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Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions

[hr]There are many questions that appear and reappear over and over here in the Questions & Help section and they've been answered a million times already, but people just keep on asking. Please read this thread before you post any questions. If any of these questions pop up, you can simply redirect them to this thread.

I made this for a more easy to navigate FAQ with a Color Topic for visibility.[hr]
Table of Contents

  • How do I make the Show/Hide buttons?
  • How do I change a Topic's title?
  • How to I gain Levels/Stars?
  • How do I post my cards so people can see them?
  • How do I change my Display Name or Member Title?
  • How do I give a Rep or a Like?
  • How do I earn or give points?
  • Why don't bullet points or accents show up in the cardmaker?
  • How do I print my created cards?
  • Where can I Duel with my custom cards?
  • When is YCM getting fixed?
  • Other Important Terms
  • Notable Links and Guides

[spoiler=How do I make the Show/Hide buttons?]These buttons are called spoilers. To make one, you put in the following into your post:

[spoiler=Name you want]Whatever you want to put in here, goes here[/spoiler]

Alternatively, you can use the Special BBCode button in the top left corner.


And the following dialogue box should pop up. Select Spoiler from the drop-down menu.


And then the dialogue box should change to the box below with spaces to put in the Name of the spoiler and what you want inside it.


[spoiler=How do I change a Topic's title?]Click Edit and then go to "Use Full Editor" at the bottom beside "Save Changes".[/spoiler]
[spoiler=How to I gain Levels/Stars?]
You gain Levels as you post more. Certain sections do not have post count enabled, meaning even if you post in those sections, the number of posts you officially have won't increase. These sections are Games, Clubs & Organizations and Out-of-Character Planning. You have the following number of stars with the following number of posts:
1 Star - 0-24 posts
2 Stars - 25-149 posts
3 Stars - 150-399 posts
4 Stars - 400-999 posts
5 Stars - 1000-4999 posts
6 Stars - 5000-9999 posts
7 Stars - 10000+ posts
At 6 Stars, you also become a Veteran Member, meaning that you can change your profile background and change your Display Name once every 45 days instead of every 90 days.
Consult this thread for more information regarding specific privileges granted to user groups/ranks.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=How do I post my cards so people can see them?]
First, click on the card image on the cardmaker and a small bit of code with a URL should pop up at the bottom of your card once the cardmaker uploads your card to Imgur. Clicking on the code beneath your card image should automatically copy it to your clipboard which then you can paste it into your post.
However, on rare occasions, the little part beneath the card image may end up blank. That means that YCM has used up its allotted uploads for the day, which then you will have to save your card image and uploaded it yourself to an image hosting site such as Imgur or Photobucket.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=How do I change my Display Name or Member Title?]
To change your Display Name, go to Edit Profile and there should be a tab that says "Change Display Name". You do need a certain number of posts to do this and you can only change your Display Name once every 90 days (45 days for people with more than 5000 posts).
Alternatively, you can buy a Change Username item from the Shop for 3000 points. Note that changing your Display Name does NOT change your username, the name you log in with. If you wish to have this changed, you can ask one of the mods to do it for you.
To change your Member Title (the thing beneath your name), you simply go to Edit Profile and it should be there. However, you need at least 50 posts to do this. You can change your Member Title whenever you want.
[spoiler=How do I give a Rep or a Like and what do they do?]A Like, otherwise known as a Rep, is simply a mark of appreciation for either something funny that someone has posted or to show thanks when someone has helped you or done something good. The number of times you've been Liked shows up on your profile and also when someone hovers over your name. To give someone a Like, just click the green "Like This" button in the corner of their post.
[spoiler=How do I earn or give points and what do points do?]
To earn points, you simply have to post. Every post gives you 10 points and every new topic you make gives you 25 points. You can also earn points from winning Contests or Tournaments.
To give someone points, simply go onto their Profile and click the Donate Points button.
The following dialogue box should pop up and give you an option to specify a reason for giving the points so the recipient knows what the points are for and the amount which you are giving.
Points are our form of economy and are generally used for contests/tournaments. They can be used to purchase Name Changes and Color Topic Titles in the Shop for very hefty prices. Note that Color Topic Titles on your thread disappear when you edit the first post.
You can also buy your own member group with points for 10,000 points, plus 1K a month to retain it.
Or you can spend 40K and permanently have the group for life.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Why don't bullet points or accents show up in the cardmaker?]
Unfortunately, the cardmaker doesn't support bullet points or accents. This issue is unlikely to be fixed any time soon as YCMaker, the person in charge who created this site, only appears every once in a while before disappearing again. Instead, you can use Photoshop or GIMP with the Custom Card Templates to create your card. Those are the very same templates used in the cardmaker, so they should look exactly the same.
Accented letters work in the card's name, but only for lowercase letters. The cardmaker does not support long vowels, but you will rarely need them.
If you must use a long vowel, try using the circumflex one instead. It should look like " ^ " over the letter.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=How do I print my created cards?]
1. Make sure the card(s) you've made are saved in an easy-locatable place on your hard-drive.
2. Try to print Nine (9) cards at the same time on one A4 sheet, so open them all up in a program such as Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Publisher, and leave a gap between them, so it is easier to cut later.
3. Make sure that every card has the dimensional width of: 2.3125 inches and a height of 3.375 inches, or a width of 5.9 Centimeters and Height of 8.6 Centimeters.
4. Make sure you have an A4 size printer. Buy some "Photo Paper" or "High Gloss Paper" and set your printer settings compatible with the paper.
5. Print it off, in High-Definition. Make sure it is HD, because it can easily get messed up otherwise.
6. Time to cut out. Get a very sharp knife, and a ruler (scissors will also do, but a knife can be more accurate), place the ruler up against the edges of the card, and cut out!
Note: Guillotines can also be used (not the head-chopping off ones...).
7. Check the thickness of your card. If it seems the same thickness of a real card, just print the back of the card onto the, well, back of the card. If not, you can print off another sheet with card-backs on, and stick them together.
For more information about cards, please visit this thread:
[spoiler=Where can I Duel with my custom cards?]
YCM actually has its own website where you can upload and Duel with your own cards, you can find it here: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/279701-duel-portal-program-online-available/. Be aware that there still may be a few bugs and glitches and there is seldom anyone online. I suppose, we could try organising some tournaments and such.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=When are you going to fix the issues with YCM?]
A lot of you ask this; ESPECIALLY new members. 
We know about YCM's flaws (including the cardmaker malfunctioning in certain areas, addition of Pendulums/Links, etc.) and other user-based issues. The staff members would like them to be fixed as much as you do, if not more, but as it stands, most of these things can only be handled by the admin, YCMaker, whom is extremely inactive.
So an answer for this is: Whenever YCMaker gets over here to fix stuff, then the issues can be fixed. Right now, he's essentially dead.
[spoiler=Other Important Terms]Some important stuff you want to know around the forum.

