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the latter

Are there holidays you don't celebrate?


Doesn't the hair look more like a shawl now at a distance?

I've watched both seasons on Board James and a bit of You Know What's Bullshit?.

Oh yeah!


Favorite episode of each?

I've never opened a present before Christmas day, even if it was given a day or so prior.

We used to when we were younger, but by now we're more patient.


Are you getting a Nintendo Switch?

The amount of tests and quizzes in my 2nd period (where I am at time of posting). There's one like every three days. It's insane! None of my other classes do that...

What is a class you're good at but don't like?
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Because Yui of All Trades isn't a common phrase.


I eat chocolate if that counts, but otherwise don't celebrate it.

Fair enough.


What is something you don't fear that a lot of people fear?

I ended with two A's and two B's. How's your classes? Why so anxious?

I have an A as my grade in three out of 4 of my classes. It's my last class I'm anxious about, as I don't know my grade for that class and I don't think I did too hot on my term paper.


What's been your hardest subject by far?

At this moment in time, I'm currently saving up to get one (good thing I have a job to help with this).



Any games you really want for it?

actually, yes, lol

Can I call you Madame CowCow?

I haven't watched all of the You Know What's Bullshit episodes to make a good opinion on that, but I have seen all the Board James episodes. For Board James, 13 Deadend Drive was a great one.

I myself need to watch Board James.


Have you seen AVGN's recent Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) review?

That would probs be Chemistry/Physical Science, but I'm starting to like tbh. I used to hate it, cuz I couldn't remember all the elements, but this teacher is really good at implanting them in your brain.

Well that's...scary.


Elevators or escalators?

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Part 2? Yea I have. I'm still waiting for the Christmas Special.

Favorite Christmas special from AVGN?

Mario Odyssey for one

Do you like doughnuts?

Playing League of Legends and being forced to lane against Darius.

What's something you know you can draw?

Please no

How often do you shop?

That's a random question, but anywho, I'll go with escalators becuz I never really get to ride them. Ive rode many elevators, but a lot less escalators.

Huh. With me it's reversed.


Favorite hair style?

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