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Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting]


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Hosted and Co-hosted by:

Sethera and Lord CowCow


  1. Basic rules, RP rules. Pretty sure you guys know the drill by now. If not, check the threads.
  2. Don't forget the Advanced Clause, guys. Check the RP section rules for more details on that.
  3. Let's not have overpowered, tactical genius Kirito clones in this RP, kay? That applies to both genders.
  4. Activity is a must.
  5. Nobody is allowed to kill off my enemies. I'm gonna take a leaf from the gijinka RP for this. CowCow and I will decide if your attack killed them or even hit them. Sometimes there will be enemies where it's okay to do that, and I will also keep your power levels and the enemies' power levels in mind for this stuff. You can also run an attack by one of us first. Also, try to use common sense. If an enemy is at full health, then it's less likely that your attack would oneshot them.
  6. This RP is generally Open Acceptance but Cow and I reserve the right to say a character isn't IC-ready yet. We'll try and give feedback though on how to improve. Keep in mind we don't want OP characters. If it says Closed that means that, with where we are in the RP, we already have a backlog of characters to introduce, so until they are integrated into the RP it shall remain closed.





The tale of the hero-king Augustus is passed down from parent to child all over the continent of Mysia. How he, ten other heroes, and the Great Dragon sealed the dark goddess Inera with the aid of the legendary sword Caliburn and the Fire Emblem. While the Great Dragon retreated to the wilderness to live the rest of its life in obscurity, Augustus went on to found the kingdom of Galtea, where to this day his descendants rule.


It is said that only the blood of the hero-king can awaken the goddess from her slumber. With this in mind, the Order of Inera, a sect of holy men and women devoted to the dark goddess, devised a plan to steal one of the two children of King Reginald, the current ruler of Galtea. With the aid of goddess sympathizers in Augusta, they managed to kidnap Princess Catriona, using her blood at the Pontus shrine in a dark ceremony to revive the goddess. However, before they could complete the ceremony, the girl escaped.


Still, the ceremony wasn't without its consequences. Although they couldn't complete the ritual, the goddess was partially revived. With her awakening came undead horrors and Catriona herself ended up cursed, doomed to die before her next birthday.


Realizing the risk of returning to Augusta, where she might get kidnapped again, Catriona fled to the castle of Sochen, where her sister Penelope happened to be staying. After a tense reunion, they decided to set out for Ithome, the capital of Histia, where they might find more information on stopping the goddess and her curse.


Meanwhile, King Reginald has just received word of his daughter's return, the country that kidnapped her, and what they used her for. Pontus has gone too far this time...






Full-Size Map

Political Map



Fire Emblem Guide - Read this if you have any questions on classes, items, or the mechanics of this RP. This will be expanded upon as new information is revealed in the RP.


World - Includes information on the setting and the non-player characters of this RP.


Timeline - Includes a brief history of Mysia and detailed timelines on past and current events.



Garou Regiment - The regiment that Catriona, Anaïs, and Link were once a part of.

Histian Military - A study of their military history, up to present-date.

House Mirrahel - An investigation on their history and the enigmatic causes of their downfall.

Legends of the War - A discussion of the Lyonesse War, from a primarily Pontic viewpoint.

Inera's Legions - A breakdown of Pontic force organization.

Magic: A Compilation - An introductory reference thesis to magic.



The Demon and the Farmer's Wife - The Garou and Scuten's End regiment relax around the fire with an old folk song.

Ciela's Background - In which Ciela discovers her predisposition toward a certain magic.

Link's Origins: Before the Garou - His home and what led to his departure from it.

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Obvious interest is obvious.


[spoiler=The Tactical Princess]


"Would you like to learn about the history of snow sculpting? It doesn't have to be snow sculpting..."

Identity Information

Name: Penelope Nabudis
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Augusta, Galtea.
5‘4“ 119lbs

[spoiler=Personality]Penelope is a very studious young lady. She can often be found with her nose in a book and believes strongly that you can learn whatever you need to from the words of the great geniuses of the past. This gives her a tendency to undervalue personal experience and she doesn’t agree with the idea that one would need to experience things for themselves. Though she is eager to share what she learned with people. in fact when it comes to reading and sharing knowledge Penelope can be downright excitable.
However Penelope is quite lazy when it comes to actually doing work. She adores reading, be it fiction or non-fiction, and this sometimes can lead to her refusing to do certain tasks, and can be a bit immature and childish about this at times. She knows when something needs to be done but she has difficulty tearing herself away from books. When she isn't reading she can be quite social, she's not opposed to talking with others, she just really adores reading.

