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[C15] Morning Spoilers are best spoilers Daily Spoilers 4/11

Flame Dragon

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Its like Chandra Ablaze's Ult. Only much much better.




Magus of the Wheel

Creature - Human Wizard

1R, Tap, Sacrifice Magus of the Wheel: Each player discards his or her hand, then draws seven cards.


This is only a little nuts. Wonder if we'll see other Magus




Not going to lie, a bit of a let down. Its powerful, but doesn't feel super splashy.




I love how this can be used to ambush someone, regardless of who they are attacking. Really cool card.








Super Banishing Light is super.

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Yeah, Meren's pretty absurd. She and Mizzix are easily the two strongest of the five headliners. Heck, cut the last sentence of her ability and she'd still be crazy. But that card advantage now is just insurmountable.


Her Scourge is okay, but not incredible. I don't know how efficient its recursion ability would be, although being able to sac your used-up ETB dorks and get a couple of experience counters off of its master is nice.


Arachnogenesis and Grasp of Fate are awesome. Definitely two cards I want to pick up.


Not too enthusiastic about the other stuff. I don't play red so the first two aren't appealing, Anya just seems like overkill, and while GOG is a nice surprise beating I don't know how often I'd be holding up the six mana.


EDIT: People missed one.




Meteor Volley XRRR


~ deals 4 damage to each of X target creatures and/or players.

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Trying to decide if I want to put Meren into Karador or not. Not sure.


Her dragon is neat though. More ways to sac guys is always a helpful thing to have.


Meteor Volley seems bad. Rather have Mizzium Mortars.


Also, another new card.





Gain control of target spell. You may choose new targets for that spell. If that spell is a permanent, that permanent enters the battlefield under your control.


Seems strong.

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Mizzix's Mastery is just super bomby, I still wish Wizards would do something else with U/R other than "Lol spellz everywhere"

Magus of the wheel is ridiculous.

Anya is uhh, mediocre? R/W gets the short stick again. Wizards really needs to look into expanding R/W's slice of the color pie. Nice art though.

Great Oak Guardian is awesome and another combo piece for deadeye. SUPRISE TREE

Arachnogenesis is the hypiest fog ever

Grasp of fate is great

Meren is like, the embodiment of The Rock commander, just a crazy good value engine. Her dragon is not too shabby either

Meteor Volley kind of feels like a bad Mizzium Mortars, I really can't see why I'd play it over any other red sweeper or fireball effect.

Aethersnatch is pretty sweet.

Synthetic Destiny is really cheesy but a lot of fun. Turn all your mana dorks into game enders.

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