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As a long time TSM fan, I sincerely hope they flop this season harder than ever before.

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Time to necrobump this with my Advanced guide to Karthus: 8.4 Edition


As you may remember, I once made a Karthus guide to help you get started on pressing r for Pentakills. This time around however, I will impart more of my knowledge of this champion to you, specifically how you should actually play this champion and changes to your build becuase of the AP item changes. For the sake of keeping it short, I'll assume you already know what his abilities are.


Part 1: Pre-Game

Now you might remember I said Karthus doesn't really have a lot of bad matchups, this still holds true. Only real counters are Kassadin which might see a resurgence due to the AP item changes, and Anivia who has a lot of early burst and that super shitty egg passive that denies you hard earned kills. Against Kassadin all you really need to do is not feed him and you should be fine, against Anivia you can probably go even as long as you try dodging her stun, but she's practically immune to you early game so you're gonna need your ult to get kills around the map. If anything you might want to ban Kassadin, but again, it's not something you need to do. As far as runes, Karthus can make use of a lot, really your preference between Aery, Electrocute, Predator, Comet, and Spellbook, personally I take Aery but it's your pick. What really matters though is your secondary page needs to be Presence of Mind and Last Stand. Last Stand triggers while you're dead for an extra 11% damage and a well timed hourglass in a teamfight can save you at low hp with this thing going. You're kind of a kamikaze champ so this is a good idea. Presence of mind will be explained in the next section.


Part 2: Laning


Okay so when you level you get infinite mana for 7 seconds. Most people look at this and read "Fed Kassadin gg", Karthus players look at this and read "seven full seconds of not having to care about mana and getting to all in for free every time I level in lane." What I'm getting at is you have to get out of that mindset of play safe and farm, you're not a Nasus, you're a Karthus. You are the single strongest early game mage and this rune lets you abuse that. Literally the moment you level, you get in there, you turn on e, and you spam q until either your opponent gets spooped or they die. The amount of kill pressure you have on people is absurd at this level and even Zeds will know to heck off because they cannot outdamage you this early. Repeat when applicable. For most of laning you're gonna want to look for opportunities to land a stray q on your lane opponent because it hurts a lot. And obviously you farm. Farming is important. Once you hit 6, start looking around the map. Karthus is a champion with zero mechanics in his kit, what you need is game knowledge. You can solo contest dragons because you do stupid damage, you can kill people across the map, you can do a lot, but you really need to pay attention to the macro as opposed to the micro.


Part 3: Items

I'm still tinkering with these so I will update this later but this is so far what I've got figured out.


The build path for Archangel's is actually ridiculous. Karthus has always been a good tear user but had to rely on other items for power spikes. Lost Chapter is a spike in and of itself which really helps, but the traditional rod of ages build is pretty much something you're not gonna see for a while, especially since they changed GLP so Karthus can't just build into it in case he falls behind with a Catalyst. That said it's not completely unviable, but since tear starts stacking on buy instead of having to build into a full item to stack, it's a better option.

Liandri's Torment

This is pretty much THE go to item for Karthus now. The damage increase stays up while you're in your passive. Not sure how it interacts with Last stand, but I think it's multiplicative. Whatever it is, it's still good.


This thing got reworked into an anti-healing item with magic penetration. If you see someone getting early lifesteal or a champ with healing built into their kits, Oblivion Orb is a good item to pick up early for the penetration so you can later upgrade into this.


This is actually pretty dumb on our boy. If you're grouping, this thing should have a decent numebr of stacks when you activate it. I haven't tested if the active stays on when you die but even without it's great. If it does, undead ult is gonna hurt.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Always good, buy it like 3rd or so

Twin Shadows

Avoid this. This isn't something you particularly care about. If you need additional stickiness, Rylai's is a better option

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Better than Twin Shadows, do not recommend it on him at the moment unless you're against specific champs or you're ahead and want to get some sticking power outside your Wall of Pain

Void Staff

Gotta penetrate at some point

Rabadon's Deathcap

We need to go nuclear


Any items not mentioned aren't really worth your time except for Mejai's Soulstealer in the event you get super fed. Keep in mind suiciding reduces your stacks.


It's 2 AM so I'm gonna finish this at a later time with some other stuff that you might want to know if you want to play this champ.

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It's funking amazing how ranked just falls lower and lower into funking retardation. I was forced into supp 3 games in a row, and I was stuck with a ball and chain called my ADC, and quite often a useless fuckign jungler too. First game I willingly swapped mid for supp because they asked; funking regretted it.


We had an Ivern jg, and I was Sona. So we had the most useless, passive jungler who only works with a hyper-aggressive team, which we didn't have. My Xayah that I was stuck with couldn't land her Q, couldn't land her bind, couldn't land her ult, and couldn't follow up on a single funking thing I did. Oh, and it took an obvious ambush to get her to start warding instead of mindlessly farming. And then, she blamed me despite being beyond incompetent.


Next game, our jungler fed the whole time. We also had a numerical advantage to contest dragon, and he did funking nothing instead, whining that we couldn't win despite it being a 4v3. And apparently only realized he had a brain after we lost all 3 middle turrets and the inhib 20 minutes in. After that we lost, once again siding with an ADC who lacked any kind of aggression.


Last game, the enemy team invaded, and the Jhin got 3 kills from it. My ADC was lagging the whole time and DCed for 2 minutes. Our idiot jungler was half-feeding half-being useful, but decided to only help the 3v3 bot after people started dying, because stopping a tower that was gonna fall from falling was far more important.


I funking HATE being a support for feckless retards who have no business in ranked whatsoever. I just lost my prelims while being powerless to do anything because I couldn't save my team from their own retardation. Its funking hard playing support as-is, but it's even worse when your team is brain dead while the enemy team always appears to be funking Challenger smurfs.

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Quick question: Does anyone else here have a champion that they like but also dislike the champion's official lore?
This is an example what I mean by official lore: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/ahri/
Longer version of same question:
Even since I've learned about the Kitsune described in Japanese mythology, I've found them very interesting as a basis for character design when I'm creating yugioh cards and/or characters for video game mods. My first exposure to the concept was from a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic that I would NOT recommend. None the less I went on to look up the original legend and found it very interesting. I've gone onto design many kitsune styled characters using my very primitive self taught 3D modeling "skills". For a human kitsune hybird style appearance (like what Arhi looks like) this would usually involve changing a few textures and adding ears and a few tails to a human like model. I was happy with the results and still am.
As of this time of posting, I've only played 2 games of league in my life not counting tutorials but I've been up and down google images when I look for card art for my created yugioh cards using keywords like "Kitsune" and "Nine Taled Fox". Thus naturally I've heard of Ahri. Earlier today when I logged onto league to play a coop vs AI game at my friend's request, I couldn't remember who I played last time and thought, "I'm curious, might was well try Arhi". Afterwards I thought "This is what a kitsune style character looks like when its made by a professional game developer: WOW They got every detail right." This feeling was further intensified when I watched this league of legends cinematic:

Again I had to admire the attention to detail since they could just as easily have had all the blood and explosions and not had Ahri's ears move when she listened for something for example, but they didn't. After that I thought "Wow, I have a new favorite character".
Then, I read Ahri's lore [linked above]. The part about tormenting and killing people for the fun of it completely ruined my previous feelings. Thus I had to wonder if anyone else has a champion that they like but don't like their out side of the game lore.
edit: I know that not all "official" lore is worthy of respect, yugioh normal monsters are a good example of "official" lore that no one judges by and everyone jokes about



edit2: Nevermind I answered my question.

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