Penelope believes there is greatness in avoiding confrontations. She thinks that the mark of a true warrior is to know how to avoid having to fight at all. Though she also has a bit of a stubborn side when it comes to this. When forced into a confrontation Penelope will react with sudden flight or fight. Either becoming awkward and trying to leave, or getting angry, usually depending on the circumstance and how she feels about the person confronting her.
This puts her at odds with her sister, as she’s always trying to get her to do things she doesn’t want to do. She doesn’t dislike Catriona but she also sees her as the personification of a lifestyle she doesn’t want.

However Penelope is great at negotiation and, when needed, manipulation. She sees it as if someone was manipulated that means she bested them. Just as how one wouldn’t complain about losing a duel, one shouldn’t complain about being manipulated.

Penelope is a bit frustrated with her sister, and worries that her ways would lead their country down a dangerous path. And so, while she doesn’t like it, she is perfectly willing to learn how to become a good advisor. However she often less “advises" and more “demands".

On the other hand Penelope is very caring about the people of her country. She realizes how important even the weakest soldier is. She knows that everyone, young and old, have stories to them. She doesn't seem to realize these stories she values so much come from experience. Her care helped her to be very close to the common people and the soldiers of her country. They see her as a kind and friendly individual, and many tend to be kind to her in return. She’s very easy to converse with as long as you don’t try and make her do something she doesn’t want to.


Another thing that sometimes clashes with her laziness is her desire to make herself, and others, appear presentable. This probably stems from the fact she'd get treats from her parents when she was younger, by keeping herself clean. However if push comes to shove the laziness wins out.

She strives to be a great tactician, one who can command armies with ease and outmanuever any competition. Her greatest strength, and biggest weakness, is her desire to keep everyone safe. She also has an odd habit of relying on luck in battle when she can’t find a solution that satisfies her.

[spoiler=Biography]The younger princess of Galtea, Penelope wasn’t put under as much pressure as her sister. However this is partially due to the fact that her parents realized early on that she learned best when left to her own devices. They came to her on occasion to make sure she was doing fine and to check on her learning, but other than that she was kinda given free reign.

She used this to her advantage and explored the castle and city whenever she could. She visited poor and rich, soldier and civilian, everyone she could. Her babysitter and guardian was every living creature in the city. She had several instances where she almost came to harm but a combination of knowing her way around, including secret passages, the help of her people, and a big dose of luck, kept her from coming to any lasting harm.

She never saw much of her sister, as the older girl was being more formally educated and never had time to play, or as Penelope put it, learn. This frustrated the young girl, though she tried to have patience. Thus her interactions with her sister tended to go from polite, feigned, indifference to annoyance and anger.

Combat Information

Class: Tactician. Mostly Sword, but also some Anima Magic.
[spoiler=Stats]HP - D
Str - D
Mag - D
Skl - C
Spd - C
Lck - B
Def - D
Res - B

[spoiler=Fighting Style]One would think Penelope would have a perchance for magic over anything, given her nature. However she decided at an early age that it would be more practical to take up the sword. That isn’t to say she’s bad with magic, but she doesn’t focus on it and thus it’s usually just a compliment to her swordplay.
However she’s not a great swords-woman either, especially compared to her sister. Which is something that bothers her greatly.
She tends to take a cautious fighting style at first, waiting for openings, dodging rather than blocking, and striking with precision. Tends to slash more than thrust.

Inventory: Antitoxin, Vulnerary, Pure Water

Katarina. The sword depicted in her image, this blade was created at the same time as Damocles. However Penelope was only granted it after defeating the king's tactician at a game of Chess. A high quality blade of great beauty and light-weight despite its strength.

Wind Tome. A simple blast of wind, which can push targets short distances. Or send out a cutting edge made from wind, in the form of a green crescent. Does minor damage but quite fast.

Other Information


-Carries around a backpack filled with books. Keeps adding to it and sometimes overfills it.

-Has a habit of sometimes making up stories and facts for fun.

-Occasionally talks to her sword as if it were a person.


[spoiler=The Royal Meat Shield]


"I will gladly be your wall...just...do try and not be attacked too often. please, heh."

Identity Information

Name: Gunther Bove
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Nastre, Galtea
Gunther has dark green eyes, and his hair naturally sticks up all over the place. He was told to put special oils in it to keep it flattened and not look slovenly. His armor is much heavier than depicted, and the cape is blue.
He stands at an impressive 6'2“ and weighs in at 210 pounds without the armor.

