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Excalibur the Divine

Deskbots too op?

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The key to stopping Deskbots is stopping them before they go off. Trying to kill them lategame will take a lot of effort if they set themselves up with Synchro monsters or an overwhelming Deskbot platoon. If they can't kill you and/or have a weak setup, you can kill them. You might have to change your style a bit for that.


Power Filter is a fair side-tech that can stop the summons of Deskbots.


Ragnazero is a fairly good staple Xyz to use. It can't stop 003 or 004 in the Damage Step, but it can afflict some effectiveness on things affected by 002, or 007/008. 


Odd-Eyes Meteorburst can completely prevent the activation of 003 of 004 during the Damage Step. Great tool in Odd-Eyes Magicians. 


If you play Rafflesia, Treacherous Trap can do a fair amount of damage killing off the key Deskbots.


When Lightning comes out, it's a definite Deskbot killer. 

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It may not be the fact that it's Deskbots. Before you go complaining about how powerful another deck is, take a look at your own deck and see if it needs any improving. Quite frankly, PePe and Kozmo should easily take down Deskbots, and if they aren't taking down Deskbots, the problem may lie not with Deskbots, but with the composition of your deck.


tl;dr - Instead of trying to find a deck that can beat Deskbots, look at the decks you lost with, and see if there's any room for improvement.




EDIT: Technical play may also be another factor, as a Deskbot user is more than likely to be somewhat skilled at the game. Having a good sense of the game and the opponent's deck and its capabilities will also help tremendously.

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Kozmos, from my experience, need to go lethal to beat Deskbots. If you're going to put down a lot of resources, or frickin' take the Maxx "C" challenge like my Kozmo opponents always do, then you need to assure that it's going to be lethal. A bricked Deskbot hand can mean victory for you, but taking that challenge can spell doom if you give them the resources they need to get going.


And Komaeda's right; the key to beating Deskbots always lies in the early game. The way their combos work allow them to snowball ridiculous amounts of advantage, and if you let that happen, not even full-power PePe will have an easy time against it. Even if you completely undo a field, there's a solid chance they'll just coming back with even bigger ones until you're dead. So, the weakpoint is in the early game and the setup. 003 and 004 are prime weakpoints; as well, if the scales get dropped, destroying them when their grave is empty will do the most damage. Overall, you just need to do your best to stop 002 from hitting the field and, ultimately Machine Dupe or Inferno Reckless. If Machine Dupe or Inferno Reckless proc successfully, you're going to have a bad time.


So the key strategy is: Knock 'em down while they're slow and weak in the early game, and stop them from getting into the ridiculous mid/late game they have.

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That's not going to get you the win, and is a pretty bad idea as a whole. For one, I only use 1 Machine Dupe on top of even more Inferno Reckless Summons. For two, it's not going to stop the deck if the player knows what they're doing. In the right hands, this isn't a one-trick-pony deck that can just be stopped by a single Cursed Seal, or even slowed down if they opened well.

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^ This.


I've been seeing a lot more merit in Inferno than Machine Dupe, but that's beside the point. Although the spells are power plays, it is really the monsters that are the threat. Curse Sealing may slow down one option to swarm, but it isn't an end all play.


Deskbots are really susceptible to effect negation (and disruption in general), especially early game. Effect Veiler, the Solemns and BTS are all generically good options that can really hurt Deskbots... If you hit them early enough. On the plus side, Deskbots often need that first draw, so going first gives an opportunity to set those traps.

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Deskbots are strong when it comes to Summoning and attacking. But, considering how little protection they have, like Tythe said, they are susceptible to negation. I've managed to beat them with Madolche, Fabled, and Majespecter (however, if this whole sentence is considered a non sequador (unrelated), feel free to ignore it).


Some of the few cards they are vulnerable to:


Solemn Notice/Strike (the number of plays this can impede is ridiculous)


Solemn Warning


Fiendish Chain (if anyone still uses it)


Breakthrough Skill


Effect Veiler


Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon


Cyber Dragon Infinity


Grand Horn of Heaven (not as good as Solemn Notice, but it skips them to the Battle Phase).

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Lol going through the same thing. My friend is the one who plays the deskbots deck plus it xyzs' into cyber infinity, i've beat him a few times with other otk decks, but I think I made a "normal" deck to beat him. Here it is:


1 Traptrix Rafflesia

1 Ragnazero


3 Traptrix Myrmeleo

3 Traptrix Atrax

2 Traptrix Nepenthes

2 Traptrix Dionaea

1 Ice Hand

2 Fire Hand

3 Lonefire Blossom

1 Kuribandit

1 Sphere Kuriboh

2 Hane-hane


1 One Day of Peace

3 Lightning Vortex

2 Pot of Duality


2 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Time Space Trap Hole

2 Breakthrough Skill

1 White Hole

2 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden spell

2 Magic Cylinder


Ps This is just an idea for a deck and you can definitely change out some cards, I just have them for the situation i'm in.

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(Thats was one heck of a day on DN)

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