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Oogie Ain't the Only One Who Can Boogie~


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Now, if you'll excuse me... I have to go kill a monster. Let me show you how it's done, Hansel and Gretel~

"That's cute. The silly little monster is gonna show me something I've been doing for years."


*The tone of her voice suddenly changes from calm to insane and a crazed smile forms on her face*


"But please do show me! It makes my job a lot easier when you monsters start killing each other off! I would more than enjoy seeing one less monster in the world!"


*Her crazed laughing then ensued for a long minute*

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Fear not, my lovelies; I see your offerings and I love you for them. But I must be quiet while I am on my hunt. I can give you a few tickets while I'm here, but I must be quick~



Okie, I'll provide one more themed as opposed to named.




Very good, dearie, take 5 tickets~



I shall dance in triumph to this upon my full return, dearie. 3 tickets~




A little much on the gravitas, but 2 tickets just the same~








o_O! 'covers eyes with paws and becomes small' Nu hurts me!


EDIT: 'pushes this forward as tributes'

A touch dry, dearie. 1 ticket~



Triumph huh? I got one.



Not quite the triumphant hail I would expect. 1 ticket~




I believe the phrase all the kids use these days is "Yas queen." 4 tickets~







* Guess I'll give this one a go, now:




Not bad. 3 tickets~




Take your 4 tickets; You earned them.


I must be quiet and vigilant, my lovelies. But I think my chance draws near. Hopefully I'll be with you soon~

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Surely you take me more seriously than this oft-repeated memery? 1 ticket, do not slight me so again!!!~


I do. It was not a jest D:

Legitimately thought it would be a good old school son to groove to x(

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My my, my lovelies, forgive my absence! I was taking a dip into the world of wrestling! I don't recommend it; Even if you win they just come back as a murder-proof skeleton. But enough of that! Back to the tunes~





* I should've considered this one:
* It's from the same album as my previous entry.



Oh, how I wish this was easier to dance to~ 1 ticket~



I like this one :)



This is new. You've earned yourself 4 tickets, dearie~


NOW. We only have so many days of funk left! Let us make the most of it! Give me your best efforts, my lovelies~!

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Oooh. I'm hoppin' and boppin', lovelie. 4 tickets~



I was literally just listening to this so imma just drop it here and see what happens.


YEAAAAAH. HELL YEAH, bay-bay~ 5 tickets to YOU~



More K-pop


I like it! Take 3 tickets~



Here's a classic that got redone or a cover by another artist:


A bit dorky, but that's alright~ Take 2 tickets~



This is quite different. I'll give you 3 tickets for surprising me with this~




Have a little gift from me on this lovely holiday: An extra ticket for everyone who has given me such sweet music over the course of this event! NOTHING but the best for MY lovelies~! Happy Halloween~!

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