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[OCG] Vote for a Theme in Collection Pack 2020

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Vote for your favourite Deck you want to see be made real!

Players will be able to vote on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Database starting today, until the 16th, on what theme of the 12 below will be included in Collection Pack 2020. ONLY First Place will be made into a real theme.

You will need a Konami ID to log in.

Interim Results will be announced on the 14th, with final results on the 17th.

The themes of choices are…

  • Jean Claude Magnum’s “Ninja” Cards
  • Tenma Yako’s “The Wicked” related Cards
  • Alice’s “Doll Parts” Cards
  • Jim Crocodile Cook’s “Fossil” Cards
  • The Crimson Devil’s Servant’s “Abyss” Cards
  • Syd’s “Wheel” Cards
  • Jin/Fortuno’s “Shaman” Cards
  • Takashi Todoroki/Caswell Francis’ “Debugger” Cards
  • Sergy Volkov’s “Thorn Prisoner” Cards
  • Syuzo Hiiragi/Skip Boyle’s “Guts Master”Cards
  • Specter’s “Sunavalon” Cards
  • Blood Shepard’s “Drone” Cards

If you wish to vote, please go here: Voting Page

In order to vote, you need to be both logged in and have the website set to Japanese.

Click the theme of choice,


Personally I'm disappointed that Valon's Armour cards aren't in this poll. Konami knows we want them, and I'm willing to bet that they aren't in the poll because they are planning on putting them in this set anyway and want to give the other themes a fighting chance.
In any case, my vote is probs going to go to Jim or Blood Shepherd.

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I can defo see the Sunavalons and Fossil cards being in the top 3 for sure. The Drones could be up there too, I know some of the stuff have potential. The "Wicked"-related cards, dare I say could be a wildcard choice. As for the others, out of Jean-Claude Magnum's stuff, I know he had one decent Ninja (that SS one from the deck), but most of his stuff were low-level. Alice's Doll Parts belong at the bottom of the toy box. Syd has the distinction of owning the only Synchro from the 5Ds anime to not be printed IRL, and the only thing I remember from Red Familiar (from ETCO)'s deck was the level 10 with 3800 ATK. Caswell's cards were basically discount Crashbugs and Jin's stuff were ok, but he'll be remembered for summoning Shock Master. I don't know why they chose Sergey's Thorn Prisoners over his Earthbound stuff, but it would be interesting to see the implications of Harmonised Synchro Fusion in Master Rule Revision, and Shuzo's stuff is trash. Though seeing the Arc-V stuff made me think, that there were a number of Dennis cards from the Synchro Dimension-onwards that never got printed, perhaps we'll see some of those here

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Current ranks 

1. Jim Crocodile Cook/”Fossil”
2. Spector/”Sunavalon”
3. Yakou Tenma/”The Wicked”
4. Blood Shepherd/”Drone”
5. Alice/”Doll Part”
6. Sergay Volkov/”Thorn Prisoner”
7. Jean Claude Magnum/”Ninja”
8. Crimson Demon Familiar/”Abyss”
9. Jin (Fortuno)/”Shaman”
10. Shuzou Hiiragi (Skip Boyle)/”Guts Master”
11. Takashi Todoroki (Caswell Franscis)/Debugger
12. Sid/”Wheel”

Who in the right mind put doll parts that high in the ranks. I dont like drones since they a bit uninspired IMO but i can see that its still cool enough for most fans... but the freakin doll part?!

well the top 3 seems reasonable at least. I still hope that wicked god epicness to win but fossil and sunavalon is honestly not that bad. Also since the sacred beast fiasco in the last votes i dont realy have that high winning expectation 

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18 minutes ago, Dr. Jolly Glot the III said:

Welp, at least if Konami kept the pattern probs the 2nd or even 3rd place will get cards anyway 

I'm not sure Konami will backpedal themselves on this occasion unlike the Structure Deck poll. The top two aren't as closely separated as that one. (A good 3.9% this time)

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