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Stardust Dragon/BUSTER

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This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of this card and "Buster Mode". When the effect of a Spell' date=' Trap, or Effect Monster is activated, you can Tribute this card to negate the activation and effect of that card, and destroy it. During the End Phase of the turn in which this effect is used, you can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. When this face-up card is destroyed, you can Special Summon 1 "Stardust Dragon" in your Graveyard.[/Quote']



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Stardust Dragon looks pissed.


He's probably all "why did u make me if no one will ever get to use me why did you make me a cash cow whyyyyy"…or something like that.

Arcanite Magician/BUSTER is far better than Red Dragon Archfiend (horrible). Arcanite Magician/BUSTER can destroy everything on your opponent's side of the field.


Tier 1:

Stardust Dragon


Tier 2:

Arcanite Magician

Doomkaiser Dragon


Tier 3:

Hyper Psycho Gunner

Red Dragon Archfiend

Why is the OTK card Second Tier?

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Well, I had trouble trying to sort them.


As it turns out, I realized that none of them are actually horrible (except for Psycho Gunner and Red Dragon Archfiend), but they all have their own uses. Stardust Dragon is the best, GENERALLY, the others are more close minded, but deserve a top spot.


So really, I dunno what to say.

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Considering the effort needed to summon the /Busters, you had better get something along the lines of an OTK for your troubles, and only Doomkaiser gives that. Doomkaiser is also the only one that works with Trade-In.


Stardust/Buster provides extra Buster Teleport food, so he's still decent.

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