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playtesting/dueling with your cards story sharing thread

I Hate Snatch Steal

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Qliphoths (me) vs Zombies.


They take turn 1, setting Pyramid Turtle.


I draw, Summoner's Art into Qlip Tool. Set scales with Tool and Trampolynx. Tutor Qliphoth Sacrifice. Pendulum another Tool from my hand, give it Sacrifice, double-Trib into Qlip Shell. Attack into his Pyramid Turtle, and then he Special Summons Endless Decay (3600/0).


Me: "...Well played!"


It took a Comp Evac to deal with that.


EDIT: Later...

Qliphoths (me) vs 6 Samurai


I tutor for and activate Qliphoth Tool. Other player reads the flavour text and goes ballistic.


"Cannot activate Sephiroth.exe... HOLY SHIT I'M LITERALLY PANICKING RIGHT NOW"


Game-wise, he had a reason to panic, as I Tribute Summoned a Genome equipped with Sacrifice for Shell. Sacrifice tutors Disk, scale set, Pendulum 3 Genomes at once.


He only had a single Lavalval Chain, no backrow, and an unknown card in hand.

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Opponent has been using Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower and a bunch of Special Summons with Zombie World to slowly chip away at my Deck. Because of Zombie World, I am unable to further Tribute Summon my Qliphorts. I have Tool, Archive, and Genome in the Extra Deck from an earlier turn (and Disk's effect). By the time the opponent goes down to 1 card in hand after his last activation of Book of Life, with the intent of slamming his Giant Rats and Pyramid Turtle into my Disk for massive searches, I Torrential Tribute the field. He ends with no backrow.


I draw. From Tool's effect in the Pendulum Zone, I tutor and activate Qliphort Fortress to secure my next move: Pendulum 5 Qliphorts at once, from both hand and Extra Deck. He scoops.


The epitome of how stupid Pendulum Summons can get.

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Since Videos work well here, here's one of mine:




edit: cane, do you think you could slow down your replay speed a bit for your next video if its not too much trouble?


edit2: If your video is the same speed as mine and thus I'm imagining things, then don't worry about it


edit3: Make that 2 of mine



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A recent YGO pro duel:


On his turn, I summon crystal rank-up sorceress via dark renewal


[spoiler='crystal rank-up sorceress']


(This card's attribute is also DARK and FIRE.) You can special summon this card (from your hand or graveyard) by banishing 1 "Rank-Up-Magic" spell card from your graveyard. Once per turn: you can target 1 face-up Xyz Monster you control; Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 xyz monster with the same Type as that monster you control but 1 Rank higher, by using it as the Xyz Material. (This Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon. Xyz Materials attached to it also become Xyz Materials on the Summoned monster.) Once per turn: You can target 1 xyz monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it in Defense Position. Its effects are negated.



he makes #101 and absorbs her, attacks directly with his monsters and ends


On my turn I normal summon summoner monk, discard RUM barians force to special summon star drawing, and make my own 101


I use my 101 to take his 101, then since crystal rank-up sorceress is now in the graveyard, I banish barians force to revive her and make C101 using her, then I take his other monster with C101, attack, and end


On his turn he brings out 2 monsters, xyz summons castel the avian skyblaster in defense position, and shuffles C101 into the deck... big mistake (read sorceress's effect if you don't know why)


I use crystal rank-up sorcress to revive 101 and remake C101 come my turn and win shorty after

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I hate snatch steal, did you create those yourself? if so, we have to play! I've been trying to get more and more people in for 100,000 LP tag duels that can get wild

Yes I did and I'd love to duel, but can we stick to 8000-16000 lp please? Do you have evolve? Its the VPN I software I use for YGO pro. I even know a small evolve group of people who duel with created cards on YGO pro like we do. If you'd like to know more PM me, so this thread can stay on topic.

