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playtesting/dueling with your cards story sharing thread

I Hate Snatch Steal

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This was a great game to have, especially when I was doubting my design ability before hand.


[spoiler=Fun first turn]

Turn 1: My opponent ends his turn with 3 powerful monsters out and 1 set s/t card.


I draw for my turn and think for a minute. Then I special summon photon thrasher. Followed by normal summoning overlay-force elven archer. I overlay my 2 monsters to summon Dark rebellion xyz dragon. Then I activate rank-up-magic overlay force, which lets me rank-up into Raid Raptor revolution falcon. I activate revolution falcon's multi-attack effect, detaching elven archer and he chains break through skill. However archer activates in the gy, letting me add Overlay-Force Dark Angel to my hand. I special summon overlay-force royal archer from my hand and use its effect to increase revolution falcon's rank by 2. Then I use the dark angel that I added to rank-up into raid raptor ultimate falcon. I activate ultimate falcon's effect, detaching Dark Rebellion XYZ dragon so he can't activate effect this turn, use raigeki to destroy the monsters, and attack for 5500. End Phase ultimate falcon deals 1000 more damage.


On his turn he manages to get over ultimate falcon, but then on my turn I banish the monster he used for that with Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Begining, revive Dark Rebellion XYZ dragon via rank-up-magic overlay force's 2nd effect, and attack for game.



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Wanna preface this by saying that my deck was literally 3 Dino structures + 2 Dino Kaiju + 2 R4nk. Friend's brother was fully tricked-out with near everything: full extra, Bahamut Awesome, 3 Earth True King (but no diagram).


[spoiler Me vs friend's brother Dino Mirror]

T1 - Me:

Double Fossil Dig + Terraforming = Overaptor + Megalosmasher + Lost World


NS'd Megalo

Activated Lost World

Set Survival Trap + Twitwi


Hand: Overaptor

Ends turn.



Fossil Dig into Overaptor

Terraforming into Lost World


NS Overaptor > SS Token + sent Miscellaneo to Grave


Activated Overaptor to destroy my token. I chain Survival. He activates his Field Spell. I activate mine. I send 2 babycerasaurus: SS Overaptor (search Dino Kaiju) + Miscellaneo. His Overaptor's effect goes through and he uses his Field Spell to dump a babycerasaurus. SS's Megalosmasher.


Banishes his 2 Dinos. SS Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. On summon, I activate the trap in the grave and destroy the token and his Ultimate Conductor. He chains Ultimate Conductor destroying another Babycera in his hand to flip my 3 monsters face down.

Uses Baby to Summon Megalo #2.


Overlays both Megalos into Bahamut. Baha into Awesome. Attacks my Overaptor with his, attacks my Miscellaneo with Awesome. Ends turn.



Draw Miscellaneo


I flip summon my Megalosmasher X and attack his Toadally Awesome (which lost 1000 because of both field spells).


MP2 - NS my Overaptor, search Ultimate Conductor. Banish both Babyceras to Summon Ultimate. Banish Miscellaneo + Overaptor from grave > SS babycera. Activate Ultimate, destroying babycera. Babycera SS's Tyranno Infinity (4000 ATK). End turn.


Hand: Miscellaneo + Dino Kaiju


T4: Flips up Overaptor, flips up Bahamut. I chain Ultimate effect (Destroying the Megalosmasher X) to flip them face down. He Ends turn.


T5: draw.


NS Miscellaneo, Double Attack with Ultimate, attack with Tyranno Infinity + Miscellaneo and Overaptor for game.


Flawless Victory.



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