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Custom Cards Test #2: Xyz Copy Slime


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Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by paying 1000 Life Points. When this card is Special Summoned: Target 1 monster on the field; this card's Level becomes the current Level of that monster. You cannot Special Summon monsters, except for "Xyz Copy Slime" or from your Extra Deck, during the turn you activate this effect.



Users who assess the design of the card, the applications and implications of such a card, a good sense of flavor, and its effect on the current game, if any, and demonstrate knowledge of the game on the whole will be repped. It is completely optional, and is simply a way of testing how far you've come/how far you have to go.


Good luck to all. Because it's been so long, you have a week to assess the card. This will be pinned until the next one is posted, whenever that is.


Also all posts will be hidden until topic is closed, so to ensure a fair experience to all.

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At first glance looks pretty powerful, basically you're putting Galaxy Queen's Light into a monster, and making you pay 1000 for it, but it's also limited to only 1 monster, and it's awkward typing can balance that out, as well as the fact that you cannot Special Summon other monsters that turn. Now, you can use this multiple times, making 3-mats possible, which is pretty nice as well. It could be considered powerful, and since it's not a nomi or semi-nomi, if you Special Summon any other way, that will also meet its necessary.

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Could be useful with Gagaga Magician or Kaiser, although the Summon restriction prevents it from being used in Rank 5 Turbo that uses Solar Windjammer and the like. It can copy opposing Levels, so a hand made up of only these is seldom dead. Constellars can use it with Kaus to make Pleiades, or most any Xyz from Ranks 2 to 6. Photons can pair it with Galaxy Wizard for an instant 4 or 8. LIGHT is a useful Attribute. Though Aqua is not a useful Type.


This is very easy to use with Inferno Reckless Summon. If you can Normal Summon a Level 4 non-Xyz monster, you can use it to make a 2-card Shock Master at the cost of 1000 Life Points (and whatever your opponent gets), or two Rank 4 monsters with good synergy (e.g. Cowboy and Utopia). You can also use it for a Synchro Summon, but this is less reliable since it generally isn't feasible to Normal Summon more than one Tuner, and Instant Fusion doesn't require a Level 4 Tuner to land the best Synchros.


Speaking of Instant Fusion, I.F. seems more useful for Synchro Decks for the above reason, but the Level-matching on this, without taking up Extra Deck space, makes it far better for Xyzes, as does the possibility of drawing multiples and the reusability of this card through Call of the Haunted, etc.

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I don't see it being terribly game-breaking seeing as it's pretty difficult to get any sort of higher-level monster on the board without Special Summoning some time during that turn. Having said that, I do see some issues with cards that are high level and normal summon themselves for some cost, such as Majestic Mech Ohka into Bounzer or, probabably more relevantly seeing as it's also an Eradicator target, Fusilier Dragon into Big Eye/Dragossack. The card seems balanced enough, after all 2 cards into Bounzer/Dragossack isn't too bad seeing as one of the cards is pretty mediocre. The only real issue is Big Eye which is pretty bad card design in itself. Also having 2 of these seems a little silly as well, I think it would be better with a "you can only control one" clause. LIGHT attribute also seems interesting, seeing is it + Fusilier is an instant BLS.

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It's implications are that the Normal Summon/Set restriction is basically meaningless most of the time. In terms of effect, is a better Gagaga Magician. It's a cheap matching Level for an instant Xyz, though as biased as it sounds, I think "from the hand" is fair.


Happy little combos it can make:
Where Arf Thou?, One for One, Beckoning Light, Inferno Reckless Summon.

Has many fun applications. It can be used as a Tribute Summon, where it would be pretty much as relevant as Jester Confit currently is (that says it).

It can be used as a relatively decent Synchro material, although it's not going to shine as much as when used for an Xyz., which is clearly it's main purpose.


Xyzs seem to come up cheaply with this card regardless of Level.

1 Incarnate/Priestess = Big Eye (a probably anomaly for the deck-building part).

1 Exodus/Tragoedia = Gustaph Max (really, Gustaph is awful design).

and basic plays with 1 - 4, which is what I think will not be doing. They don't really need something like this usually. People.

Instant Fusion into a Rank 5, or plays with non-archetype based strategies in the casual enviroment is what I'm currently seeing. Even though it's Level changing looks somewhat cheap, I feel like I'm missing something, because I don't see any imminent problem with it.

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Where do I begin? Okay, this card is just a generic version of Gagaga Magician Girl, but with a few more "restrictions". Life Point costs don't really matter in the current game state considering that a duel can change dramatically given cards like Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment (supposed "high" Life Point costs, but they have the ability to stop an opponent's plans at just the right moment which makes the cost ineffective). In this situation, the cost doesn't really matter considering it is an instant Xyz Monster waiting to happen. However, it being an Aqua-Type monster does make me wonder how this would interact with other Decks. It's not like Aqua-Type monsters fit well, especially considering it is a LIGHT Aqua-Type monster. It being LIGHT, however, does help Chaos. Though, Chaos has lost its touch considering that the current meta can easily kick it to the curb. The "restriction" where you can't Special Summon monsters except this and Extra Deck monsters doesn't really do anything. I mean, that basically says "hey there, I'm an instant Xyz waiting to happen. If you have another copy of me, I can make Shock Master". This card is not healthy with that line of thinking. Also, I'm having thoughts of somebody using this card to target a monster their opponent controls, then taking it with something like Big Eye or Mind Control. That thought irks me, and that leads me to believe that this card shouldn't see the light of day again. Hope all of this is good for you, Black. ^^

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It`s good to make a quick Xyz Summon, like Utopia or Gagaga Cowboy. Also, it is capable of being used for Xyz Summoning some of the broken Xyzs, like Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max, Dyson Sphere or even Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, which (probably) makes 1000 LP a good price for this. Heck, this card can even be used for Synchro Summons, such as making a Level 3 using a Level 3 tuner and using that Tuner and this card to summon some Lv6 Synchro, or a Lv4 Tuner to make it Lv4 and used it for a Lv8 Synchro, etc. Lastly, why is it Aqua-Type if it`s LIGHT?


I think, overall, this is a good card. 6.5/10.

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Art: Use of the Milky Way spiral in the background, linking the monster to the "Overlay Network" and starry background of XYZ monster is very good, IMHO. The relative similarity to "Phantom Of Chaos" in form is also very good, though the yellow coloring is something I wouldn't have picked personally. 


Effect: Forcing a player to give up 1000 Life Points to pull off a 1st-Turn XYZ Summon seems balanced, but I forsee MAJOR abuse in Elemental Dragon decks. It takes only a moderately good draw to pull out a No. 7:Big Eye and snatch your best monster in one of those. This card is a bit of a speed bump to that engine; the trade-off of a potential 2nd Big Eye in 2 turns, as well and not having to overextend as much while cramming your opponent's monster down their throats, seems MORE than worth it to me.


Stats: ATK/DEF doesn't matter, the thing isn't staying on the field 'til the end of the phase. XYZ-es tend to be far more Type-centric than Attribute-centric when they have to get picky (especially lately), so the LIGHT part doesn't matter too much, (sorry, WATER duelists) in comparison to the Aqua Type. I think if it copied Attribute as well as Level it would break the card, particularly with the upcoming sets.



Overall, I'd give it a 7/10, strictly because of the broken-ness potential. Had the effect restricted the copy target to your own field, or even simply restricted it to 1 a turn, I'd've given it a 9. As it stands now the thing is almost NEVER a dead draw, and while I appreciate wild swings of control in a duel as much as the next duelist, swings brought on by a single card = lucksac wins that typically you're on the wrong end of.

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