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Kingdom Hearts Discussion Thread

Phantom Roxas

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kingdom hearts=most awesome game ever made


my bf owns the japanese only remake of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Chain of Memories, and he's beaten the game 100%


he even made a fanfic of it, and put me in it ^-^

Clariex is the character in his story that he based off of me

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omg he sounded like a girl in the original CoM!

that was so messed up!


although, his new voice in Re:CoM does fit him very well (apart from the turkey thing)



no, i havent posted it at hollow revenge yet (2 lazy lolx)

ill do it later this week

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Guest JoshIcy

Kingdom Hearts= 15hr and less games....


Fun, very cute, solid storyline but kinda cliche'. Interesting gameplay (KH1 anyway)... The controls were ruined in KH2..... not to mention KH2 was shorter, took me about 6hrs. Granted not 100% but i still beat sephy in that time....


Should be longer and be more fleshed out in the sequels.....

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