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A New RP.


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The others have gotten a bit stagnant, so I decided to create ONE more.


If possible, can nobody create any more after this? Since its' a case of "too many chefs spoil the broth"-kinda situation, as demonstrated when we had five running at once.


Create your character, and you MAY use your own cards. Any overpowered ones though, and you'll get a warning followed by being ejected from the RP. I really don't think its' fun when your getting beaten silly by something stupid.




a) Don't talk for anyone else;

b) Don't ASSUME! If you have two monsters, don't say: "My __________ will attack your ____________, and then __________ will attack you directly!" THAT is why Traps and Quickplay spells were invented.


PS: DO NOT ENTER if you aren't serious about following through with this. Also, don't go crazy because your character lost a duel.


Ok, so anyone?


PPS: All you "fans" of my fanfic (I'm not sure how many there are, all I know is that only Professor Cobra and TotalObelisk are the only two to comment), "the Prestige Tournaments", that will still be running whilst this goes.

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(this does not corespond with my sig)


my character


Name: Iraga

Age: 14

deck type: Elemental Mages

Bio: Blood Type "O-"

likes: yugioh, the girl next door named lary, and elements

dislikes: pokemon, the girl next doors bodygaurd, light and darkness

jobs: odd jobs, toupe` factory worker, and spying (on the girl next door)

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The format I was just trying to mean it could be flexible. But, if you want one:




Deck TYPE: (You don't need to type it out in full).


Additional Information


Also, the scene will be the Yugioh Pro Circuit, where the creme de la creme of duelists face off for cash, prizes, prestige and recognition, and of course stardom.


I myself won't be a character. I'll be a bunch of minor characters that are around the place.



And you don't need to post your decks. You can create cards as long as they aren't broken, but point me out in the direction of your set.

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Name: Dr. Kolobos


Age: 31


Deck Type: Turmoil Deck. (List herehttp://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2500&highlight=


Bio: Dr. Kolobos is a new teacher at the Duel Academy, he teaches the arts of Light and Dark types. Many students believe that he can control the dark arts for real, and some sort of voodoo master. In truth he was a scientist in Egypt when a Ancient Portal was found which brought forth the Army of Ra and Anubis. After the Gods was defeated by a bunch of children and they Duel Monsters, Dr. Kolobos reclaimed the Millennium Items brought from the portal. Now he truly has the DARK magic behind him. It's just a matter of time before his hidden secret is revealed and the whole world faces REAL fear!


Additional Information: He worked for Kaiba Corp when he was a scientist in Egypt. He quit once he returned home to England and begin teaching a year later. The Millennium Items he has in his control are the Millennium Gauntlet and Millennium Globe. Through the hidden writing on them Dr. Kolobos believes the child who will once again open the Ancient Portal is a Duel Academy student. And he wishes to train this child, as the writing says the Portal of Anubis is just one gateway these items can open.



Here is a pic of Dr. Kolobos.



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Name: Hotori

Age: 15

Deck TYPE: Kane Warriors (me wanna test it out)

Bio: Extremely short for his age and also looks a lot younger, contradictary though he acts older than he is.

Additional Information: Doesn't like having friends, also explodes whenever anybody mentions any words relating to short.

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NAME:Oplo Olpo


DECK TYPE:Summon the Darkness

HISTORY:Always Hated Everything.Never Did What He Was Told.Set A Sword On Fire.Put Black Hole On His Back.Got A Pet Dragon.


FAVORITE CARD:Relinquished

CARDS: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2540


CARD OF HIMSELF:tek070422c06f36cq8pngsejw8.jpg


DESCRIPTION:Brown Hair,Brown Eyes,Frown,Evil Stare,Mean Look,Black Water Shirt,Black Coat,Black Pants,Black Shoes

PERSONALLITY:Mean to the Core,Evil to the Core,Bite Your Head Off to the Core

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Name: Luther

Age: 16

Deck type: Ancient Terror ( I posted the cards under Ancient Terror monster but I can PM them to you.)

