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[Finished]Super Special Awesome Competition(Finished, please LOCK)


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Hello everyone. The name is cardgameking (CGK for short) and this my first try at doing a card making competition. If I mess up somewhere, feel free to bombard me with PMs.

  • Entry is FREE and ANYONE can enter. If people want their to be a pot, donate accordingly. I would also appreciate some help with judging, so just sign up in the thread. However, I can accept at max 6 or 7 participants.
  • You challenge... Is heavily inspired from this: forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/336842-zerpants-i-have-to-make-that-contest-done-judging-scores-are-up-feel-free-to-ask-and-dispute/ . The main differences is that you can now enter up to seven cards and there is a secondary gimmick: Each roll on this https://en.shindanmaker.com/537321 gets accompanied by a secondary gimmick for that archtype selected at random by me. Just what are these gimmicks? You'll see...
  • You get two 're-rolls'. You can use each re-roll for EITHER the gimmick or the other conditions.
  • Submit by 22:00 on the 1/3/2016 [March 1st, 2016].
  • Prizes

1st: 300 points
2nd: 200 points
3rd 100 points
(Prizes will change if the pot grows.)



  • Judges: cardgameking, Dova

[spoiler=Judging Criteria]
OCG = 10
Balance/Playability = 40
Gimmick (Did you live up to the gimmick?) = 15
Creativity = 35


  • Current Competitors

Garlandchaos (WIND, Sea-Serpent, Xyz, Spirit gimmick)(Pulled out)
Draconus297 (FIRE, Insect, Synchro, Alternate Win gimmick)
Kinka-Byo (LIGHT, Beast, Xyz, Luck gimmick) (Submitted)
Fluffyfish (LIGHT, Thunder, Ritual, Crystal Beast gimmick)
UltimateIRS (DARK, Psychic, Pendulum, Toon gimmick) (Pulled out)
Chivalry (WATER, Wyrm, Flip, Mermail Syndrome gimmick)(Pulled out)
Excalibur the Divine (EARTH, Warrior, Xyz, Chain Link gimmick)(Pulled out)

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Good luck!

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Sign me up.


Here's what I rolled:



You're in. For future reference, I'd like to the rolling for people myself in case someone edits their result and I don't check it.

Anyway, your gimmick is...


Spirit monsters. 

Oh, you got a dozy. This should be interesting to see... Just in case I forgot to mention it in the OP, you have two re-rolls and you use them for either the gimmick OR the other conditions.






I rolled:

Dova uses a DARK-attribute Rock-type deck. Their deck focuses on Xyz Summoning.




Guess I'm entering, then.



And you're in too.

Your gimmick is...


So, your archetype just has to do a lot with tokens. Sounds... fun.

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Are you sure you are up for this? Judging how 7 cards interact with each other and all other existing cards can be difficult, or at least time consuming. It's easy to miss something.

I appreciate your concern, but I think I can handle it. Do you wanna join as a judge or a contestant? However, I'll add a restriction about how many contestant their can be.

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Draconus uses a FIRE-attribute Insect-type deck. Their deck focuses on Synchro Summoning.



Just saying, I'd prefer if people let me roll for them, but anyway... Welcome to the competiton. If you ain't happy with your roll, you have two re-rolls.

Your gimmick is...


Alternate Win Condition.

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Oh wow, you're going all out for this one! I'd like to enter as a contestant, please~

How could I refuse?

Kinka-Byo uses a WATER-attribute Dinosaur-type deck. Their deck focuses on Tribute Summoning.

Your gimmick is


Luck based.

Whether coin flip or dice roll, your cards have a lot to do with luck.

Remember: You have two re-rolls.

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Could I get a reroll on the base requirements? I have an idea for the luck-based, things though? Also, jsyk, the base requirement maker gives diff results the next day and no sooner, so I'll wait patiently~

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This site of random decks is just AMAZING lol. I will input something there everyday for ideas (or just lols).

Anyway... I'do like to join in too.

Please tell me my fate, O'Lord.

Welcome to the fold.

Fluffyfish uses a LIGHT-attribute Thunder-type deck. Their deck focuses on Ritual Summoning.

Your gimmick is...


The Crystal Beast syndrome.

So, like the name implies, when the monsters die they go to the spell/trap zone ala Crystal Beast.

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Well, that's unexpected (so my fate is not bonded with Fusion Summoning? Blasphemy).

Although Thunder-Light is boring (thunder anything would be more exciting), I'm quite interested in trying to do a Ritual Summoning Deck with Crystal Beast Gimmick (I ALREADY FEEL THE IDEAS SPROUTING!), but since its only 6-7 cards (a small archetype), I will have to control myself to condense the ideas a bit.

All in all, I will gladly do it, my lord. (Luckily thunder-light should be easy to find images, hooray).

(I should have something done by day 20 or something).

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Bit of a heads-up: OP says deadline is the third of January of this year. Mind fixing that, please?

Actually says 1st of march. Only the US goes month/ day/ year. 


P.S. How 'bout that re-roll, op?

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Actually says 1st of march. Only the US goes month/ day/ year.


P.S. How 'bout that re-roll, op?

Sorry, things were.... Bizarre last night. Anyway...

Kinka-Byo uses a LIGHT-attribute Beast-type deck. Their deck focuses on Xyz Summoning.

(I'm doing this in my phone)

And you're sticking with th luck gimmick, yes? You still have another re-roll anyway.

UltimateIRS, you're in. And your gimmick is...


All monsters are Extra deck monsters.

So you can't do main deck monsters here. You can re-roll anytime the requirement if you want.

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