  • Bump - where you post in your own topic solely for the sake of bringing it back to the top of the forum.
  • Necrobump - where you post in someone else's topic after no one has posted in the topic for a month.
  • Report - when you notify the mods that something is against the rules.
  • Warnings - when a mod gives you a warning about breaking the rules. Accumulating warning points can get you post-locked (unable to post) or even banned.

[spoiler=Notable Links and Guides]The Noob Tutorial: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/209295-the-noob-tutorial/
Guide to the Realistic Cards Section: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/304045-guide-to-the-realistic-cards-single-cards-section/
Cardmaking Guide: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/304872-a-guide-to-making-cards-card-art-sources/[/spoiler]
[hr]If you have any more questions to add to this thread, feel free to comment them below.

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Wait, aren't post counts in all of Others section is turned off?


And I guess the topic title should be highlighted so that it won't get overlooked. It pretty much does not stand out much compared to the other topics, especially the answered questions. NVM


Aand it's gone again.


I guess this is quite good, though maybe you might want to mention the special characters/accents compability question as a separate question or an addendum on the bullet section

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I feel like this was directed towards me -.-

If anything, you were simply the "breaking point" that had Axi decide to make this thread. Your questions about member levels and spoilers are amongst the most common questions that this section gets.



OT: If you're going to mention that "we have a site to duel with custom cards," you should actually show people what/where it is, rather than simply mentioning its existence.

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may get in trouble for this, but will we see an offline version of YCM for our CPU desktops one day?

Simply put, we have no clue. While there is no official offline version of YCM, there is Magic Set Editor, which is a card generator similar to this. Just google Magic Set Editor download and you're set.

Umm might be a stupid question, but for those noobs (meaning myself amongst others) who are not familiar with this whole card creation thing, how do we determine a card's set ID? Any tips or do I merely pick random character in coherence to one another?

Konami TCG cards determine their IDs by the name of the pack they come in, and their number in the set. For example, the first card in "Absolute Powerforce" would have the set ID as "ABPF-EN001". There's no set rule for how you shorten the name of the set, but usually you include the letters of the set name. For my set DEGENERATE★DUELISTS, I use DNDL-EN000.  

Is there a way to delete a topic?

Unless you're a mod, no. Best you can do is lock a topic, which you can do yourself by buying a close topic item in the shop (which is free) or by changing the topic title to "LOCK PLEASE" where hopefully the mods will lock it for you.
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To get multiple spoilers, do this.

[spoiler=Outer Spoiler]
[spoiler=Inner Spoiler]
Insert content here.
[spoiler=Outer Spoiler]
[spoiler=Inner Spoiler]
Insert content here.
Sometimes YCM acts a bit stupid with the spoiler tags though, but it should be working. 
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Yeah it's still not working. Before I post it, it looks like this


(the spoilers are part of the picture)

When I look at it in post preview, it looks like this


Am I doing something wrong, or are spoilers just being weird right now like you said they can be?

Try posting a spoiler, I want to see how it looks myself and it may just be your Preview messing up. And yes, it's supposed to display like the first picture before you post.

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>post a spoiler
Will do


Hm. Seems to be your computer's problem since I managed to fix it just by going to Edit your post, changing nothing and then clicking save. Try posting in BBCode Mode. (That button in the top left)

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