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[SHVI-JP001] Angel Trumpeter

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* Oh my!  Quite the delightful little flower.
* And it plays its own music, too!

* ... ... ...



* ... why do I suddenly feel funny...?
* Is it this mist...?

* Oh, I hope I don't get sick again....

[[ So, yeah, being a Plant AND a Normal Monster affords it plenty of ways to be searched and Summoned.  It could become recurring Synchro/Xyz fodder if Summoned through Gigaplant. ]]

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Unexpected Dai and Daigusto Emeral are the best uses for this card, 1900 stats without using your normal summon gives you he potential to +1 through battle which is always super important (unless of course you immediately go for Scarlight Archfiend, so the context above will most likely lead to a defensive Synchro like Omega).

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