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After a 10 Year Lent I have returned.


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After ten years off this site I have finally returned! Used to spend at least 6 hours a day on here when I was younger then just stopped when the forum got updated to its new layout! After getting proper into Duel Links I remembered about this site that I spent hours on as a kid and made friends that I still speak to now! 


Nice to meet you all! new members and old! 


Also a special thank you to Flash Flyer - Sakura for helping me get back into my old account!


If anyone plays duel links feel free to add me: doubledecker


Hope everyone has had a good day/ evening whatever they are upto 



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Hello, there!


It seems we have some new, or should I say old blood here.


In any case, I suggest you take a look at the rules, as not only do they differ from sections, but they differ from those that were here all those years ago. If you need further help, ask a moderator.


Might take up your Duel Links offer, as I've been playing it as well.


Welcome to Yugioh Card Maker. Enjoy your stay.

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You know who I am already, so yeah.




Welcome back to YCM.


Like Nyx already mentioned, check over the rules as they've definitely changed since the days of Frunk, Browarod and Crab (among others); you remember any of the old guard? Place is less active than the old days, but we still get people.


Anyway, if you need help around and whatnot, feel free to ask.


Have fun on your return :D



(P.S. For other members reading this, I did retire the Leaving/Returning thread so returnees can just make a new thread on their own.)

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@ - I used to play TCG from start of GX era pretty much to the start of XYZ and then I stopped! although I have got back into it slightly with link monsters, I still buy the odd pack here and there but not as serious as I used to be! the link summon concept attracted me back but its so expensive these days :,( I played duel links from a month after release but then broke my old phone so lost about 500 pounds worth of cards on there which is heart breaking! although I have started it up again on my new phone and play it religiously! 


@@FLASH Flyer - I was around in the days of Icy blue, Frunk, Liam etc! 

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