[spoiler=Personality]Gunther is not exactly what one would expect from a Knight. The first thing that sets him apart, and not in a good way, is the fact that he's entirely terrified of pain and dying. The mere thought of being tortured would be enough to shake him up and he tries to avoid pain as best he can. Which is one reason he decided to train with the heavy armor of a Knight. Dying frightens him more because he's constantly struggling with having faith in an afterlife, and the idea of simply not existing anymore drives him mad.


However this isn't all there is to Gunther. He's a very sweet individual, always trying to be kind, polite, and genuine. He's quite soft spoken and friendly, willing to lend a hand when needed. Though, he often feels he's not doing enough. Has very little self-worth and thinks that there are many others that can do whatever he is doing better. This can lead to him giving up part-way. Has a fondness of flowers and animals, and is very gentle with both. In return animals seem to love him and plants seem to flourish in his care.

An extremely gullible individual, Gunther is easily convinced by lies and can be overly trusting. Except when it comes to those that worship the Goddess. To them he's, sometimes to a paranoid level, leery.


Pretty forgetful, and messy, Gunther has often been scolded for his unprofessional demeanor. However he is truly a determined young man, and believes that one should work hard and do what is ordered of you. As long as it doesn't go against his rather simple morals. Those being, don't ruin nature, don't harm others, respect your superiors, protect those you can, and give to those less fortunate.

Gunther wishes to be a hero, though his slight cowardice and anxiety can make this difficult.

[spoiler=Biography]To understand Gunther's history you must start with his mother. A waitress at a tavern in Nastre, this young woman had seen many kinds of people. None truly held much interest to her, romantically, until a strong and mysterious pirate came to spend the night drinking and partying. It was one of those fast and passionate romances that lasted the night, and then the next morning the man left. But not before impregnating the girl, with Gunther. She struggled to continue working to be able to feed herself and her baby and, when Gunther was not yet ten years old, gathered enough to travel to the capital. There she became a servant at the castle itself and, through dedication on both her and her son's part, Gunther managed to be accepted into the army.


Gunther doesn't know the truth about his father. Whenever he was brought up, his mother would get quiet and brush it off. But one day she told him a story, a lie, that she felt would make him feel better. Since many kids around the town were making claims, most close to the truth, and upsetting Gunther. She told him he was a strong mercenary of justice that was murdered by disciples of the Goddess while trying to bring down an evil and dangerous sect. He believed this, and grew up thinking that the followers of the Goddess all were not to be trusted, and that he had an amazing legacy to live up to. He practiced and practiced, and generally avoided the other kids in lieu of pets and plants, so that he could become someone to make his parents proud. He didn't mind leaving his home, as he had few friends and Nastre was quite a rough place, he had been injured far more often than he'd have liked.


He met the Princesses fairly early on after his mother became a servant, and immediately grew attached to them, though he didn't outright say it ever. He grew closer to the younger, as Catriona was quite busy and was kept away more often than not. Whereas Penelope was allowed, or managed to find a way, to interact with the servants more often. When he was made a Knight, he was so proud that he went straight to the Princesses and declared his eternal servitude to them. Many thought this rash and rude, but the Princesses seemed to take it well. He wasn't a terrible soldier, but he also wasn't anything special. He always seemed to be held back somehow by his own personality. He was more or less forgotten by most, as an average soldier in the army. But Penelope remembered. When Penelope decided to go on a trip to Sochen, her father made her take a guard. However he, after a long negotiation, allowed her to pick the guard. When she chose Gunther the King was not particularly pleased, but he did not want to go back on his word. So he went to Gunther personally to go above and beyond in his service, and Gunther of course agreed. When Penelope had her reunion with her sister, Gunther was there, and he happily and proudly went with them on their quest.

Combat Information

Class: Knight
[spoiler=Stats]HP - A
Str - C
Mag - E
Skl - D
Spd - E
Lck - D
Def - B
Res - D

[spoiler=Fighting Style]Defend, thrust, defend, defend, defend. Gunther focuses on defending and keeping enemies pinned down over actually fighting. Though when he is put in a position he has to fight, he tends to be cautious and does his best to make his slow strikes count.

Inventory: Iron Lance. Vulnerary. Vulnerary. Vulnerary.

