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Krow AMA

Mr. Best Male 2008

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What in your opinion are the best hand traps and their ratios for the current YGO TCG format?

If Needlefiber was available in TCG, how would you modify your Sky Striker deck?



Might have to play Droll in the side again now with a consistent warrior ftk kicking around. Otherwise 3 Ash 2-3 Ogre. For needlefiber probably Veiler + Skyblaster in the main.



Have you tried Let it Die? It's a good game, it's basically a roguelike hack and slash thing with lots of weapon types and it's 3D.

I havent. I actually havent played video games that much asides from League in the past 7 years or so.

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This one actually ends unlike league, it's not an infinite slog or PVP fest or something.


I like PVP fests. Is it on PC? If it is I'll check it out when I get internet again.


Hurry up on that, I need someone to talk about it with.


I will boy. I'm hella excited for it.

What the heck happened at YCS Niagara? 


Was a great event. Outside of new time rules I had a fantastic time.


I miss you


ur mums ur dad

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What are these new time rules you're talking about anyway? For those of us who don't follow the competitive YGO scene.

Time used to be when it is called there are 5 turns left and whoever has higher LP at the end of the last turn wins. It is now when time is called whoever has the most LP at the end of the current PHASE wins lmao. It's really dumb

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