Bio: Average height and slender black hair with grey eyes and tan skin. Duals to find a way to rid himself of his inner darkness.

Additional information: Hates his dual spirt Diablos becayse it likes to take over his body every now and again.

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Name: Kahado Drem

Age: 19

Deck type: Ego Deck

Bio: See Avvy (the awesome picture)

Background: Used to be a kind and sensitive young soul. But when he entered duel academy he realized he'd have to modify his ego to get his skills up to par with the best of the best. Originally he became very harsh and ill tempered, having no respect towards his fellow duelists and being very mean overall. But he realized that gave him little satisfaction, so he began to feel like the greatest. This new overinflated ego gained the amusement of several professors that were eager to knock him off of his high horse... which they did. One by one, the professors humiliated Kahado and his Archlord Deck.

His spirit crushed, Kahado contemplated leaving Duel Academy for good... then he met a fairly new Professor who introduced him to some controversial Arts...

Additional information: Has the duel spirit "Overinflated Ego". He wears a white robe over his armor and wings.

Although, the professor dragged him out of his crushed state, he didn't bend his personality to his will, and once Kahado was emotionally recovered, he still possessed that same overinflated ego.

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New people are welcome, but I'm starting now.


"Welcome," beamed Gerrard Pieterson, the unofficial "spokesperson" for the Yugioh Pro Tour. He basically greeted, announced, and helped everyone he could. "Well, its' time for the first tournament of the season, and, as you have all been issued with a duel disk, rulebook and etiquette guide, I proclaim that the tournament is officially... OPEN!"


There was a loud roar from the assembled crowd. Gerrard beamed again.

"I must just remind you of one fact," he said. "The format is.... he spun a large wheel behind him, which listed "Knockout", "Swiss", "Round Robin" and "Double Elimination". The wheel tickered to a stop, listing on "Double Elimination".


"Whats' that mean?" cried a person from the crowd.

"It means," explained Gerrard, "that when you lose two duels, you're out of the tournament. You have no fixed opponents and you can challenge whomever you please. The last person alive wins the Duel Chip."

"Duel Chip?" asked someone at the back.

"You get one for winning a tournament. Getting one permits you entry to the Grand Prix at the end of the year." He laughed. "Go!" he cried, grinning again. "Go, duel, win."

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A man walks from the crowd up towards the main stage. He is in a top hat, and black rope. He takes a look at the large wheel deciding the fate of all the Duelists here. A huge grin covers his face, and he shakes his head. He turns back to the crowd of Duelist, and looks them over. Most of them are children, he scans over them looking for a certain person.


"Where are you?" He shouts. The other Duelists look a little shocked at this outburst.


"I know your here child, show yourself. This is Dr. Kolobos and I'm sick of waiting!" A look of disapointment shows in his eyes as silence fills the YuGiOh Pro Tour Arena. He walks back into the crowd, pushing others out of his way.


"This is a waste of my time! No one here is worthy." AGain he looks around the crowd, and just shakes his head.

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Luther Hears shouting and runs over to see if he can help with anything. He sees a man dress oddly eminating a dark aura. " Hey who arre you looking for maybe I can help find him." Luther asks looking the guy in the top hat over. His instincts told him to ready his dual disk and place his deck into it. His grey eyes already turning red from Diablos's power.


"So can I help or would you prefer I you into hell." Luther said Diablos slowly taking control.


Luther pointed his dual disk at the man. Then he ran his free hand thru his black hair he was itching to dual this man. But two biengs where having a dispute in his mind.


"Why I you in such a rush to dual Diablos".Luther asked his dual spirit.


"I want to taste his dark power. I know you can see it." Diablos said streaching his claws.


"So are you ready to dual." Luther asked in the real world.

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A huge grin covers ths face of Dr. Kolobos.


"Well aren't you an interesting child? Such full of energy. So ready for the fight, but I see that you already fight within yourself. I can tell that trembling hand isn't from fear boy."