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A fun story from duel portal:

My LP 5000 Opponent's LP 3000

At the start of my turn, I have rank-up-magic magician's force in hand, the means to get 2 level 4 monsters for an xyz summon via reinforcement of the army, and 2 set trap cards: escape from the different dimension and xyz reborn.


I'm facing down a monster whose full name I forget, I think it was corrupted hyperion something? I'll just call it corrupted hyperion. It has in addition to other not relevant to this story effects when it battles a special summoned monster, it can banish that monster by detaching 2 xyz materials, and it had 2 ready to use. My opponent also had 2 set spell/trap cards.


I make number 39: Utopia and rank it up into Number 39 Utopia Beyond (ATK 3000) with RUM magician's force. Thus beyond's effect drops corrupted hyperion's ATK to 0. My opponent reminds me about corrupted hyperion's banishing effect. I procede to the battle phase and attack corrupted hyperion with utopia beyond anyway.


He activates mirror force. I didn't expect that but I don't sweat it since I still have xyz reborn. So I activate xyz reborn and after reviving it I attack with utopia beyond again.


He uses corrupted hyperion's effect to banish utopia beyond. I had predicted that move so I activate escape from the different dimension on utopia beyond (Its like escape from the dark dimension but without the attribute restriction.) Then I attack again, thinking I have him since corrupted hyperion is out of materials and has 0 ATK.


He activates a spell card whose name I forget that tributes corrupted hyperion and special summons another monster in its place, which I attack through for 200 damage.


edit: The card I called "corrupted hyperion" is actually "Hyperion, Infected Master of Entropy"





A few turns later:


My LP 5000


His LP 1500


I'm looking at a 2400 ATK xyz with no usable effects left, and vanities emptiness. I have compulsory evacuation device set, so all I need to do is draw a monster with 1500 or more ATK and I can win. several turns later, I haven't drawn any monsters with enough ATK. During this time I get hit for 2400 by his xyz. Finally I get magician of faith and set it.


He attacks and MoF gets me reinforcement of the army. On my next turn I draw an un-needed soul charge. I search rank-up-pirate (1500 ATK) with rota and use compulsory evac to clear the way for a direct attack and win.


The funny thing was that I had compulsory set up several turns before I drew the right monster.


I posted this story because of the first part, the 2nd part is only there for completeness

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Alright then.


Some things worth noting.

Because this thread is now in the YGOPro forum, if you guys are going to post your cards and stuff, then put them in separate threads in the forum.


Do not post them in this thread.



However, anything from DP is still acceptable for posting.

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How about the time when I was testing out this retrain of mine and didn't draw it the whole duel?


Or how about the other time in the same day when I got it out first turn against a deck full of LIGHT monsters and immediately had it Snatch Stealed from me?


That was a weird day for me. XD

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I was just playing YGOPRO on Android. I am using Deskbots.



T1 He sets card, summons Assault Halberd and passes.


T2 My opening hand is Deskbot 5 & 6 (level 5 and 6 pendulum monsters), MST, and 2 Machine Duplications. I draw another MST. I set them both and pass.


T3 He draws, attacks, then summons another Halberd and ends.


Me: 6200, Him: 8000


T4 I draw Limiter Removal and pass.


T5 He draws, attacks with both Halberds, then sets a card which I destroy with MST during the End Phase.


Me: 2600, Him: 8000


Final Turn I draw 002. I kill his other backrow with second MST. Set scales and Pendulum Summon 002 which let me search for 003. Used Duplication to grab 2 more 002s and search for another 5 & 6. NS 003 which SS'd 001 from Deck (4500 ATK). Attacked with 001 while chaining Limiter Removal and 003 for a total of 12500 ATK and a OHKO!


Me: 2600, Him: 0

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You want a crazy story? I can give you a crazy story.

Remember a few days ago, when I said I had been challenged to make a generic Rock Deck and I was allowed to use 3 custom-designed cards? We were also allowed to run any banned card at 1. Well . . .