Other Information



- Penelope likes to make things up to tell him specifically. She convinced him once that ducks floated because they were hollow inside



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Character Information



Identity Information
Name: Pretty simple. First and last, stuff like that.
Age: Nobody under 15 please.
Gender: Male, female, whatever.
Birthplace: Where are they from? Give the country at the very least.
Appearance: Spoiler this. Either a picture and height/weight or at least two paragraphs of description.
Personality: Spoiler this. Two paragraphs minimum.
Biography: Spoiler this. Two paragraphs minimum. If you need clarification on locations or stuff, just ask. I think I have given you guys plenty of opportunity for your characters to have met either Catriona or Penelope (or both) and have joined the party.


Combat Information
Class: Choose from one of the unpromoted classes listed in the OP. Include what type of weapon you use, especially if you're a cavalier or thief. Also, even if somebody else has taken a class, that doesn't mean you can't take it either. However, I want only two maximum of the same class. So no five-mage party.
Stats: Spoiler this. This isn't going to be super precise. I just want to get a general idea of your character's strengths and weaknesses. These aren't like RPG stats where they "level up" either. Give me:

  • HP - Health
  • Str - Physical strength
  • Mag - Magical aptitude
  • Skl - Accuracy
  • Spd - Speed
  • Lck - Luck
  • Def - Physical defense
  • Res - Magical resistance

Grade them using this scale:

  • E - Terrible. You're absolutely hopeless with this.
  • D - Poor. You're at a disadvantage, but at least you're not hopeless.
  • C - Average. You're not particularly good or bad with this.
  • B - Decent. You're at an advantage, and it shows.
  • A - Excellent. You're at the top of your game here.

Note: If you really don't want to do this, message me or CowCow. Also try not go OP with this. If you go A-rank in anything, try to limit it to one thing only and lower your other stats to compensate.
Fighting Style: Optional. Spoiler this. Describe how your character fights.
Inventory: Spoiler this if you go into detail. 5 slots maximum. Include your weapon(s) in this and any healing items you may have.


Other Information
Optional. Put whatever. Like trivia, musical theme, or whatever else. If your character has a mount, any information on them goes here.



[spoiler=The Cursed Princess]


"I have to stop the goddess. Not for myself, but for the world."

Identity Information
Name: Catriona Nabudis
Age: 21 (Birthday: August 17th)
Gender: Female

Birthplace: Augusta, Galtea

HT: 166 cm (5'5")   WT: 60 kg (132 lbs)

While not being particularly tall, Catriona isn't particularly short either. Her weight is around average for her height, though most of it is in muscle. White-haired with a touch of lavender, she has some of it in two braids to make it easier to handle. Her eyes are a deep blue, but they have no expression, therefore appearing flat and cold. Her clothes are form-fitting for ease of movement and airy to release excess heat. She wears a cape to keep warm on chilly days, though it seems to billow on its own for some reason, making it rather useless for its function. For armor, she wears a gorget to protect her neck, a pair of vambraces to protect her forearms, faulds to protect her hips, and greaves to protect her shins. She also wears gloves, though she keeps the forefinger and middle finger uncovered for dexterity purposes.




At first glance, you would think Catriona a coolheaded individual, the perfect stoic warrior. Underneath, however, her emotions run deep. She has always felt more strongly, more profoundly, than most people, but instead of lamenting her sensitivity, she has embraced it, using her grief as a motivator to keep moving. She believes that personal experience is the best teacher, and thus may let others experience unnecessary pain for the sake of learning. This has affected her relationship with her younger sister Penelope.
Catriona sees challenges as foes to be fought, and will gladly confront them head on. She doesn't go out of her way to challenge herself or find problems, but when she finds one, she doesn't shy away from confronting it. Because of this, she sometimes overworks herself, but her natural stubbornness prevents her from giving up even when exhausted. This has exasperated friends and family alike.
While her younger sister Penelope is beloved by the people, Catriona is respected and admired. However, her status and personality give her an unapproachable aura. This pains her, but she hasn't found a way to tear down that barrier, and few have ever tried to breach it. Those that have, however, mostly soldiers she's fought alongside in the border skirmishes, are proud to call her a friend.
Her experience with swordplay has made her a perfectionist, and she is often critical of both herself and others to a painful degree. What she hasn't learned is how to temper her words to make them more palatable, and this has earned her a few enemies.
Catriona feels guilt knowing she is the cause of the goddess' revival, however she has decided not to let either that guilt or her impending death weigh her down, and forges on regardless. She views the state as more important than individuals, and for that reason, underestimates her own relevance.



