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Nathanael D. Striker

YCM 1v1 Leaderboard Season 19

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Welcome to the official YCM 1v1 Leaderboard! Here we honor those cardmakers who have achieved excellence in this little subforum of ours as well as promote a competitive atmosphere! Please read all the details below and go compete!

Season 19 Standings

XOXO (1-0-0)
JamesMuddy (1-0-0)
Striker (0-2-0)

[spoiler=Leaderboard Prizes]
1st: Season Championship, 7,500 Points, 5 Reps

2nd: 5,000 Points, 4 Reps

3rd: 2,500 Points, 3 Reps

Helpful Voter: 5,000 Points, 2 Reps (when actually nominated and awarded)

Link to Rules
Link to Past Champions

Edited by Nathanael D. Striker
Clearing the board for Season 19

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YCM 1v1 Leaderboard Rules

1. Post the link to your 1v1 here with the result. Your result will not count without these.

2. Thread titles must include [Leaderboard] to count.

3.. Winners will be determined by Win-Loss-Draw record, not straight up victories.

I. Two draws equal a win and a loss when determining final rankings and seeding (0-0-2 = 1-1, etc.).

4. In the event of a tie in record at the end of the season the following will occur:

I. A tie for 1st will result in all tied parties to receive the 1st place prize.

i. Second will not be awarded if two people are tied, and both second and third will not be awarded if three or more people are tied.

II. A tie for 2nd will result in all tied parties winning the 2nd place prize, and 3rd place will not be awarded.

III. A tie for 3rd will result in all tied parties winning the 3rd place prize.

5. Near the end of teach Season, participants can nominate 3 people who they deem worthy of the Helpful Voter award.

I. Top 3 nominees will go to a final vote with the winner being the person with the most votes.

6. I have the right to end 1v1s when either the deadline has passed or when the vote target has been reached.

7. A Card C vote is permitted when a voter doesn't not believe that either card should be allowed to win.

I. Sufficient reason must be provided as to why neither card should receive a vote when a Card C vote is used.

II. If there are 3 Card C votes, then both participants receive an automatic draw.

8. At the end of the regular season, the top 8 people will be invited to the postseason tournament.

I. If an invitation is not accepted by the deadline, that spot will be opened to the public.
II. Until further notice, the Postseason will consist of the Top 4 instead of the Top 8.

9. Feel free to discuss these rules through PM with me, since I’m open to suggestions.

10. I have the right to change the rules if deemed appropriate, and with notice.

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Just wanna say that I don't want to be on the leaderboards. Though I don't mind if blu's results are put up.



Why not?

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Leaderboard Season Champions

Winter 2013: Zextra

Runner-Up: Sora

Spring 2013: Zextra

Runner-Up: Renegade


Summer 2013: Therrion

Runner-Up: Instinct

Fall 2013: Ainfinite

Runner-Up: Instinct

Winter 2014: -Aqua-

Runner-Up: Thunderclap


Spring 2014: -Aqua-

Runner-Up: Dyson Sphere

Summer 2014: -Aqua-

Runner-Up: Simon Blackquill

Fall 2014: -Aqua-

Runner-Up: Rera

Winter 2015: -Aqua-

Runner-Up: JamesMuddy

Spring 2015: Gadjiltron

Runner-Up: Divine Dragon Sage

Summer 2015: Striker
Runner-Up: Dragon Sage


Fall 2015: UltimateIRS

Runner-Up: Papyrus (Sage)


Season 13: Dova

Runner-Up: Striker


Season 14: Yuuji

Runner-up: Tori-kun


Season 15: Yuri-kun

Runner-Up: Black'D'Sceptyr


Season 16: Bellringer Angel

Runner-up: AEZ


Season 17: BatMed

Runner-Up: BDS


Season 18: BDS

Runner-Up: Dova


Leaderboard Open/Postseason Champions

Spring 2013 Open: Aix

Runner-Up: Toyo


Fall 2013 Open: Ainfinite

Runner-Up: Instinct


Winter 2014 Open: -Aqua-

Runner-Up: Thunderclap

Summer 2014 Open: Empoledom

Runner-Up: Simon Blackquill

Winter 2015 Kick-Off: -Aqua-

Runner-Up: JamesMuddy

Winter 2015 Postseason: Divine Dragon Sage

Runner-Up: Gadjiltron

Spring 2015 Kick-Off: Alpakha

Runner-Up: lightdiversion

Spring 2015 Postseason: Dragon Sage
Runner-Up: lightdiversion

Summer 2015 Postseason: Striker
Runner-Up: Dragon Sage


Fall 2015 Open: Cold Sleeper

Runner-Up: Gadjiltron


Fall 2015 Postseason: Z-Rin

Runner-Up: Kinka-Byo


Season 13 Postseason: Gadjiltron

Runner-Up: Next Tuesday


Season 14 Postseason: Yuuji Kazami

Runner-Up: Dova


Season 15 Postseason: Black D'Sceptyr

Runner-Up: Bird w/Sprinkler (AEZ)


Season 16 Postseason: AEZ

Runner-up: Dova


Season 17 Postseason: BatMed

Runner-Up: BDS


Season 18 Preseason: BDS

Runner-Up: Dova


Season 18 Postseason: BDS

Runner-Up: Dova

Edited by Flash Flyer - Sakura
Season 18 winners added

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Uhh, why? Roxas already gave approval that the new leaderboard could be posted. :\


Because Roxas isn't the one you should even be talking to.

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