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[LVP2] Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eagle

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Enseisen - Washinjin / Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eagle
Fire Beast-Warrior / Link / Effect
Link-2 1700 / BL BR
2 Beast-Warrior monsters
You can only Special Summon "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eagle" once per turn. You can only use this card name's (2) effect once per turn.
(1) If this card is in the Monster Zone, you can activate "Fire Fist" monster effects without sending "Fire Fist" or "Fire Formation" cards from your hand or field to the GY.
(2) You can target 1 "Fire Formation" Spell/Trap on your field or GY; return it to the hand, then send 1 "Fire Fist" monster from your Deck to the GY.
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So we've got:
-Draw 1 card nvm snake is still bad

-Monster Reborn

-Sort of Honest? (idk whether you can choose to pay part of the cost of Rhino or you have to opt out of the whole thing)

-Self Reborn (which make is primo link fodder)

-pop a monster

-pop a backrow

-Search a fire formation


This link monster singlehandedly gave fire fist about 5 years of powercreep in one shot. Also the 2nd effect is neat because it mills buffalo, which can revive itself for free because of the 1st eff.

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If with the card draw you mean Snake, I don't think you can try to use the effect without sending Fire Formations, since you have to control no other monsters to activate the effect.


Anyway, another card that looks solid to me. I thought it would be a bit clunky at first since you would have to open 2 Fire Fist + 1 Wolrbark or Fire Fist that makes use of Formations as fodder, but then I noticed it can use any Beast-Warrior as material, allowing for stuff like Zoodiac Barrage, Wolfbark itself, or maybe Tengu as starter plays.

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Does this mean you can summon Swallow for free now?


Not entirely sure how the rulings would work.


Sadly not; it's an unclassified effect, meaning it doesn't activate, and this Link monster specifically only works on activating monster effects. (Quick/Trigger)


Those can be identified by their use of colons/semicolons.


As for the card itself...good card. Really good card. Not much else to say there, other than Bringerofcake's apt comment.

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