of women's underwear, and foul mouth, well that was obvious. But he needed to think of pet names for them all, something humourous and light hearted.

Eltrio owned count: 8/9 (Depending on Admiral's next response)

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"Well, it's nice to see that we are all getting along," Oraine smiled, lying through his teeth. He knew good and well that it was far from true, but didn't think a sarcastic remark was appropriate, or needed for that matter, considering the situation. Flying books, twitchy trigger fingers, foul mouths, eager blades, and flying perverts; all within moments of arrival. This squad was either going to be extremely fun, or extreme scandalous. If they continued down this path, and didn't have any decent results to back the up, it would be very bad for his public image. After all, he had a reputation to uphold, and so help him if he let these people befoul it and wreck his well earned pedestal.

Still, it was only a few minutes. A few, volatile minutes yes, but a few none the less. He would persevere, for their sake. At least four of them seemed somewhat competent, though one was... questionable to say the least. So all hope was not yet lost for them yet. And of course, he was here, so that tilted the scales way in favor of the acceptable. He his bag down one the seat of a chair and flashed a smile that included Jade, Izamu, Bianca and Melissa in it's extent. "I am Oraine Dex. A Sophomore from the Earth dorm. I am also an Assistant Environmental Technologist. Very nice to meet you."

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[color=#000080]"Oh, F***!!"[/color][color=#000000] Melissa couldn't help but let slip her normal male voice, as she felt her breasts squeezed by familiar hands. She was usually good with sticking to her falsetto. She could use it in most [i]any[/i] situation, even if she was angry. But never while she was caught completely by surprise like this. [i]That[/i] was the Achilles Heel of her façade right there. Not about to [i]ever[/i] let that go, never mind in a heartbeat, Melissa grabbed Eltrio and slammed him against the barricade that she was leaning on earlier, pinning his arms.[/color]

[color=#800080]"You f***ing ASS-HOLE!!"[/color][color=#000000] she spat, utilizing her falsetto this time, [/color][color=#800080]"You just so happen to touch my tits without my permission, AGAIN, and I'll rip all of those f***ing limbs off and wire your mouth shut! DO YOU F***ING HEAR ME??!!"[/color]

[color=#000000]Melissa wasn't about to end there. Nope, she was way too angry at the guy, eyes filled with rage and smoke slowly evaporating out of her body like what would usually happen. Although she felt like punching him straight in the eye, that would only leave an arm free to counter it. So instead, she kneed him in the balls... thrice, before she felt the urge to go for another one.[/color]

[color=#000000][b]Eltrio Owned Count: 11[/b] (That's right, Melissa's so pissed off at him now that she gets to own him twice in a row)[/color]

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Jade [i]seemed [/i]to be too fast for Nora because before he knew it (which is funny because he doesn't know anything) he was already up to the wall with the girl's forearm jammed into his neck preventing him from breathing. He still managed to let loose one word though. "F*cker..." After having given him a threat Jade released the pressure on his neck and and began to walk away. In the meantime Nora fell to his knees and began to cough. While coughing he thought to himself, "[i]Not too bad. So she did hear me and has some speed to her.[/i]" He had a small grin on his face that was only there for a second before he stood up now rubbing his neck. "[i]Blocking or evading didn't seem the best way to determine her abilities. She may not be as bad as these other f*ckers.[/i]"

A smirk appeared on Nora's face that seemed to put special emphasis on his left canine tooth. The fact that he was still rubbing his neck in pain made him seem a bit less cool though. "My name is Nora Narukami. And the slut over there is my senior, Izamu. Only I get to beat her. For the rest of you all, to me you're all just a bunch of f*ckers and I will call you that. Especially since I didn't hear you guys mention your names." But not like he'd remember them anyway...

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[size=4][color=#000000][font=Calibri]Izamu was still “punishing” Nora when Eltrio made a comment about her wearing plain underwear and she just laughed, “Hahaha!!! Such a keen eye for detail! You would make a fine detective!” She laughed some more forgetting Nora for the time being even though she still had him in a head lock. He then went on to introduce himself, with Bianaca doing the same moments afterwards. Izamu’s attention was then pulled over to Damian, who told her that he had more things to worry about then their raivalry. That made her raise a brow in laughter. “Raivalry? So you mean to tell me that you thought we were ravials? That’s laughable. If I actually acknowledged you as my rival then that meant that you actually have a chance at besting me, which is only plainly obvious that you don’t. Why don’t you stick to reading novels and leave the field work to the professionals?” She said a mocking smirk on her face. She didn’t care for rivalries, and believed them to only be a waste of time, but she did enjoy messing with people and pushing buttons. You never know what kind of reaction you would get from someone and the unknown variables always gave her a joy, whether or not the reactions were funny. He then introduced himself, with a girl named Melissa doing the same next. When Izamu heard her nickname a happy grin came to her face and she had told herself that she would refer to Melissa as “Sexy B” from now on, but then saw in her face that she probably wouldn’t have been called that so she chose against it.[/font][/color][/size]

