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Post and I'll Insult You in a Positive Manner


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hit me jabroni



Witcho sexy ass. If you stole my girl i wouldn't even be mad. funk you boy <3


Talk sheet to me, daddy



I Would but then I'd feel bad about it. You easily loveable and approachable funker.



How can you insult someone in a positive way?



Like this: I'm sorry about our past indifferences and I'm the one to blame... jabroni. I appreciate your patience and kindness.



Sticks and stones may break my bones

The only person as equally attractive as Krow and equally talented??? You're a funking alien aren't you you handsome JABRONI



I guess I'll get myself out there a little.



Idk you but you know what jabroni you cool anyway. Bet.





also seconding what winter said. funk you blocking me of all people for?

I don't recall.



I'm curious.

Curious about what? How funking great you are? funk you for being so great. How dare you.

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