So, I go up against a Deck that was only technically generic, as it was essentially your average more-power Machine Deck with a milling twist. Meanwhile, I show up with the Sneaky Pebbles, lacking any monster with more than 1900 ATK. Yay.

So, I go first, and open with 2 Set Rock Bombardments, and a Set Golem Sentry. Standard operating procedure.

Suddenly, I get hit with a surprise Cyber Dragon, and he activates a custom Continuous Spell that makes it so we each have to mill 1 card for every 100 damage we take. So I catch him off-guard, activate Rock Bombardment the first, and send my custom Rock to the Graveyard, a little devil called Stone Sentinel (a retrain of Giant Soldier of Stone) that allows me to send another Rock to the Graveyard to blow up one of his monsters. So he mills 5 monsters in a row, I get rid of Cyber Dragon, and I'm feeling good about myself, until he uses Card Destruction. Okay, I have no idea what's going on at this point, but I toss my double Criosphinx and draw 2. Then he activates his second Continuous Custom, Scrap Fuel, which lets him Normal Summon Machine monsters without Tributing, as long as he destroys the thing at the end of the turn. And suddenly Jinzo, plus Fairy Meteor Crush. I take 600, mill the top 6 cards of my Deck (some good ones among them, like my one Gigantes), and send Jinzo back to his hand.

My next turn rolls around, I activate the second Rock Bombardment, and make him mill 5 more to pop that damned milling card. I Set Lost Guardian, kinda out of options at this point. The only other card in my hand is Shield and Sword. Remember that.

Anyway, he pulls out this utter bullshit Fusion card that makes any Fusion monster have triple the ATK it should and it becomes immune to effects, but it has to come out in Defense Position and can't switch the first turn. He brings out friggin' Chimeratech Overdragon, then ends on that highly ominous note.

I draw, and it's Pot of Greed. (Boo me all you want.) Activate into Megarock and Graceful Charity. (Your hatred fuels me.) Graceful into triple Tackle Crusader. Discard 2 Tackle Crusaders, Summon Megarock.




So, now I have Megarock Dragon out with 7700 ATK, and Lost Guardian out with 7700 DEF, not yet flipped up. I flip Lost Guardian face-up and poke friggin' Chimeratech to death, and finish with Megarock.


That's not the funny part, though. He claims that he should have had another complete turn, because Overdragon is too strong to be poked to death by a monster with 100 ATK. So, to troll him, I show him the Shield and Sword in my hand, and he starts raging so much that the guy who asked us to do this little event for funzies walks over, profusely apologizing and pulling off the little whiner.

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So yesterday I'm dueling against a monarch-ish deck (ish because its mostly just monarch spell/traps combined with other cards). His field is Beastking Barbaros, Oliport Helix, and some lv4 I can't remember along with a few face-down spell/trap cards. I use Xiangsheng Magician (retrain) [stats below] and Xiangke Magician to pendulum summon odd-eyes pendulum dragon and a few other cards. I overlay 2 of them into dark rebellion xyz dragon and then halve barbaros's ATK. Then I use the power of my 2 magicians to make odd-eyes rebellion dragon, which destroys helix and the LV4, dealing 2000 damage. I atttack bararos for another 1500, however he blocks my next 2 attacks with trap monsters. Next turn he draws pot of duality, doesn't get anything with it, and scoops.


Xiangsheng Magician (retrain)

Pendulum Effect:
Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up Monster you control, and 1 other Level 5 or higher monster you control; that Monster's Level/Rank becomes equal to the Level of that Level 5 or higher monster, until the end of this turn (even if this card leaves the field).
Monster Effect:
(This card's name is always treated as " Xiangsheng Magician") Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up monster you control; this card's ATK becomes equal to that monster's current ATK, until the end of this turn.

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Okay, interesting story.


I'm still trying to figure out ideal combos for my Deck on the Yu-Gi-Oh app, so someone I know made proxies of everything in my Deck. To go against me with, he built a 5D's-era Deck plus some customs.


