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Love of Ghibli

Yu-Gi-Oh: Arc of Conquest (OOC/Started/ Accepting/PG-16)

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Username: Skyheart6

Name: Astraia Catriona

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Height: 6' 1"

Actually carries imitation katana made of wood.[/spoiler]


Within the mind of Astraia, the world is in need of justice. Justice that only an authentic hero, capable of transcending into legend and myth, can achieve. Astraia believes herself to be qualified to be just that champion of justice. 


She is a person who is extremely animated and simply brimming with enthusiasm and vigor towards any sort of task given before her. Furthermore, she is extremely theatrical and emphatic in the way she speaks, often about justice and whatnot. In line with this hero persona of hers, she is very devoted towards any goal she has been given and will complete to the best of her capabilities. She also expects this attitude from everyone else, and will not tolerate those who simply "half-ass" it. She is also in full compliance with the school, despite its violent like tendencies, as she believes it will all lead towards the greater good.


Despite one might expect of this seemingly justice crazed nut, she is quite friendly towards most strangers. While maybe a bit much, she will still act in a rather jovial manner, albeit mixed with her hero persona, towards those she doesn't know. However, if she meets you while you are breaking some sort of school rule...god help you. This entire Chosen Hero of Justice thing, though, seems to lax a bit while she is towards those that she is familiar and comfortable with, being much less over the top with them. 


Extracurricular activities: Signer Club (wielder of the Ancient Fairy/Pixie Dragon.) Member of the Disciplinary Committee 


1. E HERO/Masked HERO Deck.

2. Ally of Justice
Deck Description:

1. A deck that utulizes the fusion summons of both the Elemental Heroes, and the single material fusion monsters of the Masked Heroes in order to create powerful beatsticks with various effects. Also summons Ancient Fairy Dragon in order to assist in getting Heroes on the Field/using Hero Field Spells. Ancient Pixie Dragon just blows stuff up. 
2. A deck that focuses around brutally punishing Light Atribute monsters. Ancient Fairy and Pixie are used for the aforementioned uses. 

Custom Cards: None Yet



Also reserving Number 85: Crazy Box, Number 58: Burner Viser, and Number 50: Blackship of Corn (not for Astraia) 


While it is end game I'm going to say accepted. 

Also it took me so many times to grasp that all three of the numbers were not for this one character. 

Also moving into the second part of phase 1. The school is being attacked itself. Meaning that all of the non-Number holding characters now have something to do. It should be easy to figure out who's behind this so have fun lol

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since you still accept apps I want to join this RP, but pleeasse, could you tell the summary of what did happen.. you know, I cannot read "14 PAGES" :3 

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