Born the crown princess of Galtea, Catriona has been groomed to take over her father's duties when it comes her time to take up the scepter. Because of this, she never had much time to get to know her younger sister Penelope, who was educated separately and more freely. Before she knew it, their interactions were painful and stiff, like talking with a stranger rather than a sister. While she wants to get to know and love her sister, Catriona doesn't know how, and her frustration at this causes her to snap at Penelope when they talk. 
After turning sixteen, she joined the fighting on the border skirmishes, and made a name for herself there. This became part of the reason why she was kidnapped over her sister. Not only is her sister well-protected among the people, but Catriona has made herself a public enemy of Pontus after she defeated one of their prized generals in single combat. Shortly before her twenty-first birthday, she returned home to Augusta to celebrate it, but was kidnapped soon after arriving. During the ceremony, Inera cursed her so that she would die before her next birthday. Nonetheless, Catriona managed to escape and fled to Rabans. There she sent a message to her father informing him of what happened (minus the curse), and decided to put more distance between herself and Pontus, bypassing Galtea's goddess church to reach Sochen.
At Sochen, she was surprised to find Penelope, but at her sister's demands, informed her of what was happening, leaving out the curse. Penelope then suggested they try finding the Great Dragon, as it would be their best bet on defeating the goddess. They then headed out for Ithome to hopefully learn of the Great Dragon's whereabouts.
With the knowledge of her impending death hanging over her head, Catriona decided to groom her sister in the ways of royalty in case she fails. This has done nothing but worsen their relationship, however.



Combat Information
Class: Lord (Sword)

  • HP - C
  • Str - B
  • Mag - D
  • Skl - B
  • Spd - C
  • Lck - E
  • Def - C
  • Res - D



[spoiler=Fighting Style]

Known for her skillful and smooth sword fighting, Catriona is a pleasure to behold in battle. She despises unnecessary movements, but manages to look like she's dancing anyway. A balanced fighter, she edges more toward skill than anything else, but her strokes have a strength behind them that belies her appearance.



Damocles - The same sword shown in her picture. One day King Reginald commissioned a smith to make twin swords for his children, to be named by them and to be used by them. Catriona was only granted hers after she earned a name for herself defeating a famous Pontic general. She named it Damocles, as a reminder to take her duties seriously, but it has instead become a symbol of her impending death.
- Vulnerary (3/3) - A pouch of healing herbs and spices meant to apply on wounds. Like the other healing items, it has three uses before it runs out.


Other Information
Theme: Not Gonna Die




[spoiler=No.000 Catriona Nabudis - Sethera]


The Cursed Lord

A princess whose cold exterior hides a burning interior. Seeks to get closer to other people, but her position tends to ward others away. The one most likely to get a stress ulcer.

"I knew...this would happen...eventually. Please...fight on..."



[spoiler=No.001 Alois Reinhardt - Skaia]


The Candid Fighter

A Histian fighter who left his village to explore the world. Despite his cockiness and smug attitude, he is a reliable and helpful person. Has the most sarcastic tongue.

"Heh… I guess I wasn’t so great after all."




[spoiler=No.002 Penelope Nabudis - Lord CowCow]


The Caring Tactician

A princess who is the opposite of her older sister in many ways. Dislikes confrontations, and loves to play tricks on Gunther. The one most likely to spout a random fact.

"I guess I needed… to learn more… after all…"




[spoiler=No.003 Gunther Bove - Lord CowCow]


The Gentle Knight

Penelope's personal guard. Is extremely gullible. Is a natural with plants and animals, but has a crippling self-esteem. The one most afraid of pain.

"Urgh, it was inevitable… after all."

"I couldn’t even… do this right."




[spoiler=No.004 Edrick Roranson - Keto]


The Zealous Lancer

Born on a farm in Pontus, he left chasing after a horse thief. Is extremely talented at growing crops. Has a distaste for liars, and a long memory to go with it. The one most likely to show up to battle shirtless.

"Inera, Mistress of Undeath, let me rise again!"




[spoiler=No.005 Link Harkinian - Hakima]


The Heroic Mercenary

A military veteran and wanderer by nature after the loss of his beloved horse. Quiet and socially awkward, he nonetheless manages to present a trustworthy and reliable image. The best musician.