Dr.Kolobos looks down at Luther, the fire in the boys eyes standing there Duel Disk at the ready.


"Tell you what BOY! While you fight the demons within yourself, this little match might pull him from the crowd."


He reaches within his robe, towards the left of his belt towards a small pouch. He stops with his hand over it, and shakes his head.


"Not yet. Not now. This is more YOUR speed."


He now reaches to a pouch on the right of his belt and pulls out a Duel Deck. He slams them hard into his Duel Disk. His eyes begin to narrow, as a new more serious look appears on his face.


He speaks to Luther in a low, almost mencining tone. "Prepare yourself, this just got real!"


He quickly draws 5 cards, scanning them over he smiles.


"OK boy, make your draw. And as always YOUNGEST goes first. So show me what you've got."

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"Ha!" Kahado muffled under his robe. "Picking on toddlers now, are we?" Kahado yelled to Dr. Kolobos. "I thought you had more pride than that professor!"


Kahado walked up to the professor. He began to talk to himself "Ahhh, I remember my old Duel Academy years" Kahado looked distantly into the sky

"I hated them..." his composure was very fickle, changing from anger, to sarcasm, to boastful very quickly "All of the duelists there were too easy for the "Master of Character" himself". He took a sideways glance at the professor.

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"Alright Gramps I'll start things off."Luther said drawing his six cards. "Now I summon Ancient Terror Fenrir to the field in attack mode then throw down a face down your move."



"Your move don't disappoint."Luther said.

Luther then brought his hand to his head as he was getting a head ache. "Don't you dare turn this into a shadow dual Diablos." the good Luther said. "Aww be quit runt." Diablos roared inside his head.


"So are you going to make your move."

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Dr Kolobos looks over at Kahado, a small smile on his face.


"You always was so full of yourself BOY! Got to big for those boots didn't, yeah I remember you in my class. Cocky, full of energy. But it was enough. Now if you excuse me, I got a runt who thinks he can control the darkness."


Dr Kolobos turns quickly back to Luther, as he draws a card from his deck making his hand total to 6.


"Ancient Terrors? I've seen them in action once before. This duel could become interesting if you know how to control they power. Lets see shall we? First off, since my Stanby Pahse is over I'll be placing TWO cards face-down in my Spell/Trap Zones. Then I'll be placing this card face-down in my monster zone."


Dr. Kolobos slams his card into his Duel Disk, a look a pleasure across his face.


"Intresting isn't it? Already you wonder, trying to piece the puzzle together. And yet you come up with nothing. So boy, you ready for this?"



Field 3

Hand 3

Main Phase 1 Ends

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Kahado looked surprised.

"Control the Darkness, eh?" he looked distantly again "I too remember the Darkness, it wasn't much fun at all, although I still keep a tribute to it in my deck" Kahado reached into his robe and pulled out his deck. Searching through it he drew "Alter Ego - The Darkness".


Realizing the opportunity he flaunted his extremely rare card in the faces of the duelists around him.

"See children, these are the kind of cards you can attain if you have this man as your professor" Kahado pointed to the professor.

He got a hold of himself again. "Sorry about that professor, I just can't miss an opportunity to show off this amazing card you gave me".


Although I wish I could still use my Archlord deck. Kahado looked back at Alter Ego, But it was well worth it


Kahado turned his attention back to the duel, the professor had made his move.

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"Alright draw lets see I play Ancient Terror Cerberus in attack mode and set one card." Luther said calmer as Diablos withdrew his influance.


Luther then looked at the card the guy who was flonting the card in his hand. Luther's eyes caught a mild dark Aura to it.

"Hey you Ego boy where did you get that card."Luther asked the guy with the card.


Then turning back to the dual something his opponet said caught his attention.

"Hey what do you know about the darkness and what I'm trying to control."Luther shouted hostility in his voice as Diablos tried to take over again. Then scanning the field decided to make his move."Alright Fenrir attack his facedown monster." Luther commaded as Fenrir Pounced on the facedown."




Battle phase

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