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Oogie Ain't the Only One Who Can Boogie~


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Oooooooh, we gon' have fun TONIGHT~


You want tickets, my lovelies? Ya gotta earn 'em, and I don't come cheap~! You gotta work for mine, so be careful; You only get them once a day from 



So how does this work, I imagine you're asking? I'm sure you've noticed how much I love DANCING, both on graves and off. To earn tickets, you must submit a song to me. If it has a lovely jive to it, you will be rewarded... But beware what happens if it doesn't please my feet~ And remember! You have only one submission a day, so make it count for dear old Splendie~!


In the meantime, I encourage you to heed the words in my signature, and GET DOWN TO THE FUNKY SOUND~



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Hold my deck, I'm going in strong.


An oldie but goodie. 3 tickets~






I admire your enthusiasm! 3 tickets for you as well~


And because I'm such a kind monster, you can always find out how many tickets you've recieved from me merely by checking in my signature; I'm just that kind of eldtritch being~

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I had to...

And you even provided the dance moves for it! 5 tickets, my lovelie~



I am a little amazed that this hasn't been posted in any form.



Ooooh, I've not heard this one before... I LIKE IT! Makes me want to slaughter, and any song that makes we want to slaughter AND dance is worth at least 4 tickets, dearie~


Everyone's impressing me SO MUCH! What a good start to a new day. But be wary, it's going to be harder to impress me after this, an effort like this might not earn you 4 tickets again, my lovelie~ Be sure to try super hard next time to protect your vital organs~!

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Skip to 45 seconds if you want to skip the intro.

I hope you enjoy the dancing.


Oooh, this has some hop to it! Good one, my lovelie, 3 tickets for you~



I feel obligated to pull this one out.

Oh-ho-ho-ho, yes, that IS an obvious choice, but you'll have to be more creative to impress me! 2 tickets~

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It's like an endless funk party!!



Even an endless party needs some VARIETY, my dear! 1 ticket~







Excellent, yes. 3 tickets~








Let's give this gem a whirl:






Yeeeeeees, this pleases me, 4 tickets~


Ooh! Ooh! I want to try!




3 tickets, my lovelie~


How about a little of this?



.......... You think you're funny, don't you? 1 ticket~

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