"No more nightmares… I can… sleep…"




[spoiler=No.006 Ciela Celestinia/Mirrahel - Nai]


The "Lucky" Troubadour

A haughty girl used to bathing in luxury. After the fall of her house she has been wandering from place to place with her horse, Remy. Short-sighted, she lacks a concrete goal. The one with the most extreme luck.




[spoiler=No.007 Sienna - Wind Rider]


The Magical Kitsune

A newcomer to the outside world. Intelligent and studious, she shares the curiosity her species is so famed for, causing her to fall for things others might not. Hates to be interrupted while reading.




[spoiler=No.008 Tsetseg Altansarnai - Skaia]


The Bubbly Bow Thief

Originally from Locris, she followed some merchants to Histia, where she joined the Pelinna Patrol. Peppy and energetic, she lives in a constant state of wonder for the world around her. Loves fluffy things.




[spoiler=No.009 Shiro - Saiku]


The Stealthy Frog

Enslaved from a young age as a performing frog, he managed to escape and return to the Pelinna region. Generally silent, he prefers to keep his opinions to himself. The biggest nature lover.




[spoiler=No.010 Adelheid/Adelaide Sigrdvia- Nai]


The Fickle Pegasus Knight

Originally a cavalier of Galtea, she defected to serve Pontus as the Crimson Impact. Later, she reappeared in the Pelinna Patrol. A person of dichotomy, she can be jolly or composed. The one with the most aliases.








Character Reviews

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Glad to see some interest! :D


I'll be happy to answer any questions you guys have on mechanics, plot, etc, unless you ask for spoilers.
Also, I'll be trying to keep this newbie-friendly so I'm not gonna be super obsessive on mechanics like I was for Alter. Though I will have a stats section on the application, but it's pretty intuitive imo.

And yeah the wind magic versus fliers just slipped my mind. I added a weapons section that talks about that.

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Nah that's just a guideline. Just, certain countries have more of a specific class than others, like in the games. You could totally make a cavalier from Locris, for instance, though he or she probably wouldn't be a chivalric knight, since that country doesn't have them.

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Well, I'm trying to make this RP easy for newbies to get into. Like, it's Fire Emblem, but you don't really need game knowledge to RP and stuff. Also this is a completely different world than the worlds in FE, so you don't have to worry about that either. Pretty much just the classes and weapons, which I put in the OP.

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Okay guys, app skeleton is posted along with an example app (my character).

Again, for the stats thing, it's just a general way of telling CowCow and I your character's strengths and weaknesses. Basically like something you'd write in "abilities" listing the strengths and weaknesses of them, just in an RPG style. Tell us if you'd rather not do it though and instead just write it out in paragraph form or something.

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"Quote here"


Identity Information
Name: Meifing Shen
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Palea, Isuria

Alignment: Neutral Good



Height: 5'3" (160 cm)

Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

Meifing's appearance, much like her personality, is quite enigmatic and odd. Originating from a far eastern portion of Isuria Meifing's people are known for their culture's uniqueness in comparison to the others in Mysia. While she has only returned to her ancestor's homeland a handful of times and has never stayed for very long, but Meifing has embraced her culture, and it reflects in her style of dress. Wearing the traditional garb of her homeland, however Meifing elects to go barefoot wherever she goes. In a quite nontraditional sense Meifing has allowed her finger nails to grow out, and manicured them into sharp points as well as painting her nails a deep shade of purple.

[spoiler=Personality]An enigmatic woman it is quite hard to tell what Meifing is thinking at any point in time. Her calm, reserved demeanor hides an intensely burning inner flame of passion and curiosity of the world around her. Unfortunately Meifing's odd disposition tends to lead to her isolation from others, and she is often misunderstood by those she meets. Though they tend to be few and far between, if Meifing can find a person shares a similar disposition to herself she will become an entirely different person, the harmony bringing a fountain of joy and inspiration bursting forth in Meifing.


Despite having been isolated from people for so long Meifing is a surprisingly good diplomat, and prides herself on her extraordinary ability to negotiate and avoid conflict between others. Since she has lived away from large cities for most of her life Meifing is free from the societal rules and stigmas that often affect the judgement of others, and allows her decision making to be dictated by honor, beauty, morality, and virtue - Meifing is lead by the purity of intent rather than society's ideals of reward and punishment. Due to this Meifing is rather open-minded and is likely to go along with just about anything should unless she finds it to be too morally incorrect. Not really one for planning Meifing is quite flexible, and tends to go with the flow, finding happiness wherever life happens to take her.


