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YCM Economy: Casual Cards Redemption Thread

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Want to be rewarded for making proper CnC in a member's thread?

Then redeem your work for points you can use for a variety of things.


The following forums are eligible for review redemption: Casual Singles (this forum), Casual Multiples and Experimental Cards.


The redemption scale will be as thus:

  • Each singular card review will get 2000 points
  • Each set review (2+ cards) will get 5000 points, with an extra 400 points for every 2 cards that you review (scaled up if you do everything).


In essence, if you take the time to review a set (or a rather large one at that), you'll get a nice reward out of it.



However, some basic things:


1. Normal YCM rules apply; however this should be obvious by now.


2. You are allowed to cash in up to 5 reviews per week; however, pay attention to the quality of the reviews you make/submit for redemption (because they will count towards your maximum).


Make sure that you make an effort to critique properly, because if a review is not up to snuff with our standards; you risk not getting points for a review, or reduced points from what is listed above.


Reviews must be at least 3-4 sentences (single cards) / 6-8 sentences (sets) long and obey the guidelines stated in the Advanced Clause.


3. Reviews must be made within a month of redemption; this means no cashing in old reviews from several months back.


To redeem your threads, simply link all of the threads you made a review in within a single post in here.


4. Once your reviews have been acknowledged/reviewed + a summation of the earned points has been given; we will let you know via quoting and award the points accordingly.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask in here.

Zex or Nai, please quote the member if you award their points and stuff.

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Alright, the idea is nice and all, but I have small issue with this.


Why are the point rewards different for Casual and Advanced?


To me, it seems to imply that casual isn't as good as advanced, and that is simply not true. Casual is a place where cards are made not to adhere to the metagame, and as such creative effects not typically seen in advanced thrive here. It is not a place where the quality of cards and reviews should be treated as inferior to Advanced. In fact, I can argue that properly reviewing cards in casual is a more daunting task, because you are only supposed to judge it by its design values and not how well it meshes in the current metagame. To have the point reward be lower means that the effort needed to make a review in casual is seen as lesser than the effort needed in advanced, and I don't like that.


I think the point reward should be equalized for both sections, just to make it fair. After all, nobody wants Casual to be AoC/PCC 2.0.

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The points have been equalized to make it fair (point values going up); only difference between the two sections is that Advanced requires more thought into reviews, but that's already established.


That in mind, any reviews that you made for redemption is essentially tiered on Advanced level requirements; if we're going to award 400 points, you need to show that you're deserving of them + know what you're doing.


But yeah, grading Casual stuff is somewhat harder; considering you can't always factor in the metagame in here, but we did say that Advanced-level CnC in this section is fine.

Just try not to be as critical as you would be for Advanced.

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The points have been equalized to make it fair (point values going up); only difference between the two sections is that Advanced requires more thought into reviews, but that's already established.

Uhh... No. Whoever said this? Advanced requires more thought into reviews compared to Joke and Overpowered, but not Casual. It's never supposed to be inferior AC. It's the same thing, except not bound by a metagame-oriented mindset. The quality of reviews and cards for both sections should be more or less equal, at least design-wise. It makes no sense to differentiate the two further than "One is a place where you can design cards beyond the confines of Konami's established rules, the other isn't".

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I was referring to the amount of effort needed to get points in Advanced for reviews (based on this new system), NOT the quality of cards that are in both sections.

Should've made that clear when I said it.



Basically, you need a paragraph or two for sets in this section, should you opt to grade them like that.

However, you should be able to fill the requirement without much trouble, if done correctly.


(Speaking about the Casual requirements; Advanced has a higher curve, but that should come as no surprise)

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800 + (400 * 12/4) = 800 + 1200 = 2000


To be fair, I'd probably advise against doing OCG fixes unless you have a clear idea of what you're doing.

That, and it would look cleaner if you capitalized your words properly. 


But anyway, you did take the time to grade everything, so 1,600.

If you explained stuff a bit more (and were cleaner about writing the review; you don't have to use large font), I would've given you the full 2K.

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