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(Original) Make a joke about the above deck

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NCM version: https://neocardmaker.com/forum/index.php?/topic/377-make-a-joke-about-the-above-deck/


Basically what the title says, make a joke about the Yugioh Deck that the above user posted. Example is below, but first, here are some rules.



1. Try not to use swears or offensive words.

2. Also try not to use inappropriate/suggestive content of any kind.

3. No posting a reaction to your own post. Let someone else post first.

4. No being harsh or mean torwards any users.

5. Please, dont discuss non-YGO decks.

6. Try not to list decks that go over the card limit for decks. (I added this after some stuff on the 2nd page.)

7. Please try to be specific when naming the next deck. This means no listing things like "random vanilla deck with many card with [insert word here]" for the next deck.

8. Try to use decks that at least a good amount of people know about. So basically, please try not to post a deck that not many people are aware of what it is.


Heres an example of how the game goes, basically:


Ex. deck: Hieratics

Ex. joke: 0 ATK + 0 DEF = 0 LP


Then, on the same post, you put a deck you want the next person to do the same to, like this:


Example: Chaos Dragons


[spoiler=Just some of the jokes posted in this thread *shot**]

[spoiler=1 (by Armadilloz)]

Deck: Mermails

Reply (by Arm):


Set Sphere -> Pass
11/10 Skill



[spoiler=2 (by Saberzauls)]

Deck: Starfish Turbo

Reply (by Saber):


No this is Patrick!


(Note by cr47t: I dont get it but its kinda hilarious, even though I havent watched Spongebob in a long time)



[spoiler=3 "(By Neochu-H)"]

Deck: Bat OTK

Reply (by Neo):


because the real "Deck" is getting a bat and hitting your opponent with it before the duel starts to knock them out



This is not a complete list, I will add to it as time goes on.



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Because pretending to kill your deck until you can throw 1 card on the table to win takes massive amounts of skill.



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"60 Cards Joey Highlander decks"

No decks that go over the card limit but I`ll allow it this once to keep the sarcastic-joke-game continuing.


Because a card deck that goes over the card limit is so legal that`s not at the card limit for a YGO deck. *sarcasm*



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