A creative and free spirited person Meifing spends much of her time studying the natural world, and is always trying to learn more about how the world functions. However this tends to lead to Meifing being rather impractical in how she goes about accomplishing tasks, and often needlessly over complicates her ideas. Extremely dedicated once she sets her mind to something Meifing becomes like a blood hound in completing the task, however this can lead to Meifing ignoring things such as day-to-day maintenance, and self-care.


There are few people in the world that Meifing considers to be a friend, though those she has made are people that she deeply cherishes and keeps close to her heart. To befriend Meifing is a long and arduous quest, and those that do not have patience to tolerate her will leave her quite quickly. Because this is the most common ultimatum for most of her relationships, Meifing tends not to become attached to others until they can prove themselves to be a worthy friend. Due to Meifing's own ideals, it is difficult for Meifing to befriend someone who is bound societal conventions.

[spoiler=Biography]Born to a family of traveling gypsies Meifing has been to each country in Mysia at least once in her lifetime. While she was born in Palea she spent little time there as a child before her family migrated to Cardas. This city is where Meifing would learn her family's craft, not only performing, but thieving as well. As one of the younger members of her family, Meifing's innocent and cute appearance as a child would cause people to let their guard down around her allowing Meifing easy prey, the person not knowing their money was missing until long after.


By the age of 18 Meifing had visited much of Mysia, including her own homeland, and for the first time in her life had finally returned to her birthplace, Palea. It was at around this time that Meifing began to pick up dark magic. While she did not attend the dark magic academy located there, Meifing would often sneak in to the academy and "borrow" books from its library to teach herself the dark arts. Despite her skills in sneaking learned from early childhood, Meifing's antics were quite quickly thwarted by one of the professors of the academy. However rather than punish the young girl, the professor out of admiration for the girl's eagerness to learn, brought the girl under her wing as an unofficial apprentice. It was around this time that Meifing separated from her family to stay in Palea to continue her studies of the dark arts, however the nomadic life was ingrained in Meifing's very being, and in her mid-twenties Meifing left her master to learn more of the dark arts on her own.


Again on the road Meifing began to travel across the many lands she had visited once with her family, however this time she came with the intention of learning rather than performing. Ever curious Meifing would spend weeks or months at a time learning the history, culture, and traditions (as well as picking up more knowledge of dark magic) of every single village, town, or city she visited. By the time she had entered her mid-thirties Meifing had again traversed over the entirety of the continent of Mysia. She began to realize then that simply acquiring knowledge would not allow her to grow, but Meifing had to put to good use the vast knowledge she had acquired. For this, however, Meifing would require a workshop, however she was not too crazy of the idea of setting up in bustling cities of Mysia, so she elected to settle down in place that was far more secluded.


Eventually deciding on the Vinuvian Forest due to its secluded, and its status as a vastly untouched place, Meifing built her own small workshop within the forest, and for many years did not leave the forest cutting all outside contact away. It is unknown what made her emerge from the forest after nearly a decade, however she has since taken up her nomadic tendencies again (though she still spends quite a bit of time in her shack in the forest) and has built other "vacation homes" for herself since in other secluded spots such as the Nethis Basin and Calubrian Hills. It was actually on one of the few times that Meifing exited her shack that she met the Princess Catriona shortly after her escape from being a ritual sacrifice.


Normally one to mind her own business Meifing's better nature happened to take the better of her when she spotted the troubled princess on the shores of Lake Garam. When she heard the young girl's plight Meifing immediately felt pity for the her, and decided that she would pledge her services for the princess and her quest to awaken the Great Dragon, and stop the awakening of the Goddess.




Combat Information
Class: Shaman


  • HP - E
  • Str - E 
  • Mag - A
  • Skl - E
  • Spd - C
  • Lck - D
  • Def - C
  • Res - C


Fighting Style: Optional. Spoiler this. Describe how your character fights.