He ends his turn with:


3000 Life Points

Goyo Guardian (2800 ATK, Synchro Summoned with Trust Guardian [That anime Tuner that makes a monster indestructible by battle, but lowers their ATK by 400 every time they would have been destroyed])

Deal-breaker (0 ATK, will auto-win the Duel for him during his next Standby Phase)

Raregold Armor (equipped to Goyo Guardian, so I can only attack it)

Battle Fader in hand


My field:

Chthonian Emperor Dragon (2400 ATK, has its double-attack effect)

Summon Reactor SK (2600 ATK [Fighting Spirit])

Volcanic Slicer (1800 ATK)

Little-Winguard (1800 DEF [1400 ATK])

Clock Resonator (600 DEF [1200 ATK, survived last turn because of its effect- still don't know why he attacked it])

Strike Slash (Set, Normal Trap that increases a monster's ATK by 700 and gives it piercing until the End Phase)

Fighting Spirit (Equipped to Summon Reactor SK, ups it's ATK by 300 for every monster my opponent controls and can be destroyed to save it from destruction)


I draw- and get The Tricky.

So, I Tribute Clock Resonator, Summon Tricky.

Begin Battle Phase, attack Goyo with CED, activate Strike Slash. Chthonian deals 300 damage, Goyo has 2400 ATK


Second CED attack. I deal 700 damage, Goyo has 2000 ATK.


SK attacks. 600 damage, Goyo has 1600 ATK.


Tricky attacks. 400 damage, Goyo has 1200 ATK.


Slicer attacks. 600 damage, Goyo has 800 ATK.


Winguard attacks, 600 damage, game.


Anime shenanigans are called.

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This was one of the craziest jukes I ever had as a duelist.


The opponent had an indestructible by battle Hot Red Dragon Archfiend on the field thanks to some Yang Zing shenanigans, a F/D S/T, and 3 cards in hand. I had NO FIELD, and only 1 MST IN HAND. The guy was at 8000 LP still and I was down to my last 100. Literally the last 100.


I got utterly destrominated facing the Yang Zing player with my Cyber Dragons and he basically destroyed every play I had. I was all like, WHAT DO I DO????? I considered giving up, but I had a policy of seeing things through to the end to learn from them. I was like:


"OK, There is only ONE thing I can topdeck at this instant to win the duel, and it is Overload Fusion. I already used one on the Overload Fusion + Cyber Network play I had earlier (which did float me some, but ultimately was for naught), so I have only 1 left. Ugh, there was no way to pull it but who knows."


And GUESS WHAT. I Heart of the Cards'd that Overload Fusion and was like:


"HOLY CRAP. Ok, OK, calm down. How many attack do I need to finish this." I calculated that I needed 6 attacks out of a Chimeratech Overdragon to finish this. I had exactly 6 machines in my graveyard. There was a chance the F/D was a Trap hole-like card and there was also a possibility that he had Effect Veiler in hand. He used his Solemn Warning already and Notice wasn't announced then. I considered either having 5 attacks to bait out something and float into another Cyber with the not used Core in the Grave, or just going all out.


Out of my own stupidity and buckling under pressure. I played my Overload Fusion like an idiot, and thought it was over, GG WP. That F/D was going to rek me. Then, I got the notice if I wanted to activate something in response. I realized that you can chain MST from your hand on your turn so I chained it to the opposing F/D and it was a COMPULSORY EVACUATION DEVICE. If I didn't get that, I was toast.

I decided to go all out right then, use all 6 machines in my graveyard, because if I could anime my way to a comeback card, it's gotta work. This was my destiny.


The Overload Fusion resolved and summoned the Chimeratech Overdragon with 4800 ATK. No response. Go into battle Phase, and declare first attack. No response. Since his Hot Red Dragon Archfiend is still on the field, I attacked 5 more times, and put his LP FROM 8000 TO 0 with 1 more attack to spare.


And that, my friends, was how I got to 1210 ELO.

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