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Dice Try Again

Quick-Play Spell 

- You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per turn.

(1) Roll 1 six-sided die, and if the result is 1 or 6, add 1 card that has an effect that rolls dice from your Deck to your hand. Otherwise, roll a six-sided die again and apply the result.

- 1 or 6: Return this card on the field to the hand.

- 2 to 5: Place this card from the field on the top of the Deck.



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Damn, they really need to stop with the negative effects, IMO. This is a prime example of how good a dice, or coin for that matter, effect with no downsides could be really good without breaking anything.

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Man, that was an awful mistranslation. The search effect was the worst of the three and now it's the best...

Sigh. I get that they keep making these effects specifically to work with "That Six" (which makes them have a 50/50 chance to a 100% chance of being a good effect), but "That Six" is pretty much unsearchable...

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3 hours ago, Horu Ishayuki said:

I love how Terrorking Archfriend is offering the dice back to the imp on Skull Dice.

Nah, that's "Snipe Hunter".  There's kinda a story line with these two, though I'm not really sure the order (since 2 of the cards seem kinda contradictory).

I think it starts with Diceversity, where Snipe Hunter is playing with his blue die while Terrorking is cleaning up in the background.  The blue die breaks (as seen here) and Terrorking uses his power to fix the red die he found in Diceversity, giving it to Snipe Hunter as a present.  The newly repaired red dice (the dice on "Dice Try!") immediately breaks (Dice-nied), so Terrorking tries to find a replacement gambling game for Snipe Hunter.  He brings out the "Dangerous Machine Type-6" (That Six), but Snipe Hunter's gun jams and the machine self-destructs.  Finally, Terrorking just brings out a simple wheel-spinning game (Dice It) so Snipe Hunter can train.

Presumably, Snipe Hunter becomes who he is on the monster card only after he trains enough with the "Dice It" game.


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