  • Nosferatu: A sinister book that contains quite a bit of knowledge on the elder magics feared by the Dark Goddess Inera. It bestows upon its user the arcane ability to drain the life force of others to heal wounds inflicted upon the user. The dark power of this tome is so great that its wielder may even heal a mortal wound, or allow the user to add years on to their lives by draining the vitality of others. As someone with a healthy respect and vast knowledge over the dark arts she has control Meifing takes great precaution when using the powers of this tome, and will only use if she believes it is absolutely necessary. The use of this tome is a sign that Meifing intends to take the battle seriously, and is more than ready to end her opponent's life.
  • Dark God - 72nd: A tome that allows Meifing to wield the power of darkness. A purely offensive tome it contains a variety of spells that aligned with the dark element. It's primary attack is a very weak purple lightening attack that fires from the user's fingers  This is Meifing's primary battle tome.
  • Portable Alchemy Kit: Kept in a brown satchel which Meifing keeps on her at all times it contains quite a large amount of materials which Meifing can use to perform alchemy on the go. Contained within is chalk, several strips of metal wire, vials of various liquids, 2 flint stones and 3 rubies which Meifing considers to be her greatest alchemic achievement.
  • Apothecary Kit: A brown leather fanny pack which Meifing keeps strapped around her waist.  While she cannot perform the amazing feats of healing the wielders of staves, or a vulnerary can Meifing can perform some more practical procedures that are useful for those who travel often. It contains various herbs, a scalpel, several spools of thread, and 2 sewing needles. Meifing occasional uses the objects in this kit in her alchemy.



Other Information

  • Meifing Theme:
  • Meifing Battle Theme:
  • Meifing's people are quite well known in their skill with cosmetics, and this skill has not been lost on Meifing. Meifing is skilled in the arts of cosmetics, and is quite capable of making her own, which is primarily all she uses to recreate her people's intricate and graceful make-up on herself.
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Okay forgot to say, no promoted units. That's on me, for forgetting to specify that in the app. If you really want to play a promoted unit though, I'd like it if you discussed it with me or CowCow so we can figure out how to make it work, since balance is an issue and all that.

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[spoiler=Wandering Swordsman]
Name: Asura Burēdo
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Locris 


Height: 5'11
Weight: 210

[spoiler=Personality] Straightforward and brash, he presents a rather complex set of morals despite his relatively simple demeanor. Not particularly occupied with whether a person aligns with "good" or "bad", he instead places importance on whether or not people are honest with themselves or others. He marks lies and hypocrisy as the height of villainy and, as a result, is unusually forthcoming with his own intentions and also bald-facedly critical of others' half-truths.
He is more prone to speak with his swords than with his words. For him, there is no greater enjoyment than that found in fighting with strong opponents and no greater disappointment than raising his sword against a weaker man. When 's temper is ignited by the victimization of a friend, however, he becomes unable to calm himself until his sword have struck a target, regardless of his enemy's strength.
Asura's brash straightforwardness carries a strong strain of thickheadedness with it. Though rather observant in crucial situations and particularly astute with doling out criticisms, he can often be rather simple-minded, requiring those with sharper minds to explain the finer points of any complex occurrence.



[spoiler=Biography] Asura grew up in the the southern plains of Locris to a loving family, having a mother, father, and younger sister. As soon as he could walk, he was taught of the way of the sword and of the nomad. As such, he learned survive outside of 'civilization' and also of the 'eight stars' that show themselves to those that know true strength. He lived happily, slowly but surely becoming one of the best swordsman in the clan. He however, became cocky and too sure of himself. 

One day, his father was fed up with his cockiness and told him to look into the sky. Asura did so, and to his shock and dismay, he could no longer see the stars. Downtrodden, he left the village to find his way again, travelling across the world to see if he could once again remember what true strength is. He is now a mercenary for hire, doing work to get by in life.

Combat Information
Class: Myrmidon wielding a sword.

  • HP - C
  • Str - C
  • Mag - D
  • Skl - C
  • Spd - A
  • Lck - C
  • Def - E
  • Res - E

[spoiler=Fighting Style] He moves around quickly and cuts you with a sword. If that's not good enough... he'll use TWO swords.... well, he would. He's still working on that. He's not much on defensive, preferring to overwhelm his opponents with a flurry of slashes and kill them before they can even counter.



[spoiler=Inventory]Bronze Sword and Killing Edge 

Other Information

  • He is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.
  • He spends a lot of his time maintaining his gear.
  • He likes to nap in wide open fields.



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Nah, I figured leaving it out might make things simpler. Plus it makes it easier for healing magic and dark magic to be more directly opposed.


Also Saiku you're gonna have to nerf your character a bit in stats. I figure A rank in anything would be extremely rare, let alone in more than one.

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Nah, I figured leaving it out might make things simpler. Plus it makes it easier for healing magic and dark magic to be more directly opposed.


Also Saiku you're gonna have to nerf your character a bit in stats. I figure A rank in anything would be extremely rare, let alone in more than one.

Sorry, sorry.

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