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Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon

~British Soul~

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And I don't think its the animation that is the issue. Its just the art style is VERY different from XY. I don't know why, but the first place my brain goes to compare it is pastel colors which feels wrong.


And yea, them changing things to make up for the ratings dropped with XY compared to BW and Yokai Watch does make sense. End of the day, kids are the target audience. While I don't think that is a good argument (I watch both Super Sentai and Kamen Rider which are both shows "for kids" but both often hit more mature story beats) trying to recapture that demographic this way DOES make sense.

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We'll the rest of the anime looks fine except for Ash, i know why the they did this, but its not what the anime is about. Ash's design, is horrible that, they gave a completely different design to Ash, and then kept the rest normal... I liked bad-ass Ash's design, it was fine, why Pokemon, why... I hope that his face matures as the series goes on.

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Like Flame and British mentioned, they're trying to make Pokemon appeal more to the new generation of kids watching it, and probably less on the 20-something year olds like us (well, Flame, British and me; Astro and some others are over this limit, but you get it) who've been around since the start and appreciate the more shonen feel that XY has taken (especially now).


I don't necessarily agree either with the decision to turn off the older generation who watches this show in favor of making it appeal to younger viewers, but they're the ones making the anime, not me. Looking at it again, the art style isn't exactly that bad, but it's going to take some getting used to. Plot might be good though, despite the departure from more "mature" depictions of Ash and co.

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I kind of forgot since it's been over 5 years since I saw the beginning of Black & White, but yeah, let's hope Sun & Moon is decent enough if it is going to be a "reset" of sorts to cater to the newer generation of kids. Haven't watched the trailers yet b/c it's late (despite not having classes until the afternoon).

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I guess episode 1 won't be too much aside from introducing everyone to Alola and stuff, and not spoil anything that we would find out in the hours afterwards.


Going to try remaining optimistic about Sun & Moon being tolerable, but given the previews thus far and coming off of XY in the finale, I really have my doubts.

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New trailer

Also, some further new details have come out for the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime. First, it is confirmed that the main characters of the anime aside from Ash are the Trial Captains Kiawe, Sophacles, Lana and Mallow. Some biographies for them are as follows
Ash - Ash has travelled to the Alola Region with Pikachu
Rotom Pokédex - Rotom Pokédex will speak to Ash and aid him in his journey
Lillie - She likes Pokémon, but for some reason cannot touch them
Kiawe - He likes Fire-type Pokémon. He helps out on his family's farm while attending the school
Mallow - She likes Grass-type Pokémon. She has an active personality, but can be goofy. She helps out the family business of the Aina Cafeteria
Lana - She likes Water-type Pokémon. She's docile but active. She's the eldest of three daughters of a fisherman
Sophacles - He likes Electric-type Pokémon. He is a programming geek and loves to analyse things.
Professor Kukui - The Pokémon Professor of the region who studies Pokémon moves and teaches at the school. Ash is staying at his home.
Samson Oak - Professor Samuel Oak's cousin. He's the headmaster of the school and studies Alola Pokémon evolution
Team Rocket - They have travelled to the Alola Region to capture Pikachu

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So Lillia can't touch Pokemon, eh? I don't recall that information having been mentioned before now. 100% confirms she is  UB-01, or related to it very directly. 


I'm curious then if the other UBs, Gladion and Lusamine (Under the assumption they are the other UBs, or one of them is either) share this curse. That would be curious, given the paths they've chosen to take their lives.



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Some of the animation doesn't look bad in the trailer...... Though seriously, most of the worst stuff is just how Ash is drawn. I'm hoping when we get to watch the series proper it won't be that bad.


But enough beating of dead horses, the bit about Lillie seems interesting.


Also, it really does seem like they won't be traveling a lot, at least at the start. That seems like such a weird choice.

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Can they just not do faces? Honestly, the faces are the biggest issue with a bunch of the stuff we've seen.

I agree.


On another point, remember back in DP when Ash's face was out of place with the rest of Sugimori's work, except for Crasher Wake and Byron? They had to redesign him so it fits with the newer art. That we accepted.


So, why devolve that?


Also, The school concept is kinda like Ash starting from square 1 again, Makes sense. Ash will have to collect a new set of Alolan pokemon.


My prediction for Ash's team:

  • Pikachu
  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Popplio
  • Mudsdale
  • The bird.
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I'm not fond of the new designs for Team Rocket either, but since they're changing the style to adapt to the taste of little kids (well, the demographic was supposed to be grade school; we were this for a time in Gen 1/2), it was inevitable. 


That, and the reset that he's going to school for whatever reason (despite the amount of experience he has under his belt). People aren't going to be too happy if they push the reset button on him, and make him a bad Trainer again.


The Trial Captain bios sound fine though.

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