[size=4][color=#000000][font=Calibri]Izamu blushed heavily at what Nora said in response to having to wash her underwear along with her other clothes, and was on the verge of yelling back but, he managed to get out of her loosened grip. Nora then began speaking – in a way only he knows how – and getting Jade angry, who went zipping by her, and pinned Nora to the wall. All Izamu did she watch from her sitting position on the floor. Izamu gave a whistle of appreciation at the scene and snickered, “Hehe, Nora if you keep getting your ass kicked like this then you won’t ever defeat me.” After that more events played out – events that Izamu thoroughly enjoyed watching, particularly the Eltrio and Melissa scene – happened along with Oraine introducing himself. It seemed like the only two who hadn’t done an introduction was Izamu and Nora.[/font][/color]
[color=#000000][font=Calibri]Before Izamu could speak Nora took the initiative to introduce himself first, along with Izamu by calling her a slut. Izamu – who was now standing – moved over to Nora. Since he was taller that her she had to bring him down to her level, which she did by kicking the back of his knee, then punching him over the had, “You f*cking bastard! If you’re going to introduce me, it’s always done before introducing some pathetic loser like you!” She reprimanded, not for being called a slut, but because he didn’t introduce her first. They really were a strange pair, but truthfully no one could ever work as well with Izamu then Nora and vice verca.[/font][/color][/size]

[size=4][color=#000000][font=Calibri]She then smirked and placed her hands on her hip, “Ok, my name is Izamu Konashi, A Senior in the Darkness dorms and also detective. Pleasure to make your acquaintances.” [/font][/color][/size]

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[quote name='Fail_FTW' timestamp='1323323809' post='5694887']
[size=4][color=#000000][font=Calibri]Izamu was still “punishing” Nora when Eltrio made a comment about her wearing plain underwear and she just laughed, “Hahaha!!! Such a keen eye for detail! You would make a fine detective!” She laughed some more forgetting Nora for the time being even though she still had him in a head lock. He then went on to introduce himself, with Bianaca doing the same moments afterwards. Izamu’s attention was then pulled over to Damian, who told her that he had more things to worry about then their rivalry. That made her raise a brow in laughter. “Rivalry? So you mean to tell me that you thought we were rivals? That’s laughable. If I actually acknowledged you as my rival then that meant that you actually have a chance at besting me, which is only plainly obvious that you don’t. Why don’t you stick to reading novels and leave the field work to the professionals?” She said a mocking smirk on her face. She didn’t care for rivalries, and believed them to only be a waste of time, but she did enjoy messing with people and pushing buttons. You never know what kind of reaction you would get from someone and the unknown variables always gave her a joy, whether or not the reactions were funny.[/font][/color][/size]

Damian heard this and his eye twitched a bit. Yeah, he remembered why him and Izamu didn't get a long real well. The chick was too full of herself and he acted like a b**ch. [color=#4B0082]"The professionals, huh? Speak for yourself..." [/color]he mumbled as he shot a glare Izamu's way. [color=#4B0082][i]I doubt she even knows the real reason I became a detective...if she did, she'd think differently. [/i][/color]Damian thought, as he moved away from the group and sat down by himself near a table. [color=#4B0082]"All they're doing is introducing themselves...if anything special is supposed to happen, I'll get called." [/color]he said, pulling out a small notepad with words written on it: [i]-Azure Orb (Believed to be cursed) -Owned by a Mr. Tyler Jones, wealthy business man -Was killed by unknown circumstances.[/i]

[color=#4B0082][i]Alright, these were what my father relayed before about the case. Now, who killed Jones...and who the hell decided to steal the evidence that my father had? [/i][/color]Damian thought, as he stared at the paper, twirling a pencil in his hand.

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She knew she'd never like Nora, his attitude was by far the most rotten she'd ever seen. Bianca only hoped Izamu would manage to control that rampant thing, young adult being inappropriate for immaturity and child being innappropriate for biological age, before he snapped. However, she knew from the moment he directly addressed her as a "f*cker" she'd swipe her hand across his face. That hand would have became so experienced and the stinging sound it emits rings dread to the ears. She was fortunate enough not to, as of yet, have taken a Hypocratic Oath, but even if she did, she'd save her bitterness for when she was off duty.

As she brushed her hair behind her ears simply sitting and watching, she glanced over at Izamu who, though denying Damian was a worth rival, knew herself they'd be rivals. It was odd, to everyone else se was wonderful, she even put up with Eltrio groping her and noting her underwear preference. She even was sort of kind to Damian in a teasing manner, but Bianca felt that she saw Nora as a pest. To be honest, who didn't at this early stage. He had cursed so many times now that is was becoming annoying, but maybe because she didn't know what was his intent. Eltrio's sexual perversion was usually to crack smiles and raise the mood in a room, even the painful consequences, but Nora would certainly be nothing more than an irritating rodent until she knew more about him.

Of course, then she'd look at the others. She wasn't too bothered about Mellisa, although that moment she stared at her made her instantly feel uncomfortable near her. Jade, well, she didn't know. The only person she knew was Eltrio, and even he had turned away from her. So she simply noted they'd finished the introductions and now she could get back to reading. Tucking in her knees to her chest, she let the book rest on her thighs as she tried to ignore the others the best she could; if it got louder she'd simply stick her fingers in her ears and continue reading.


Well, aside the numerous beatings he had received, Eltrio still managed to stand up strong and smiling, and after the final introductions of both Nora and Izamu, he stood in the center of the room, dramatically, as he span around and said "Allllllllllllllright!!! So, we know who we are, and our roles in Squad 9! I say I'd best leave my busy hands to cooking now! I can spice anything you want! Name it, and it'll be on your plate faster than you can count the entire sequence of numbers that appear in the exact amount of Pi!" It was obvious about that last statement, but it was true. Eltrio had yanked out his rucksack, the actual source of the mysterious frying pan mystery, and revealed some freshly made sweetbuns, shortbread buscuits, and many more nice little treats. He even threw out a bag, from which came a fish, and frying pan in one hand, he sprinkled his sizzle dust over it, and threw the fish in, letting out a lovely sizzle.

"Ahh! Wonderful!" He said as he placed it ontop a locker to finish. "I need to know your favourites guys, so I don't suppose you'd mind if you tell me them sometime?!" Eltrio's optimistic nature and glowing smile was surely a morale boost if anything, desperate to try and whip some more productive teamwork from Squad 9. Of course it goes without saying Bianca had concealed her ears in order to ignore this, but Eltrio didn't notice, first darting to the other two most positive members of the group, Izamu and Oraine. Shaking both of their hands with a shining smile, he said "Hey guys? Favourite foods?" suddenly darting a notepad and pen to hand as he was ready to write, word for word, their response.

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Jade let out a small yawn once everyone finished with introductions. [color=#008000]"Alright.. Seems like we have a nicely rounded team.. All we're missing is someone from Light,"[/color] she commented on as she stretched out her arms and back. As she stretched out her back, a small pop could be heard as a comical look of pain appeared on Jade's face. [color=#008000]"Son of a.. Ow,"[/color] she was stuck in that position, [color=#008000]"Hold on.."[/color] She snapped her right fingers as a small pillar of earth came up and hit her in the gut, just strong enough to make her bend forward and get the kink out of her back. The pillar went back into the ground as she rubbed her back. [color=#008000]"I hate when that happens.."[/color] she mumbled to herself before looking to the group, mostly to Eltrio, show wanted everyone's favorite tastes and foods,[color=#008000] "Well, mine is-"[/color] before Jade could finish talking, however, a female voice came over the PDA system within the barricades. [color=#008080]"Squad 9.. I pack of [url="http://wolf123.edublogs.org/files/2010/12/anime-10-1nudn7n.jpg"]bringjers*[/url] are on their way here from the west, estimated to be 4 miles off.. Intercept and destroy them. Suspected element is ice.."[/color] Jade scuffed a little, it was the voice of the headmaster, Lillian. [color=#008000]"Not even a full month into the school year and there's already creatures to deal with. Is it just me, or has there been more attacks lately, ever since the headmaster revealed herself?"[/color] Jade had a good point, about 9 years ago, a new headmaster came into office, but no one really knew who it was. It was about a year ago that Lillian came out, proclaiming to be the headmaster. [color=#008000]"Anyways.. Lets get suited up and head out.. Eltrio, Bianca, its up to you two if you want to come or stay."[/color] With that, Jade into the female locker room and started to get into the gear that would protect her from the harsh air outside.

------------------Half an hour later (around 5 o'clock PM)------------------

Squad 9 had finally intercepted the bringjers about 2 miles outside of the closest Regios. There were about 15 of them, with their markings having a blueish-white glow to them. [color=#008000]"Hmph.. She was right.. Ice element.. Alright, be on your toes everyone! If we each kill at least two, with a few killing a third, we can go home and have Eltrio cook us up a nice meal."[/color] With that, Jade pulled out her sword and lunged towards the pack.

[spoiler=Bringjers*]Bringjers are the evolved versions of wolves: fast, furious and always hungry. Each pack of bringjers can vary in size, weight and markings, but there are two physical traits that apply to them all. 1) They always have 3 tail, where most of the element based attacks are charged and launched from, if they aren't mouth based. 2) The markings they have always glow with the color that represents the element they use. And yes, they do glow, its subtle, however.[/spoiler]

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Damian, who was called because they're first mission was at hand. [color=#4B0082][i]This ought to be interesting....[/i][/color]


Damian stood behind Jade, Eltrio, and Izamu as he stared at the Bringjers. [color=#4B0082][i]So, Ice Element...they'll have a hard time here. Our squad has two Fire dorm students...Eltrio and Melissa. Our best option would be....yes. [/i][/color]he thought, as he moved towards Jade. [color=#4B0082]"Jade, I have a plan. If your up for it, here it is. Have a few of us: me, you if you want, and Izamu. The others guard Eltrio and Melissa, and have those two generate enough fire power to take out the three Bringjers. After all, fire beats ice." [/color]After he said this, Damian pulled out one of his Kingdom Keeper pistols and then removed Ebony Star from the sheath on his back, twirling it in his hand. [color=#4B0082]"Well, ma'am...what's your thought on it?"[/color]

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